What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in June? (14 Gorgeous Options)

The early summer is one of the best times to plan a wedding. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, the sky is clear, and there are tons of flowers that are in their bloom season, so you can enjoy fresh floral decorations at your weddings.

So for summer brides-to-be, what wedding flowers are in season in June? Luckily, there’s an incredible variety of flowers that bloom in the early summer, giving you a huge range of choices to pick from.

You can go simple with roses, daisies, lily of the valley, or sunflowers. Yet, you can also consider unique flowers like the calla lily, ranunculus, or hydrangeas.

Keep on reading to know more about these gorgeous flowers, what they look like, and whether they could fit in your wedding flower ideas.

1. Roses

Starting off with one of the most popular flowers that bloom throughout June. Roses are a staple in almost all wedding decorations in late spring and early summer for a huge range of reasons.

For starters, classic red roses are what come first in anyone’s mind when they think of flowers. Not only that, but roses also come in an incredible range of shades and colors, so they can mix with other flowers in both centerpieces and flower bouquets.

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers start to germinate late into the spring and they bloom by the time it’s June. If you live in an area where sunflowers bloom during that time, having them at your wedding will add a touch of timeless decoration, especially if you’re adopting a rustic wedding style.

In addition to their beauty, sunflowers also have a symbolic meaning. Because of the sunflower’s association with the direction of the sun, they have always been a symbol of loyalty and love in the old myths of Apollo.

3. Lily of the Valley

If you’re a traditionalist, there aren’t many flowers that would beat the lily of the valley in your bouquet.

Picture of lily of the valley in a basket - used in article titled What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in June

In addition to being one of the most common flowers used in royal weddings, the lily of the valley has been recognized for so long as a symbol of love and femininity.

The white color of the petals, combined with the bright green stalks also represents purity and is deeply associated with the white dress!

4. Dahlias

Dahlias are among the most beautiful flowers that will typically bloom from mid June all the way to the earliest frost of the fall.

As a member of the Compositae family of plants, the flower is related to daisies and sunflowers in which they also share the ray floret pattern of several petals assorted in a radiating design.

The best thing about dahlias is that they exist in over 42 species, so you can find them in almost all colors and sizes to suit your wedding design.

5. Gerbera

There aren’t many flowers out there that are as gorgeously colored as the gerbera daisy. These flowers are bursting with colors to the point that many people think they aren’t real!

This makes the gerbera daisy a wonderful choice of a flower if you’re planning on having a garden wedding in June!

The flower generally symbolizes cheerfulness and innocence, but since the gerbera daisy is deeply devoted to the sun, it’s also a symbol of loyal and pure love!

6. Delphinium

If you’re born in July, your birth flower is actually delphinium! The unique shape of the delphinium flower makes an everlasting statement at weddings.

As a flower that exists in more than 300 species, you can find the delphinium in many sizes and hues, especially the true blue and purple. Yet, the flower also exists in lavender, scarlet red, white, pink, and even yellow!

7. Orchid

Orchids come in a huge range of shapes, colors, and even sizes. They’re among the easiest types of flowers to incorporate in bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decorations no matter the style you’re adopting.

Since orchids come in many forms and designs, some of these are more popular among brides than others.

Ideally, the eye catching phalaenopsis orchid, as well as the dendrobium orchid, are among the most commonly used wedding flowers in June.

8. Peonies

Peonies are originally native to Asia, so they bloom whenever the days are sunny and the breeze is gentle. In addition to being a June lover, the plant is a magnificent choice for weddings because it embodies love and romance.

Picture of a bridal bouquet on a table

The plant is also a symbol of honor, wealth, and good fortune. They’re also a late wedding anniversary flower (the 12th anniversary), so they’re an omen of happy marriages!

In addition to all that, the plant comes in a huge range of colors and a noticeable scent that makes your wedding an unforgettable day!

9. Jasmine

Another fragrant plant graces the list! Jasmines don’t only smell great, but they also look amazing, especially when combined with other flowers in bouquets and centerpieces.

Jasmine is usually white colored, but it can also come in a tinted yellow. The beautiful white blossoms of jasmine are also a symbol of beauty, sensuality, and unfading love.

10. Hydrangeas

If you’re looking for a shrub to decorate your wedding in June, there aren’t many options that can rival hydrangeas

The beautiful plant is simply unmatched when it comes to a variety of colors and lush beauty. You can find them in light hues of purple, sky blue, violet, pink, and much more, as the plant comes in around 75 species of different colors and sizes.

11. Calla Lilies

Another plant that blooms in the early summer, particularly in June, is the beautiful calla lily. The flower is a personal favorite of many people, thanks to the elegance of its long, sleek stems, making them ideal for weddings of almost all types!

Calla lilies that bloom in early summer are mostly light colored, such as pink, white, lavender, etc. Different cultures have various interpretations of calla lilies, with many of them regarding lilies as a symbol of fertility and blessings.

12. Ranunculus

Ranunculus, also known as buttercups, is an exquisite group of flowers that are commonly used in centerpieces and floral designs, thanks to their huge variety of colors and sizes.

Close up picture of a red ranunculus

Thanks to their unique looks, small ranunculus flowers are commonly used in men’s boutonnieres, but they can also be a wonderful choice for garden wedding decorations.

13. Poppies

Poppies are among the most vividly colored flowers that bloom in the summer. You can incorporate a few poppy flowers in centerpieces if you want some bold colors and unique arrangements that will make your wedding stand out.

14. Clematis

Last but not least, we highly recommend the clematis, also known as the leather flower, as a candidate for bouquets and boutonnieres.

The flowers are usually purple but can also exist in a pink variety with large heads that make them a great decoration in arrangements.

Wrap Up: What Wedding Flowers Are in Season in June?

With that said, you now have a brief answer to the popular question “what wedding flowers are in season in June?”.

As you can see, there’s a huge range of flowers to pick from during that time of the year, whether it’s a classic choice like roses and dahlias or a gorgeous combination of orchids, calla lilies, poppies, and more!

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