24 White Roses Meaning

You don’t just send roses to anyone, and thinking about 24 white roses meaning will affect your decision. In ancient times, roses were used for celebrations and medicinal purposes, and they were also a crucial part of making perfumes. So, what does it mean to send or receive 24 white roses?

The meaning of the roses you send relates to the color and the number. The number 24 relates to the 24 hours of the day, and when you send someone 24 roses, it means that they’re on your mind 24/7. White roses symbolize loyalty, devotion, purity, and innocence, so you can send these flowers to someone as a sign of your eternal love.

This article will delve deeper into the meaning of white roses and what it means when you send someone two dozen of these beautiful blooms. So, let’s dive in.

24 White Roses Meaning

Roses are beautiful and majestic, and they’re very popular as bouquet flowers as they can last for more than one week in a vase. So this is why you’d probably think about sending someone a bouquet of roses to express your feelings about them.

Understanding the meaning of the flowers you send someone is crucial because they don’t all carry the same message.

People use roses to send sentimental messages, and the number and color you pick will have a specific meaning to explain your emotions towards someone better. So when picking 24 white roses, you’re picking the number and color for a reason.

Meaning of 24 Roses

White roses bouquet

The number 24 is significant because it’s the number of hours in a day. It’s also the number that relates to the highest purity of gold. So all these meanings can be associated with sending someone 24 roses.

You Think About Them

When you send 24 or two dozen roses to someone, you’re telling them that you’re thinking about them 24 hours a day. They’re always on your mind because every flower in the bouquet represents one hour in the day.

You can choose this number of roses when you want to tell someone they’re always on your mind. You care about them and can’t think about anyone or anything else.

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It’s Double Twelve

Sending someone a dozen roses is quite common. It’s a message of love and devotion because you’re telling them, “be mine.”

With 12 roses, you tell this person that you love them every month of the year, so you want to spend all your time with them. The number 24 is double 12, so sending 24 roses is like multiplying this meaning and significance.

Moreover, having 24 roses arranged in a vase will be more impressive than having just 12. This is why some people would choose to send the person they love 24 roses instead of 12.

It’s Pure as Gold

Gold purity is measured in karats, and 24-karat gold is the purest form. It’s expensive, rare, and highly prized. So, when you send someone 24 roses, you combine all these positive feelings and meanings in a single bouquet.

You’re telling the person you love that your feelings towards them are pure and genuine. They’re also unique, and you don’t experience them with anyone else.

Meaning of White Roses

The second aspect to consider when you’re sending a bouquet of roses is the color. Roses come in several gorgeous colors, and each one of them has a specific meaning.

The color white is the color of beauty, loyalty, and purity. This is why brides would choose this color when preparing a bridal bouquet. It’s also the most common color in traditional wedding decorations and arrangements.

If you’re proposing to your significant other, this might be the right color to pick. You’re telling them, let’s begin a new life full of love and devotion.

White is the color of new beginnings and everlasting love. So, you can send someone white roses if you want their forgiveness. This will be an excellent choice if you’ve recently broken up with your significant other and want them back. You can also consider sending them if you’ve done something wrong that hurt them.

Sending someone white roses can be a token of reconciliation. It’s an excellent way to say sorry and make someone know that you’re coming clean. It’s the color of purity and devotion, so you’re telling them that you’ll never hurt their feelings again.

Because white is the color of beginnings, sending someone white flowers can be a good choice at the beginning of a relationship. It’s a sign that you’re starting a new blank page with them, and you’re both ready to fill it with happy and loving memories.

Love doesn’t have to be romantic; it can also be platonic. For example, you can send white roses to a family member to tell them you’re sorry or that you love and care about them. These innocent-looking flowers are associated with the most positive human feelings.

White Roses

Who Should You Send 24 White Roses To?

Think carefully before sending someone 24 white roses because they carry a massive sentimental value. This means that these aren’t the right roses to send to your boss or a colleague.

You can send these gorgeous flowers to someone with whom you’ve just begun a romantic relationship. But save them for a special occasion because you don’t want to overwhelm them.

Don’t send these flowers to a crush, as you should both be on the same page and build your romance together.

You can also send these flowers to someone you want to apologize to. They’ll show that you’re sorry and want a new beginning.

If you know someone who’s getting married, you can send these flowers as a gift as they signify everlasting love and devotion. Finally, you can send them to someone you love platonically to tell them how much you care about them.

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Wrap Up: 24 White Roses Meaning

There’s so much fun in learning about the true meaning of the numbers and colors of roses in a bouquet, and picking 24 white roses should be saved for someone special.

Sending 24 white roses to someone means that you love them and think about them all the time. It can also be a celebration of a wedding or a new beginning you’re experiencing with them, or they’re experiencing with someone they love.