What Flowers Grow Well in Maryland? Here Are 8 Great Options

If you’re based in Maryland and are planning a garden makeover or starting from scratch, you’ve probably wondered, what flowers grow well in Maryland?

Beauty and hardiness are two qualities you need to keep in mind when hunting for flower seeds. There are plenty of options that exhibit both qualities, including Carnations, False Goat’s Beard, Cardinal Flower, Hydrangea, Turk’s Cap Lily, Garden Phlox, Zinnia, and, of course, the Black-Eyed Susan (Maryland’s state flower).

I’ll go through all eight of these flowers in-depth, covering most of their features and needs to help you decide which ones to go for. Let’s get started!

What Flowers Grow Well in Maryland

Although Maryland is home to many beautiful flowers, some of them pique our interest more than others. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eight flowers that are guaranteed to turn your garden into a masterpiece:

1.   Turk’s Cap Lily

Picture of Orange Turk’s Cap Lilies

We’ll start with a native perennial favorite, the Turk’s cap lily. Since it’s a native wildflower, it’s one of the easiest lilies to grow in Maryland.

This flower’s contrast between orange-red and dark freckle spots is simply stunning. Aside from its bright color, you can spot a Turk’s cap lily from a distance because of its recurved petals, with tips touching upwards.

By the way, these lilies aren’t only attractive to humans; they also attract pollinators, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

This type of lilies prefers full to partial sunlight and moist to wet soil. Turk’s cap lilies start blooming in mid-summer till September. They can reach 3-5 feet tall and carry up to 40 flowers when they mature.

2.   Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are popular perennial shrubs that bloom with delightful flowers in the summer and fall. They’re hardy and will give your garden the perfect summer color palettes.

Hydrangeas bloom in colors that range from pink to blue and all hues in between. The exciting part is that you can change the pH of the soil to determine its color!

Those tough ones thrive in most soil types and lighting conditions. However, it’s best to place them in an area that receives morning sunlight.

In Maryland, in particular, you should limit the shrub’s exposure to sunlight to a few hours. If this flower is exposed to the hot afternoon sun in Maryland for an extended period, it’ll start to droop.

Hydrangeas will also do just fine in full sun, partial shade, and shady areas. Depending on its type, this beauty can grow to be two to three feet tall and wide or up to six feet tall and wide.

3.   Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox, also known as Summer Phlox, is a flowering plant worth growing. It’s a hardy perennial, easy to grow, and care for, so you’ll get gratifying results with little effort.

Summer Phlox blooms in spectacular clusters of tiny flowers from mid-spring to mid-summer. It has a lovely smell and a vibrant presence as it comes in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, red, and orange.

Garden phlox can grow in partial shade, but they certainly love some sunlight, which helps them bloom faster. A phlox cluster grows 2-4 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide in moist, well-drained soil.

4.   Cardinal Flower

Close up of Red Cardinal flower - used in article titled What Flowers Grow Well in Maryland

The Cardinal flower, also known as Lobelia cardinalis, is another exotic-looking native perennial. It has flaming red foliage with petals growing as spikes, giving an overall breathtaking look. A Cardinal flower’s bright tint also captivates butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

This flower tolerates full sun, partial shade, and shade. They bloom in upright clusters, with each flower growing up to 8 inches long. Their blooming continues throughout the summer and into the fall.

This fiery plant grows in moist, well-drained soil and can reach heights of 1-6 feet.

5.   Black-Eyed Susan

Of course, we couldn’t leave out Maryland’s state flower since 1918, the Black-eyed Susan, also known as Rudbeckia hirta.

Rudbeckia is a member of the sunflower family, which explains the resemblance. This small delicacy is available in all sunset colors, including vibrant yellow, orange, and red. It also has its signature dark center protruding from the flower to round off its charm.

Don’t be fooled by its small size; this flower is considered one of the most resilient flowers to grow. Rudbeckia hirta is drought tolerant and can grow in partial shade, though it prefers full sun.

Besides, it has a relatively long blooming period. This period begins in mid-summer and lasts until the first frost, which occurs around September.

A black-eyed Susan plant can grow to be 2-3 feet tall and wide, with flowers that are 2-19 inches wide.

6.   Carnations

Carnations are perfect for any occasion because each color has a different meaning, for example:

  • Dark red: Love and admiration
  • White: Luck and purity
  • Pink: Gratitude
  • Yellow: Disappointment

Thus, carnations became the top choice for cut flowers due to their symbolism, refreshing fragrance, and fantastic shades.

Not to mention that they have double-layered silky petals with wavy edges that add to their dramatic aesthetic.

Luckily, carnations grow exceptionally well in Maryland and will bloom from late spring to early summer.

To thrive, they require full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. This flower can be perennial or annual, and grow to a height of 12 to 18 inches depending on the type.

7.   Zinnia

Colorful Zinnias in a garden

Zinnias are always a winning bet; they’re fast-growing, low-maintenance, and have colorful blooms.

There are over 20 varieties of zinnia, which are categorized as double-layered, semi-double, or single. Each category is distinguished by the way and the number of petal layers stacked.

These annuals favor sunlight and moderately moist soil. They grow quickly, usually within a couple of months. Zinnias flourish during summer and until the first frost, but the extreme heat of the summer may slow their blooming.

The flower’s size is determined by the type you’re growing, as dwarf types can grow to be 6-12 inches tall, whereas other zinnia types can reach a height of 4 inches and a width of 1-2 feet.

8.   False Goat’s Beard

Astilbes go by false goat’s beards since they have a shape that mimics one, but much prettier! They’re perennials with fluffy, cotton candy-like foliage that grows upright.

Astilbes come in a multitude of dreamy pastel color variations such as rose, lilac, white, and peach. Each color reveals several shades in a single flower. The size of the flower can either intensify or soften the tint.

This majestic flower flourishes from early to late summer. Astilbes prefer full sun to partial shade and soil with moderate moisture.

Their sizes vary depending on the species, and there are approximately 15 different species. Dwarf types can grow to be 6 inches tall, while other types can grow to be 2 feet tall.

When Should You Plant Flowers in Maryland?

To get the most out of each flower, you must understand when to plant it. Here are the best times to plant annuals and perennials in Maryland:


Start planting annuals when the soil starts getting warm after the frost danger. Annuals can’t tolerate wind, cold, or rain, so you have to wait until the weather warms up. In Maryland that should either be mid-May or mid-April and until October.


It’s always a good idea to double-check the planting dates for each perennial because almost all of them have specific requirements.

Usually, in spring, you should plant perennials that bloom in the late summer or fall. Additionally, plant flowers that bloom in the spring in late summer or early fall.

Wrap-Up On What Flowers Grow Well in Maryland

You now know what flowers grow well in Maryland and when to plant them. Take your time to learn about each flower’s needs and picture them in your garden.

It’ll be a lot of fun to pair one species with another. Plus, it’ll be very satisfying when they bloom and you see all your planning and care come together.

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