Monstera Moss Pole

Most Monstera plant owners would have heard about a moss pole at some point in the years they have cared for a Monstera plant. But what are moss poles, and does your Monstera really need one to stay healthy and happy?

Moss poles are made from a core of plastic or wood that is wrapped in sphagnum moss. Moss poles are places in pots that contain climbing plants, encouraging vertical growth rather than horizontal growth. They can also offer support for the Monstera plant’s large and heavy leaves.

Monstera plants are low-maintenance plants that are becoming popular due to their easy-care requirements. But do you need to supply your Monstera plant with a Moss pole? Let’s find out!

Why Do Monstera Plants Need A Moss Pole?

As a Monstera owner, you may have heard about moss poles while shopping for supplies for your Monstera plant. But why do Monstera plants need moss poles, and is it necessary to their survival for them to have one?

When Monster plants are in the wild, they do not grow on the ground like most other plants, but they climb up vertically onto trees and other surfaces.

When they have found a suitable tree or surface to climb, their aerial roots will attach to the tree’s bark or to something on the surface to help support the plant and the plant’s large leaves. Monstera plants are considered epiphyte plants, so they are not parasitic and do not damage the tree they grow on.

As you are growing your Monstera indoors, you may want to provide yours with a moss pole or other support structure, as they provide a few benefits. They help you train your Monstera to grow in the way you want it to.

Without a moss pole, Monstera plants can easily become unbalanced due to foliage growth happing more on one side, which can cause the plant to fall over.

Providing your Monstera a moss pole, you give the plant something to climb, promoting vertical growth instead of horizontal growth. Moss poles are not a necessity, and the plant can survive without them, but the plant will take up additional space in your home if it does not have one.

Monstera Moss Pole

When Should You Provide A Moss Pole For Monstera Plants?

Your Monstera plant will not need a moss pole while it is young and immature, but as the plant grows and expands, you will need to consider your options if you do not have much floor space.

However, if you keep your Monstera plant in the right growing conditions, you may be surprised at how soon you will need a moss pole. Monstera plants can grow between 1 and 2 feet per year, and they mature just as fast. If you notice your plant becoming unbalanced or it’s beginning to grow unruly, then you may need to provide it with a moss pole.

Signs Your Monstera Requires A Moss Pole

If you are unsure about your plant’s growth or when you should introduce a moss pole or other structure to your Monstera plant, then you can have a look at the signs below that indicate it is time for your plant to have some form of support.

If your plant is showing one or more of these signs, you need to provide it with a moss pole as soon as possible to ensure your plant does not get damaged or become too big for your floor space.

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Your Monstera Has Developed Aerial Roots

When your Monstera plant’s aerial roots start developing, this indicates that your plant will require a moss pole very soon. Monsteras that are too young to have a moss pole will not have aerial roots, but as the plant develops, you will notice these roots more and more.

The aerial roots may even grow long enough to dangle off the edge of your Monstera plants pot. This leads most people to trim the aerial roots as they find them unsightly, but this signifies that your Monstera plant is happy and healthy.

When your Monstera plant has developed enough and is ready to start climbing, it will develop these aerial roots. The aerial roots are grown to help support the plant as it grows and climbs vertically.

When these aerial roots begin developing, you should start shopping around for a moss pole as your plant will need it within a few weeks.

New Growth Develops Horizontally

As your Monstera plant matures, it will begin to grow leaves from any available leaf node it has as it starts to look for a place to climb. As this happens, over time, you will begin to notice that your Monstera is growing stems out (horizontally) rather than up (vertically).

If your Monstera starts to grow horizontally, this can make the plants spread a lot bigger, so the plant will begin to take up more space inside your home. This can be a problem for many Monstera plant owners, as you do not want to cut off healthy stems unless you are propagating the plant, but the plant is taking up valuable floor space.

The best way to fix this problem or to avoid it in the first place is to install a moss pole and train your Monstera plant to grow vertically instead.

The Monsteras Stems Are Bent Or Arching

When your Monstera plant is mature, the leaves it develops will gradually, over time, become larger and heavier. This is natural and is a sign of a strong and healthy Monstera plant.

However, if these bigger and heavier leaves are not supported, they can start causing the stems of your Monstera plant to bend or arch under their weight. This is not healthy for the plant and can cause problems for your Monstera plant down the line.

If the leaves are left without support for too long, they can get too heavy for the stems, and the stems of the Monstera plant will break, or the plant will fall over. So, a good sign to look for that will indicate that your Monstera plant requires a moss pole would be arching or bending stems.

You Need To Repot Your Monstera

Monstera Moss Pole repotting

Needing to repot your Monster plant regularly could signify that you need to provide your Monstera with a moss pole.

But when you repot your Monstera plant with just its expected growth and do not need to repot it frequently, this is a great time to assess the situation with your Monster plant and decide how to better guide your plant’s growth moving forward.

Usually, you should repot your Monstera plant once every one or two years, but if this pace picks up, you may need to provide a moss pole for your plant.

Alternatively, if you know your Monstera plant is maturing well, then the next time you repot your plant, you should add a moss pole to the pot, as it is easier to do when repotting the plant compared to trying to install it when the plant is in the way or could be damaged in the process.

Training Monstera Plants With A Moss Pole

When you have placed a moss pole into your Monstera plants pot, you now need to train the plant to climb on it. You need to attach your Monstera plant to the moss pole to do this. Gently gather your Monsteras leaves and secure them to the moss pole using twine, string, zip ties, or Velcro.

Be sure not to make the fastener you choose too tight, or you could damage your plant and cause some leaves to die and fall off. Try and tie your Monstera plant stems to the moss pole in-between the nodes and not over them, as this could interfere with the growth points of the plant.

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Alternatives To Moss Poles

Moss poles are the most common climbing structure used for Monstera plants, but they are not your only option. So, if you are allergic to sphagnum moss, which is what moss poles are made from, or you cannot find a moss pole, then there are a few other options you can use:

  • Trellis – this provides a wider surface for your Monstera plant to climb on and can be found in most garden stores. You can find trellises made from varying materials, so you should find something suitable for you.
  • Coco pole is similar to the Moss pole but is made with coco fibers instead of sphagnum moss, so it is a great moss pole substitute.
  • Stake – this is the simplest form of climbing support for your Monstera plant. They can be made from metal, plastic, driftwood, or even bamboo.


Moss poles are not necessary for your Monstera plant, but it would be wise to provide one for your plant as its growth can get pretty unruly without one to climb on. Moss poles are not unsightly, so providing one for your plant will not make your home look messy; plus, they are fairly easy to install. Good luck with your Monstera plant!