What Flowers Grow Well in New York? (15 Excellent Options)

When someone says New York, your mind immediately thinks of the city that never sleeps. Do you know what you shouldn’t sleep on, though? Flowers in New York!

In a northern state like New York, complete sunshine can come and go. That’s why, it’s always a good idea to incorporate flowers that can grow in the sun, in partial sun, and in the shade. Having flowers like Baby’s Breath, Bee Balm, Coral Bell, Sweet Woodruff, and Bleeding Heart is a great start.

New York is more than just a home for tall buildings and skyscrapers. It also homes some of the most fragrant and vibrant flowers you can grow in your city or country garden.

Check out what flowers grow well in New York!

What Flowers Grow Well in the Sun (in New York)?

Sunlight is a crucial part of growing any kind of plant. If you live in areas in New York that receive more than a few hours of sun, this is your opportunity to also put those rays of sunshine into good use.

1.   Baby’s Breath

Known for their regular appearances in floral arrangements, Baby’s Breaths are low-maintenance perennials.

If loud colors aren’t your thing, Baby’s Breath is a great plant that blooms soft-colored flowers. You’re probably familiar with its white variety, but they can also come in pink.

Baby’s breath doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. Simply plant it in well-drained soil and under the full sun. You’re sure to appreciate their flowers when summer comes.

2.   Bee Balm

Picture of a hummingbird Feeding On Bee Balm used in article titled What Flowers Grow Well in New York

Bee Balms are known for their frilly petals that stick out from their buds. When they bloom, you can expect pollinators like bees and butterflies to flock to your garden.

Adding Bee Balms to your garden also adds texture and a splash of color. You can even enjoy the bright pigments of these flowers more if you plant them near your window.

If you want to lengthen their bloom time, deadheading Bee Balms regularly can keep them thriving.

3.   Catmint

Cats shouldn’t be the only ones attracted to Catmints. With their hardiness and low-maintenance care, you’re sure to be attracted to these beautiful purple flowers, too.

If you’re a beginner in gardening, Catmints are the perfect start. Just make sure they’re planted in a place that receives a lot of sun.

With the right growing conditions, you can enjoy your Catmints from summer to late fall.

4.   Coreopsis

Since Coreopsis is native to North America, it fits right in New York.

Its bright and flashy yellow flowers mirror its love for the sun. It’s also an ideal flower if you’re looking for that touch of color in your garden.

You can plant Coreopsis after the frost and watch them bloom every summer. If you’re lucky, you can even catch a show of butterflies and birds gathering around your Coreopsis flowers.

5.   Lavender

New York showcases a lot of Lavender farms, so it makes sense that Lavender makes the list.

Lavenders are bushy perennial plants that can create a line of blue and purple flowers. All they need is a good amount of sunlight and good drainage.

So, plant these near walkways to enhance your strolling experience.

What Flowers Grow Well in Partial Sun (in New York)?

A lot of areas in New York don’t get an abundance of sunshine. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from growing your flowers.

There are many flowers that don’t love being under the sun for too long, which makes them perfect for a city garden.

Let’s check out some of the best ones!

1.   Black-Eyed Susan

Close up image of Black-eyed Susans in a garden

Black-eyed Susan offers that brightness into your garden mix. It can make you feel as if you’re getting sunshine of your own!

This perennial flower thrives in both full sun and partial sun. So, you don’t need to worry if your area doesn’t get a lot of light. You can even grow them indoors.

Black-eyed Susans typically bloom from early summer until the first frost. If you’re in upstate New York, these are perfect because they can keep out animals that are native to the Northeast.

2.   Coral Bell

If you’re looking for durable flowers, it’s time to get yourself some Coral Bells. These flowers can withstand virtually any condition.

Coral Bells are also perfect for ground cover since their lively foliages serve as a blanket for the soil. Their beautiful flowers come in silver, burgundy, bronze, or purple, which can attract hummingbirds from left and right.

3.   Hosta

Hosta is a crowd favorite when it comes to shade gardens. Its sprightly and luscious foliages in different shapes and sizes often take the spotlight.

Even so, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t admire Hosta’s blooms. Hosta flowers typically produce fragrant flowers in shades of purple and white in the summer.

Like Coral Bells, you can use Hostas for ground cover, too. Gardeners usually trim off their flowers after a few days of blooming to highlight their foliages.

4.   Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal is a perennial plant that loves a little bit of sun and a lot of shade. It’s another flowering plant that is a must-have in shade gardens.

If you’re into flowers that grow great heights, then, look no further. Solomon’s Seal has slender stems that reach up to seven feet tall.

While its white flowers may be dainty, its sweet scent definitely makes up for it.

5.   Sweet Woodruff

If you’re looking for another great flowering plant as ground cover, Sweet Woodruff fits the bill. It’s also perfect for regions that are often visited by forest animals since they’re deer- and rabbit-resistant.

Sweet Woodruff bears pretty little white flowers in the shape of stars from late spring to summer. They’re easy to grow and thoroughly enjoy the partial shade.

So, if you want to add another sweet-smelling flower to your shade garden, you can’t go wrong with Sweet Woodruff.

What Flowers Grow Well in the Shade (in New York)?

If you live in the cities of New York where the sun gets blocked by tall buildings, don’t worry! There are still flowers that can thrive without the sun.

1.   Astilbe

If you’re looking for perennial flowers that can brighten up your shady garden, Astilbe is a good choice. Their frilly flowers come in shades of pink, red, purple, and white.

You can grow Astilbes in shady spots as long as they’re planted in rich and moist soils. Not only do they bloom throughout the year, but they also attract hummingbirds and other pollinators.

2.   Black Cohosh

Picture of Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) close up

Black Cohosh flowers are a must-have in shady cottage gardens. You can plant these to add that extra element of enchantment.

Black Cohosh can typically survive with little to no sunlight. In spite of that, a few hours of soft sunlight also benefits them. Just make sure to keep them away from strong winds to avoid bending their stems.

3.   Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Hearts, as suggested by the name, are heart-shaped flowers in tones of red and pink. You can achieve a distinctive garden look with their unique forms hanging from arched stems.

You can plant Bleeding Hearts in a shady area with consistently moist soil to see them thrive. As soon as summer arrives, they may wilt back to the ground and regrow in the next blooming season.

4.   Bugleweed

Bugleweed makes an excellent choice for moist and shady spots.

Best used as ground covers, Bugleweed are fast-growing flowers that produce clusters of purple flowers. So, you should plant these in areas where they don’t tread onto other plants.

5.   Lily of the Valley

Despite its name, Lily of the Valley isn’t actually a type of Lily. This woodland plant does, however, offer beautiful and dainty white flowers.

Lily of the Valley is great for ground covers for shady spots since it spreads very easily. So, if you’re planting it in a small area, make sure to regulate its spread.

You should also practice caution when handling this flower. Even though it looks harmless, Lily of the Valley can be toxic to humans and animals.

Final Thoughts On What Flowers Grow Well in New York

We now live in a world where buildings and nature can coexist. So, what’s stopping you from growing your own garden in New York?

There’ll always be flowers that can thrive in your space, no matter how much sunlight it receives.

Now that you know what flowers grow well in New York, it’s time to see what’s best for you!

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