What Flowers Grow Well in Louisiana? (Here Are 8 Great Options)

The weather in Louisiana, for the most part, is humid and hot. That’s why gardeners have to think hard about what flowers grow well in Louisiana.

Flowers that thrive in Louisiana need to be adaptable to hot weather. Examples of such flowers include daisies, petunias, tulips, zinnias, lilies, and more!

Heat tolerance isn’t the only reason these flowers grow so well in Louisiana, though. They’re usually easier to take care of and come with their unique perks! Stick around to learn all you need to know about flowers that grow well in the Pelican State.

What Flowers Grow Well in Louisiana?

Louisiana is a beautiful yet scorching hot state. That is why the main quality you’ll find among all the flowers that grow well in the state is their ability to tolerate heat.

Another quality you’ll commonly find is the flowers’ bright colors. Flowers that can survive in hot weather usually produce a lot of carotenoids because the excessive sunlight gives them enough energy to do so.

These carotenoids increase the flower’s pigment, which is why you’ll find that flowers that thrive in Louisiana are usually so radiant!

So, two main qualities are almost always apparent in flowers that grow well in Louisiana:

  • Ability to survive the hot weather.
  • Bright coloring.

The Best Flowers to Have in Louisiana

Now that we know what types of flowers grow best in Louisiana, let’s shed light on our favorite picks from those flowers and what makes the best!

1. Petunias

Petunias are beautiful flowers that flaunt the color purple and can grow up to 18 inches! They’re considered “annual” plants, which means that they bloom from spring all the way to fall.

There are several types of petunias:

  • Multiflora
  • Grandiflora
  • Floribundas
  • Millifloras
  • Trailing Petunias

Petunias grow nicely in Louisiana because they thrive in hot weather. Additionally, multiflora petunias love humid areas. The flower can also grow almost everywhere: a pot, a box, a basket, or even a cup!

You won’t have to worry about giving your petunias enough sunlight, which they need a lot of, considering how sunny Louisiana is. You’ll get to enjoy their vivid purple color while relaxing in your garden from spring to the fall.

2. Dahlias

Dahlias are a lovely, unique-looking type of flower that would add a certain touch of classiness to your garden.

They’re circle-shaped, which makes them sort of compact enough to fit in most places. So if you’d like to grow them on a patio or any other smaller place, it’s totally doable.

Additionally, you can grow them in small vases or even containers if you’d like to keep them near a window in your house!

Dahlias are also very low-maintenance. You don’t need to go through the effort of fertilizing your soil or watering them every day.

All they need is around 6 hours of sunlight and a bit of watering once a week! Their love for the sun is what makes them so great for Louisiana!

Picture of A field of white daisies used in article titled What Flowers Grow Well in Louisiana

3. Daisies

Daisies are the epitome of happiness, with their bright white color and pop of yellow. Not only do they brighten up your garden, but maintaining them takes little to no effort. The flowers survive even the hottest of conditions, which makes them ideal for Louisiana weather.

Daisies are also perennial plants. This means that they regrow on their own each season once you’ve placed in the seeds. So, you don’t need to worry about re-soiling them every season!

Like most flowers, daisies bloom in the spring and begin to die around the fall. They only need moderately fertile soil to fully bloom.

Lastly, daisies are natural pest repellents. So, you don’t need to worry about chipmunks or squirrels harming them or any other plants that might be in your garden!

4. Zinnias

Chicago Botanic Garden classifies zinnias as the “hardest working flowers in summer gardens.” This gives you an idea of how resilient they are. They’re circular and pink, which adds a great pop of color to your garden.

If you’re a little late on planting your flowers, no worries! Zinnias thrive in the heat so they can be planted in the early summer rather than spring.

Although they thrive in the sunlight, zinnias are considered to be one of the easier flowers to grow. They need less water, attention, and sunlight than an average flower would need. So, if you’re not a gardening expert, zinnias are perfect for you!

And even if you don’t have a garden but still want to grow flowers, zinnias can be kept in containers, vases, or boxes!

Picture of bouquet of fresh colorful tulips flowers

5. Tulips

Tulips aren’t only aesthetically vivid, but also come in a variety of colors such as red, white, black, purple, and many more.

Tulips are technically perennial plants that have been hybridized several times, which has weakened their regrowth capabilities. So, they’re treated as annual plants.

Tulips’ bright colors come from the excessive amount of sunlight they get in places like Louisiana. That’s why they grow so well there!

They make for the cutest gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any celebration you might think of.

Not only that, but tulips are also very easy to take care of. All you need to do is water them weekly to keep them perfectly plump and shining.

Like petunias, tulips can grow in most places. So, if you have a basket or box, you can recycle it and use it to grow your tulips.

6. Marigolds

Marigolds are a great summer flower because of their vivid yellow color. However, marigolds don’t just thrive in the heat but in the cold as well!

They’re nature’s very own pompoms, adding a cheer to your garden for all to see. They can grow up to 3 feet tall, but if you’re looking for a smaller version, opt for French marigolds instead of African marigolds.

Marigolds are perfect for Louisiana because of their continuous blossoms. While most flowers bloom for 2-3 months, marigolds can blossom for 6-8 months straight.

In addition, they attract pollinators so you can expect that your garden will be full of bright butterflies and bees with marigolds around!

Close up picture of White liles

7. Lilies

Lillies are great for people who are looking for a different variety of flowers to grow. There are several types:

  • Asiatic lilies
  • Easter lilies
  • Oriental lilies
  • Trumpet lilies

Each type has its special color and look. Whatever type they may be, there’s no doubt that lilies will bring radiance to your garden.

They’re great for small spaces since lilies are one of the few plants that grow upright. Moreover, lilies are perennials, so you won’t need to worry about regrowing them every season!

They’re also one of the few plants that stay bloomed throughout the whole summer since the more sunlight they get, the more they thrive.

All you need to do is water them every few days and spray potassium fertilizer on them every 2 weeks until they flower.

8. Daffodils

Daffodils are “the cheery heralds of spring.” They’re tender in appearance with a bright yellow pistil. They take around 7 months to grow, but it’s worth it when you witness them bloom with splendor in your garden.

Daffodils are great for Louisiana because of how endurant they are. They can withstand extreme winters, droughts, and humidity.

Moreover, they’re pest resistant and can even survive a few types of disease and fungi. They’re also perennials so you can trust that they’ll grow every year!

That is what makes daffodils so low-maintenance. You don’t have to do much except water them to make sure that they survive. They’ll take care of the rest!

Wrap-Up On What Flowers Grow Well in Louisiana

Just because Louisiana has a hot and humid climate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely bright garden! If anything, the heat actually helps.

Lucky for you, the flowers that depend on sunlight to thrive and survive don’t need much maintenance. So, all you need to do is pick the flowers you want to fill your garden up with.

In addition, the flowers that grow well in Louisiana all have their benefits. Daisies are natural repellents, petunias can grow almost anywhere, tulips make for a perfect gift for any occasion, and lilies take up only the space you want them to!

So, depending on which benefit suits you the most, pick what flower you’ll grow. Happy gardening!

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