Zz Plant Rhizome

ZZ plant in water

Zz plants are gorgeous plants perfect for beginners as they are low-maintenance and easy to work with. Knowing everything you can about your Zz plant is the best way to …

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ZZ Plant Fungus

ZZ plant leaves

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plants, have become one of the world’s most popular houseplants because of their beauty and hardiness. These plants are very low maintenance to grow and are …

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Best Soil For Monstera

Monstera plant

Monstera is a popular house and office plant because they are easy to care for and because of their uniquely split leaves. Monstera is fast-growing, so they will need to …

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Best Pot For Monstera

Monstera plant near a window

If your Monstera has outgrown its nursery planter, it is time to repot into a new, more mature container.  But what pot do you choose to showcase your beautiful plant? …

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Bacterial Leaf Spot On Monstera

Monstera leaf

Native to Central America, Monstera thrives in a tropical or sub-tropical environment. While they are relatively easy growers, Monsteras do have their issues. A common one is bacterial leaf spot. …

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