What Flowers Grow Well in Florida? (Here Are 10 Great Options)

Florida is one of the best states for growing flowers. This is because the state is known for its hot, dry climate and mild winter, allowing many flowers to bloom all year round.

So what flowers grow well in Florida? In general, flowers that thrive in Florida are those that are heat and drought-tolerant. These flowers include Coreopsis, Pentas, Gerbera, Lantana, Blanket Flower, Mexican Heather, Lavender, Scarlet Salvia, Evolvulus, and Hibiscus.

Read on for helpful guides to each of these flowers.


We can’t make a list of the best flowers to grow in Florida without mentioning the sunny flower coreopsis.

This cheerful flower is the state’s official flower, and it’s also a native perennial. You’ve probably seen it gracing many gardens and roadsides.

You also might know it by the name tickseed, which is one of the 12 varieties of coreopsis. Tickseed has bright yellow petals that surround a brown center.

Its petal arrangement makes it look daisy-like. However, its colors are much similar to a sunflower.

Coreopsis is easy to establish and care for. It requires full or partial exposure to sunlight while being drought-tolerant.

You can grow it in your garden, flower bed, or even containers.

After the initial establishment, you pretty much don’t need to do anything as it often reseeds itself.

Plus, it’s a butterfly magnet. You’ll be enjoying both the beauty of this flower and the butterflies around it.


If you’re a bird watcher, this flower will be your favorite. Pentas attract many butterflies and hummingbirds to feed on its nectar.

This is a great opportunity for you to get to know your state’s hummingbirds and also take lots of pictures.

Pentas is a perennial in Florida and grows well everywhere in the state. It’s easy to establish and is a low-maintenance plant.

While most of the flowers die in fall and winter, Pentas will stay blooming, showing off its clusters of lavender, white, red, or pink flowers.

However, overwintering is necessary in case of winters that drop below 32 degrees.


Florida is lucky enough to be one of the only states to grow Gerbera as a perennial. This flower is native to South Africa and was named in honor of a botanist, Traugott Gerbera.

Gerbera flowers usually bloom all year round in Florida, especially in the southern parts. Its daisy-like flowers come in almost all colors.

You can grow it in your garden or containers with full or partial sun exposure. Keep in mind that Gerbera needs moist but well-drained soil. It’s also not too drought-tolerant.

On top of all that, its flowers hold up surprisingly well as bouquets or vase flower arrangements.

It also attracts many pollinators to your garden. A nice gesture to help out the bees.


Lantana is a lovely, attractive flower to grow in your garden, flower bed, or pots. It prefers hot climates with mild winters, which is why it’s perfect for growing in Florida.

It’s a perennial in Florida and blooms all year round unless you live in the Northern parts of the state with a frost threat. In this case, overwintering is required.

This beautiful flower grows clusters of small flowers that come in red, yellow, orange, pink, cream, and even lavender. You can even find bi-colored flowers.

Besides its flowers, the plant has beautiful dense foliage that fills up a flower bed. There are also smaller varieties that do well in hanging baskets.

Just like we can’t resist the beauty of this flower, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies cannot either. So, expect many pollinators to visit your garden.

Blanket Flower

Gaillardia pulchella, also known as blanket flower, is a Florida-friendly flower that can be grown everywhere in the state.

It’s either a sturdy perennial or a short-lived perennial, depending on where you live in Florida. This flower is heat, salt, and drought-tolerant making it perfect for Florida, especially in coastal areas. 

The plant’s colors are exquisite. Its petals are either reddish-orange, rose-purple, or red with yellow tips. You’ll be enjoying its blooms through the summer and even in fall.

The blanket flower is an excellent pollinator attractor. It’s also low-maintenance and needs plenty of sun exposure and occasional watering while being self-reseeding.

Mexican Heather

Mexican Heather is a perennial, garden staple flower in Florida. The plant does well in Florida weather.

Once established in rich, well-drained soil, the plant needs little to no care. It’s pretty drought tolerant and will bloom all year round.

It’s best to grow Mexican Heather as an edging plant or a ground cover. This evergreen shrub grows dense, compact shrubs that can grow to 12 inches tall.

Its foliage is dark green that contrasts the lavender, white, or red colors of the tiny flowers.

Butterflies and bees will for sure give your garden a visit every day if you plant Heathers.

Image of lavender flowers used in article titled What Flowers Grow Well in Florida


Although not all lavender types can handle the weather of the sunshine state, sweet lavender and French lavender are perfect for it.

Both varieties are heat and humid tolerant as well as attractive to both humans and pollinators.

No one can deny the beauty of lavender with its silver-green foliage and violet flowers. It’s also amazing for aromatherapy and has a lot of uses in the beauty industry.

Lavender is perennial in all areas of the state but blooms better in North Florida. Keep it in well-drained soil with full sun, and it shall do well all year round.

Scarlet Salvia

You might know this flower by other names like Scarlet sage, Tropical sage, or Red salvia. This flower is a perennial in Florida and can bloom all year round in some parts of the state.

Its bright red tubular flowers attract many pollinators, especially bees. Plus, it looks divine grown in the ground or containers.

The plant is highly adaptable and is drought-tolerant, so it won’t be hard to care for. Also, it usually self-propagates.


Evolvulus is one of the most beautiful plants you’ll ever plant. The plant grows sky-blue flowers, which is rare in flowers.

Now, you know why it’s called Blue Daze. Its ocean-blue flowers look exceptionally good against its silvery-green foliage. The best part about it is that it blooms all year round.

In addition, it’s heat and drought-tolerant. So, you can grow it as a ground cover or edging plant. It also does well in containers.

Keep in mind that the plant’s blooms close up by noon. So, make sure to have plenty of time in the morning to enjoy its delightful blooms.

Close up picture of a red hibiscus flower in a garden


Hibiscus is one of the most grown flowering plants in Florida, and you’ll know why in a second.

The plant is gorgeous with its showy, bell-shaped blooms that come in a variety of colors and forms.

While the flower lasts about a day, the plant produces blooms the entire flowering season and all year long in South Florida.

Although Hibiscus is typically grown as a shrub, you can grow it in upright tree forms. It’s usually used as a specimen, foundation plant, or background for other plants.

Hibiscus requires fertilized, well-drained soil with full or partial sun exposure. It also loves hot weather and is sensitive to cold.

In North Florida, the plant goes dormant and freezes to the ground. When the temperature gets back up again, it returns from the roots.

Expect to be visited by many native pollinators, especially bees and butterflies.

Wrap Up On What Flowers Grow Well in Florida

Florida is known for its hot, dry climate and little frost threats. So, it’s important to pick flowers that can handle heat and drought as well as salt.

We picked the ten best flowers that do well in Florida that will grace your garden or the inside of your house with beauty.

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