What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in November? (Here Are 11 Excellent Options)

Are you curious about what wedding flowers are in season in November? As temperatures start to dip and cozy scarves start showing up everywhere, the floral options also vary dramatically.

There are plenty of options to consider if you’re looking into the best wedding flowers to use in November. You can opt for special flowers that bloom only around these times, such as paperwhite narcissus, ranunculus, and camellia. On the other hand, you can go simple with flowers that are in bloom almost all year round, such as roses.

There are plenty of options to consider if you’re getting married in November. You can opt for special flowers that bloom only around these times, such as paperwhite narcissus, ranunculus, and camellia. On the other hand, you can go simple with flowers that are in bloom almost all year round, such as roses.

Below is a list of some of my favorite wedding flowers that are in season in November. I hope the list helps you narrow down your options as you refine your wedding flower ideas

1. Ranunculus

Kicking off the list with one of the most beautiful flowers to incorporate into your wedding decorations. Ranunculus, also known as “buttercups”, is quite similar to peonies but its blooming size is a bit smaller and flatter.

Since they’re relatively small, they’re commonly used in men’s boutonnieres. The flower exists in a wide range of colors, including red, orange, apricot, burgundy, pink, and off-white.

Ranunculus is also a universal symbol of charm, so they’re an excellent pick for such an occasion!

2. Narcissus

Narcissus is one of the most beautiful flowers to decorate your wedding bouquets or centerpieces.

The flower is named after the Greek demi-god that was characterized by his beauty. It is characterized by the trumpet shaped crown on the top of its petals.

While there are a few species of narcissus in various colors like yellow, the paperwhite narcissus is the most popular one in November and December. Narcissus also has a unique scent that makes it an ideal pick for a fragrant bouquet.

3. Camellia

Another flower that typically blooms later into the fall and peaks around early winter is the camelia.

Camelia is originally a Japanese flower that is also known as the “winter rose”, despite not being from the same family as roses.

The petals of camellias are arranged somewhat similar to dahlias and they also come in more than one color. The most popular one is pink, but you can also find camellias that are white or red. In general, they’re a symbol of affection and romance between lovers.

4. Chrysanthemum

When it comes to November, the chrysanthemum is a special flower. This is because it’s the official birth flower of the month.

This one belongs to the popular Asteraceae family, which includes dahlias and a wide range of wedding flowers due to their brilliant colors and beautiful looks.

In fact, chrysanthemum flowers can be bicolor as well as unicolor with shades of white, yellow, orange, peach, purple, red, and violet.

Picture of orange, red and pink chrysanthemums used in article titled What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in November

Unlike many flowers on the list, chrysanthemum isn’t fragrant, but its beautiful looks and symbolism of honor make up for it.

5. Roses

Although roses are typically associated with spring and early summer, there are always roses blooming in almost every season.

Not only that, but roses also come in a huge range of colors, such as red, white, orange, purple, yellow, and pink. You can even find exotic roses that are black and blue!

The beautiful arrangement of rose petals and their elegance make them the ultimate wedding flowers no matter the season, so you should always keep them in mind while planning your wedding decorations.

6. Freesia

Freesia is a highly underrated choice for wedding decorations. In addition to being quite affordable and colorful, it looks remarkably beautiful and unique, so it will make your wedding decorations stand out. The flower represents trust, which makes it ideal for a themed wedding bouquet.

The stalk of the freesia flower includes several small flowers, which are usually between 6 and 10. These flowers are usually facing upwards and are usually white. However, you can find it in other colors as well, including yellow, orange, purple, red, and pink.

One thing you should know about freesia is that their blooming season is highly dependent on the weather. Although they mostly bloom from June to September, they can extend their blooming season to November in some regions.

7. Poinsettias

Poinsettias, also known as “Flor de Pascua”, which translates to “Easter flower” is one of the magnificent flowers that you can use to decorate your wedding in November.

The flower is characterized by the leaves and red petal arrangement and shape that looks like flames.

Picture of Poinsettias on a table next to wrapped gifts

Poinsettias can retain their beautiful blooming through late fall and winter, and may even persist until February in some places.

Although poinsettias are associated with the red color, they can be found in whitish and pink varieties. The flower is also a happy one that is often associated with celebrations.

8. Snapdragon

Snapdragon is a unique flower that typically blooms in relatively cool weather, so they’re usually in season throughout November but rarely in December.

The reason why they’re called snapdragons is that the flower opens its petal like a dragon’s mouth when you snap its stem.

The unique flower comes in many varieties, and each one of them has its own color. You can find snap dragons that are pink, yellow, peach, orange, purple, red, white, and even in combinations of some of these colors.

9. Liatris

Liatris, also called “blazing star”, is a perennial flower that is originally native to Northeast America.

Although Liatris belongs to the Asteraceae, which includes daisies, cosmos, sunflowers, and many more, Liatris doesn’t rock the daisy look.

Instead, the unique flower has several tiny star shaped blossoms that are arranged along its long stem, hence the name.

The flower is in season from late July and all the way up to late fall and early winter in milder areas. Liatris is a highly romantic flower that represents happiness, bliss, and joy.

10. Lisianthus

Lisianthus, which is commonly known as “Prairie gentian”, shouldn’t be confused with wild gentian, as the latter is deep blue while the Lisianthus comes in a variety of color combinations.

Picture of Lisianthus bouquet against a black background

The most common colors of the Lisianthus are solid purple, purplish blue, violet, and white with purple edges.

The flower is quite hardy and will tolerate relatively low temperatures and stay blooming in some areas, so they can still be in season in November.

11. Reticulated Irises

Next up, we have a unique flower variety that is in season in both spring and winter. Irises originally bloom in spring, but the reticulated variety of irises (also known as netted irises) can survive the cold of late fall.

A typical reticulated iris will have a beautiful purple color, although you can also find it in several other colors, such as white, pink, and sometimes yellow. Irises are also a symbol of communication, eloquence, and faith.

Wrap Up: What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in November?

This concludes today’s guide that answers the popular question “what wedding flowers are in season in November?”.

Contrary to what many people think, there are a huge variety of beautiful flowers that bloom around this time. You can go for timeless classics like roses, camellia, and viola or you can try out something unique and special like ranunculus and snapdragons.

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