Red Charm Calla Lily – Helpful Tips and Tricks

We’re all familiar with the beautiful white calla lilies. Either from seeing them in a wedding bouquet or simply in a vase somewhere. But did you know that calla lilies come in different colors? That’s right! Here’s everything you need to know about red charm calla lily.

Red calla lilies, also known as zantedeschia red charm, are red-colored calla lilies that can grow up to 24 inches long. Their meaning differs from white calla lilies but their care routine is essentially the same.  

In the following sections, we’re going to discuss some facts about red charm calla lilies, as well as provide a complete care guide. 

Red Charm Calla Lilies

Red charm calla lilies are part of the zantedeschia family. They’re known for their beautiful red color and for reaching tall heights. They make great additions to homes, as well as have great meaning as gifts. 

Amazing Facts About Red Charm Calla Lilies

  • Native to South Africa, calla lilies were once used as a wound treatment. However, now they’re mostly used as decorations. And they’re also one of the most popular flowers to use in wedding bouquets!
  • White calla lilies are famous for signifying love and purity. But did you know that red charm calla lilies have a completely different meaning? Red charm calla lilies signify courage and beauty. They also signify love and determination. So they make great gifts for friends as well as lovers! 
  • Red charm calla lilies’ leaves are large, arrow-shaped with purplish edges. 
  • The red charm calla lily’s stem can grow up to 15-24 inches. 
  • Red charm calla lilies are both deer and rabbit resistant. But they’re also poisonous to both animals and humans. So avoid letting your pets or children near the flowers. 
  • They’re perennial so they live a long time and bloom every year if you take care of them well.  
  • Other than having a long lifespan, they can also be planted both indoors and outdoors. That’s why they make the perfect flowers to grow! 
Red Calla lillies on a white background

How to Grow Red Charm Calla Lilies Indoors And Outdoors 

Red charm calla lilies can make the best addition to your home’s decoration. Other than being easy to take care of, they’ll change your home’s vibe with their gorgeous red color!

To start planting your red charm calla lilies, you’ll first need to determine the location you’re going to place your calla lilies in.

For example, if you’re going to plant them outside, make sure to find a place with plenty of sun to place them. If the climate around you is hot, you can place them in a place with partial shade to avoid burning your flowers. 

If you’re going to plant them indoors, be sure to check that there’s enough space for the calla lilies to grow. Since as we’ve mentioned before, calla lilies can reach up to 24 inches of height. So keep that in mind while placing them! 

Planting Red Charm Calla Lilies Indoors

Step 1: Select Suitable Pots

After deciding on the location, you can now bring out the pots you’d like to plant your red charm calla lilies in. You can grow one single red charm calla lily in a three-liter pot. 

Step 2: Plant Your Calla Lily Bulbs

Fill your two or three-liter pot until half-point with free-draining compost before placing your calla lily bulb in.

Make sure to place the bulb eyes or roots facing upwards. If you’re not sure what that is, a bulb will usually have a smooth side and a bumpy side. Just place the bumpy side facing upwards. 

Step 3: Wait for Your Calla Lilies to Grow

Afterward, place the rest of the compost until it reaches the end of the pot. In around one week you’ll notice some roots sprouting out of the compost before going back in. This is completely normal and means that your calla lilies are growing. 

In three weeks’ time, you’ll find the stems are always out of the soil and growing to be around three inches tall. They should start blooming shortly after. 

Planting Red Charm Calla Lilies Outdoors

Step 1: Select Your Pot Size

For outdoor planting, you can use a 15-inch wide pot or larger. In this pot, you can add up to three bulbs with 5 inches of space between them. 

You can also use flower beds if you’d like. Just make sure to keep space between each bulb, or to only use one bulb per flower bed depending on how large the flower bed is. 

Step 2: Place Objects to Help Drainage

First up, to help drainage, you can place smaller pots at the bottom of the main pot so that the compost doesn’t sit at the bottom. 

Step 3: Add Your Compost

Then add your free drainage compost to the pot leaving only a small space, around one inch at the top. 

Step 4: Add Potting Grit

Add potting grit or rocks to your compost to help drainage and mix them up. 

Step 5: Add Fertilizer

Add around two scoops of fertilizer and also mix it into the compost. 

Step 6: Place Your Calla Lily Bulbs

Dig a small space to start placing your bulbs in. Keep a five-inch space between each bulb to avoid crowding. Make sure that the bulbs are placed with their roots or eyes facing up. 

Cover the bulbs with more compost before watering your plant. You should be able to notice it growing in a couple of weeks. 

Bunch of Red calla lily in glass vase isolated on white background

Points to Keep in Mind While Planting Red Charm Calla Lilies

Just like all other calla lily species, red charm calla lilies love moist soil and warm climates. That’s why you need to make sure they’re getting enough water to stay alive and healthy. But this doesn’t mean that you need to water them all the time. 

Check the Soil Before Watering Your Calla Lilies

Before watering your calla lily, check its soil. If you notice that the soil is moist, refrain from watering it! 

This means that your flower already has more than enough water and adding more will cause it to become overwatered, and that may lead to the calla lily’s roots to rot! So only water in moderation and only when you notice the soil getting dry. 

Calla Lilies Prefer Warm Climates

Another thing about red charm calla lilies, since they are perennials, they can last all year long when planted inside your home. That is as long as the temperature where they are planted doesn’t get lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If it does reach lower, then your calla lily will most likely go into a dormant state. That doesn’t mean that your flower died, it’s actually very much alive! You can consider it taking a nap before it can bloom again next spring. 

How to Know if Your Calla Lily is Going Dormant?

You’ll realize that your calla lilies are going dormant when you notice the leaves going yellow. This can also be a sign of overwatering. 

But as long as you follow all the watering rules, and as long as winter is getting closer, then they’re most likely just going dormant and you’ll need to dig them up, dry them, and store them away for overwintering. 

Avoid Leaving Your Calla Lilies Out in the Cold!

The same can also be said if you planted any calla lilies outside. If you’re living in a USDA zone lower than 8, digging out your calla lilies bulbs to store over winter is essential. Once winter is over, you can take the bulbs out to plant again. 

Leaving your calla lilies outside when the weather becomes cold will cause the calla lilies to wither and die. So make sure to always store them away before winter arrives! 

Conclusion on Red Charm Calla Lily

Calla lilies are one of those flowers that never disappoint! They look beautiful, last a long time, and have great meaning behind them. 

Red charm calla lilies are no different! With their exquisite color and great flower meaning, they make amazing gifts for both friends and lovers. Not to mention what a pretty home decoration they make. 

That’s why we hope that with this guide, you’ll be able to plant healthy red charm calla lilies. With their gorgeous red color, you and your family will surely love it!