What Flowers Grow Well in New Jersey? (15 Of The Best Options)

What flowers grow well in New Jersey? New Jersey is called the Garden State for a reason. Growing flowers is basically second nature in this state! Whether you’re starting to develop your garden or aiming for some improvement, try to stick to the flowers that grow well in New Jersey for a beautiful garden design.

The best flowers that grow well in New Jersey are:

  1. Alyssums
  2. Begonias
  3. Celosias
  4. Dahlias
  5. Petunias
  6. Asters
  7. Bee Balms
  8. Chrysanthemums
  9. Coral Bells
  10. Daylilies
  11. Gaillardias
  12. Hibiscus
  13. Peonies
  14. Red Columbine
  15. Violets

Choosing the right kind of flowers doesn’t only depend on personal preferences. Read on to learn about why these flowers are perfect for New Jersey!

What Is New Jersey’s Hardiness Zone?

Before we get into the list of flowers, let’s talk about the hardiness zone first.

Hardiness zones determine the kinds of plants that can thrive in specific locations. These zones are based on the average annual minimum winter temperature of the area.

For example, in New Jersey, the zones can range from 6a to 7b. What does this mean?

If you’re in the northern parts of New Jersey, your hardiness zone is around 6a to 6b. For most of those in the lower areas, the hardiness zone is 7a, although some areas can move to 7b.

This means that there are flowers that can bloom better, depending on the temperature.

Don’t worry! Flowers on this list are all suitable for the whole state.

What Are Annual and Perennial Flowers?

Different flowers have different life cycles.

Annual flowers go through their whole life cycle in just one growing season, which is around spring to fall.

They usually produce seeds that can be planted for new flowers to grow before the end of their cycles. By this point, the flowers have completed their purpose and begin to wilt.

If you want to extend your flowers’ life cycle, you can practice deadheading. This lets your flowers bloom once more before they reach the end of their cycles.

Unlike annual flowers that have an expiration date, perennial flowers continue to bloom for more than a year, which means a longer life cycle.

However, perennial flowers have long reproduction rates. Even so, they’re always worth the wait! Wouldn’t you want to enjoy your flowers for several years?

What Annual Flowers Grow Well in New Jersey?

Even though annual flowers don’t produce flowers as long as perennials do, they’re still worth mentioning. They’re perfect for those who want fast-blooming plants that are inexpensive and easy to grow.

Our top five annual flowers for New Jersey are:


A focus shot of yellow Alyssums used in article titled What Flowers Grow Well in New Jersey?

Alyssums are best for covering the ground. These flowers spread naturally, adding color to your landscape.

Alyssums usually come as seeds in individuals or a mixture of varieties. They thrive in cooler temperatures and can even bloom well during the first frost of the year.


Begonias are long-blooming annual flowers that are made for New Jersey.

Thriving in zones six to seven, begonias bloom from spring to winter. They’re particularly more pleasing when assembled together in beds or borders.


Celosias are characterized by their distinct flowers shaped like small and vibrant pine trees. Another variety of this can look like corals.

Celosias are known as perennials in areas with hardiness zones of 10-11. For New Jersey, these can be planted as annual flowers that bloom from midsummer to early fall.


Dahlias are best for beginner gardeners. They’re low-maintenance flowers that don’t require fertilizers and frequent watering.

Although dahlias are considered perennials flowers, they’re more commonly grown as annuals in zones three to seven.

There’s also no limitation on where you can plant your dahlias. These vibrant flowers can grow in pots, plant boxes, or plain soil.


Picture of colorful Petunias

Petunias are one of the most popular annual flowers because of the beautiful ruffles of their petals. They vary in colors and sizes, which can add variation to your garden.

Taking care of petunias is easy. Still, different species of petunias still require distinct caring practices.

Similar to dahlias, petunias can be grown as annuals or perennials. In New Jersey, specifically, these can only be treated as annual flowers.

What Perennial Flowers Grow Well in New Jersey?

Perennials may be the more obvious choice of flowers because of their long blooming period.

While they may take longer to start producing beautiful flowers, perennials are rewarding plants that make your garden look pretty for a long time.

Let’s check out seven perennial flowers best suited for New Jersey.


Asters are tall perennial flowers native to the state of New Jersey. They boast a variety of colors such as lavender, white, and pink.

They can start blooming at the end of the summer until late fall. If you’re lucky, they can even survive the first frost of the year!

Bee Balms

Bee balms, also called wild bergamots, are other flowers native to New Jersey. Their distinct stringy and deep-colored flowers are paraded in colors of pink, purple, red, or white.

As their name suggests, bee balms attract friendly pollinators like bees, which help in flower reproduction.


Chrysanthemums flaunt their flowers in different shapes. Their petals range from flat, rounded, or fringed, which makes them look even more charming.

With their assortment, chrysanthemums bring texture to your garden.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are known to be durable perennial plants. They can easily grow well in a wide range of conditions and can withstand humidity and drought.

While coral bells produce flowers that resemble bells, their colorful foliages take the spotlight. These can be found in silver, bronze, burgundy, or purple.


Daylilies are another type of low-maintenance flower that can survive in virtually any condition, including drought.

They bloom flowers with shades of red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink from spring to late summer. Their slightly ruffled petals make them a beautiful addition to any garden.


Known for its common name, blanket flower, gaillardias blooms in bright shades of orange and yellow. Their colors are perfect for the sunny season.

Gaillardias are one of the most well-suited flowers in New Jersey because they’re deer resistant. Another bonus is they can actually tolerate a little frost.

Hardy Hibiscus

Close up picture of red hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flowers might seem like they’re just made for tropical areas, but their hardy variety grows well in colder regions like New Jersey.

Hardy hibiscus also requires a good amount of attention and patience to flourish. They do best in spacious areas with rich soil and a good drainage system.


Lupines are popular because of their spires of flowers that grow to about 5 feet. Many appreciate these tall flowers for their structures.

Blooming during the spring or summer, lupines can produce flowers in rich colors of pink, blue, and white.


Peonies can transform a simple garden to become more enchanting. From lush tones of pink, white, yellow, red, and orange, these hardy flowers can last up to 75 years.

Their long life cycles, in addition to their low-maintenance care, put peonies to be of the most popular choices for perennial gardens.


Of course, let’s not forget New Jersey’s state flower.

With their velvety petals, violets are widely admired in New Jersey. Although they’re named violet, these flowers actually come in white, blue, purple, pink, and red.

Violets are one of the few flowers that aren’t selective about the amount of sunlight they get. They can thrive in the shade or under the sun all the same.

Wrap-Up On What Flowers Grow Well in New Jersey

Flowers can add character and a certain pizzazz to your garden. While not every single flower can bloom seamlessly in every area, this list still offers a wide range of variety to choose from.

Whether you choose annuals, perennials, or a mix of both, it’s a guarantee that these flowers will thrive.

Now that you know what flowers grow well in New Jersey, you can add these flowers to your repertoire of plants.

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