Statice Flower Meaning (And Important Interpretations For 6 Color Variations)

There’s always a flower for every occasion. There are roses for Valentine’s to express love and sunflowers to show your appreciation to a close friend. One of the many flowers that communicate a message is the statice flower.

Statice flower meaning comes from its long-lasting physical traits. The dainty flower may signify remembrance and memory. Alternatively, statice flowers might also symbolize success or sympathy.

Stick around to learn more about the statice flower’s meaning and when to use this flower’s help to express certain emotions.

Origin of the Statice Flower

Statice, otherwise known as sea lavender, is widespread worldwide, but it’s mainly found in Europe.

Unsurprisingly, the statice flower may also appear in Eastern Asia, the land of tea culture. That being said, statice flowers are natively grown near the Mediterranean region.

You can find them flourishing in regions like Western Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Country-wise, statice flowers’ habitats mainly exist in the Canary Islands, Turkey, and Spain.

Limonium sinuatum, statice, blue flowers isolated on white background

The Etymology of the Statice Flower

While there’s no definitive etymological background for the word “statice,” the word can be translated to various terms. For starters, the statice flower’s scientific name is Limonium. The term is roughly translated to “meadow” in Greek.

Another meaning for statice flowers also comes from Greek terminology. The flower is also referred to as Sinatum, which means “wavy edges.” The term illustrates the statice flower’s flowy and soft appearance.

Statice flowers are also called sea lavender for a reason. Not many flowers grow well near the Mediterranean Sea. Luckily for statice flowers, they don’t mind the salty flavor in their soil.

What Does a Statice Flower Symbolize?

Although statice flowers are usually used as secondary flowers in bouquets, they can still carry a heavy meaning. Here are some of the characteristics that symbolize statice flowers.


Your friends and family may face difficulties in their lives. So, you might want to find a way to express your sympathy genuinely.

The answer could be the statice flower. It can communicate your empathy to its recipient by showing how much you care about the person and the support you’re willing to offer.

Funerals and memorials are a few of the best occasions you can give statice flowers. If your friend is going through a rough patch, this flower might end up brightening their day slightly. You can also give it to someone who’s sick as a “Get-Well-Soon” message.

Bouquet of beautiful statice flowers on white background.


Statice flowers are great signifiers of success. We recommend including them in a gift bouquet since they don’t work as well alone. Speaking of which, you can give them to a friend or family member that is seeking success in their work or life.

You may also see some potential in someone close to you. Giving them statice flowers is a great way to boost their confidence to achieve their goals.

Alternatively, you can buy some for yourself and add them to your floral home bouquet. It’ll encourage positivity and success in your house.

That being said, the ideal occasions for statice flowers to represent success are promotions, graduations, and even birthdays.


Chances are, you’re probably missing someone right now. What better way to surprise that person than with a bunch of statice flowers on their doorstep?

If that someone has passed on, then you can take the flowers to their cemetery as a sign of remembrance. You may also bring statice flowers to a funeral or memorial.

These flowers primarily carry this meaning due to their ever-lasting color. And, because they live long, they can be the perfect sign of remembrance.

This meaning was also present in the Victorian era, where people sent statice flowers to communicate how much they missed someone.

What Different Colored Statice Flowers Mean

Statice flowers come in lots of beautiful colors you can choose from. Each color has its own meaning. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Pink Statice Flowers

Pink is mostly associated with feminine and motherly love. Pink statice flowers may point to similar characteristics. Additionally, the pretty flowers can express neutral love, so you can send them to your friends and family.

The pink flowers will deliver a compassionate and non-romantic message to their recipient. You can use these decorative pieces for your wedding centerpiece or add them to your living room.

pink statice flower

Red Statice Flowers

Red statice flowers are a bold gift choice. They can convey a message of deep passion and romance. These lovely flowers can be sent to your significant other on occasions such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

You may also send these red-colored flowers to those you wish success to. That’s because red can symbolize strength and confidence, which are traits your recipient may possess or strive for.

Yellow Statice Flowers

There’s nothing brighter than a bouquet of yellow statice flowers. The bright-colored flowers can bring happiness and joy to your home. You can give these as a housewarming gift.

Plus, yellow statice flowers may link to sympathy and care. You can send the vibrant flowers to a friend who’s feeling down to cheer them up.

White Statice Flowers

For centuries of symbolism and traditions, white has, for the most part, been a sign of innocence, purity, trust, and respect. White statice flowers can perfectly express these characteristics.

This is why they’d make an exceptional addition to a bride’s bouquet. They can also be an ideal gift choice for a baby shower.

Purple Statice Flowers

Purple isn’t a commonly found color in nature, which is why similarly colored plants may evoke a sense of rarity and mystery.

Aside from that, purple statice flowers can also signify enchantment, charm, and grace. They may express wealth as well since the color purple is associated with nobility and royalty.

Who would you give purple statice flowers? Well, think of the most creative and one-of-a-kind person you know. They’d appreciate these rare-colored beauties.

Blue Statice Flowers

Being the color of the sky and sea, blue connotes calmness and peacefulness. Blue statice flowers provide you with these attributes as well as positive energy.

They can symbolize trust, respect, support, and intelligence to their recipient. This makes them a well-suited gift choice for your grandparents or parents.

blue purple statice isolated on white background, shallow depth of field

Uses of Statice Flowers

Statice flowers mainly serve a couple of purposes. In the past, the flowers were cultivated for their medicinal services. Nowadays, most people just buy them as gifts or ornamental pieces.

Medicinal Uses

The statice plant has long been prized for its medicinal use when extracted and drunk. When dried, it can be used as a herbal remedy for several complications. You can make tea out of the flower to treat ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, tooth pain, and laryngitis.

The plant may also remedy other medical ailments such as bronchorrhea, diarrhea, and chronic dysentery.

While these flowers may have been used to treat all these issues, we highly recommend consulting a health professional before ingesting the plant.

Decorative Uses

The sea lavender flower is also used for decorative purposes. It seamlessly blends with most bouquets.

Whether you want to add statice flowers to your backyard or vase, they can fit in anywhere. If you plant them in your garden, they’ll be able to attract a few pollinators like butterflies and bees.

If you’re using them as cut flowers, you can optionally dry them to enhance their scent for aromatherapy purposes.

Conclusion: Statice Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Statice flower meaning mostly originates from its physical attributes, such as its ever-lasting foliage. This allows it to convey the message of remembrance and memory. The distinctive flowers also give off vibes of sympathy and success.

This opens a lot of gifting opportunities for statice flowers. You can gift them to your family, friends, or lover, depending on what they’re going through. After all, there’s a color for each emotion you want to connote.

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