7 Houseplants That Start With Z

Knowing the houseplants that start with Z can actually be highly beneficial. Finding the right plant to grow in your space is fun but can be confusing. All plants are beautiful, so you might want to follow an alphabetical order or choose a plant that has the same initial as your name. 

There are several houseplants that start with Z, and the most famous one is the ZZ plant. However, the zebra grass, zebra plant, zonal geranium, and zygopetalum orchid can also be grown in your living room and will make a special gift to someone whose name starts with Z.

Keep reading to browse my list of houseplants that start with Z, and pick your favorite.

7 Houseplants That Start With Z

There are several reasons why you might want to know which houseplants start with Z. Simple and innocent curiosity is one of them. So, if you’re curious, check out this list.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant is among the most popular houseplants because it’s easy to grow and highly resilient. It comes from East Africa and has the nickname of Zanzibar gem, thanks to its beautiful waxy leaves.

The leaves are deep green that sometimes people mistake the ZZ plant for an artificial one. It grows to reach a height of four feet but is actually a slow grower.

The ZZ plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight but is tolerant of various growing conditions. In spring, this plant will grow small yellow or white flowers that add to its beauty and complement the look of the deep green foliage.

The rhizomes of the root system store the water, so this plant won’t die if you forget to water it. As long as you keep it in well-draining soil, this plant will thrive and add positivity to your indoor space. However, you should avoid this plant if you have kids or pets because it’s highly toxic.

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Zinfin Doll Hydrangea

The zinfin doll shrub is a fantastic addition to your landscape design, with its two-toned flowers that bloom in summer and stay in bloom till fall. Yet, with some planning, you can grow this beautiful flower in your living room as a houseplant.

The pot you pick for your zinfin doll should be at least 12 inches wide and high to accommodate the root system. It should have some drainage holes, and you need to add some gravel or marbles to improve drainage and prevent root rot.

You need to water this plant regularly to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. It survives in full to partial sunny conditions and will grow attractive white, pink, and red flowers if you mix a slow-release fertilizer with the potting mix.

Zebra Grass

The zebra grass gets its name from the stripes on the leaves. It stands tall in your landscape but can also be grown in a container inside your home or on the patio. In late summer, this grass grows tiny white flowers.

You can plant the zebra grass in spring or fall after the last blooms fade. It grows to be a large ornamental plant that reaches a height of seven feet tall.

The zebra grass prefers to grow in partial to full sunlight. More watering is needed if you grow the zebra grass in a container. It needs to grow in a large pot with enough drainage holes, although it can survive in moist soil.

Zigzag Plant

Zigzag plant

If you don’t want a big plant, then the zigzag plant will be an excellent choice for you. It’s a slow-growing plant that develops a rosy blush tinge in the warm months.

The zigzag plant has attractive leaf bracts that resemble the look of flowers, but they are actually part of the leaves, so they won’t be fragrant. Applying fertilizer in the spring will help produce colorful leaf bracts in spring. Yet, it’s important to know that the sap is toxic to humans and pets.

This plant can grow to reach a maximum height of three feet, and you’ll have to repot it every three years. Keep this plant away from drafty windows because it doesn’t tolerate the cold.

Zonal Geranium

Zonal geraniums or regal geraniums are popular potted plants for patio containers and open terraces. You can also grow this plant inside your home in a hanging basket or pot as long as you provide access to full sunlight.

These beautiful annual flowers come in shades of pink, white, red, or purple and the blooms grow in spring. Providing partial protection from sunlight in the hottest hours will help protect the leaves from scorching.

When you’re growing the zonal geranium in a pot, you need to use a well-draining potting mix. It’s best to wait until the soil has been left to dry for a day or two before watering this plant to keep it healthy.

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Zygopetalum Orchids

Planting the zygopetalum orchids in your home will fill your space with unique fragrances. It’s rather sensitive to changes in its growing conditions, but it can bloom up to four times a year with proper care.

The flowers can stay in bloom for up to four weeks every time, and they come in shades of purple, green, white, burgundy, and even blue, with some dotted patterns. Unlike most orchids, the zygopetalum orchid doesn’t like to be pot-bound, so you need to grow it in a shallow pot with big drainage holes to provide this plant with the required ventilation.

Keep the plant protected from bright sunlight because it can scorch the leaves. It’s best to grow the zygopetalum orchids in a special orchid bark with perlite and some sand or bark shavings to improve moisture retention and drainage.

Zebra Plant

Zebra plant

The zebra plant has deep green leaves with white veins, adding beauty to your living room or bedroom. This plant is a popular houseplant that grows slowly to reach a height of two feet in about three years.

In summer and fall, the zebra plant grows yellow flowers. It thrives in partial sunlight as the direct sunlight will burn the leaves, but complete shade will prevent the plant from blooming.

Use a multi-purpose potting mix in your pot, and add some sand to improve drainage. This plant prefers growing in moist soil, and adding some fertilizer every week during the growing season will encourage more blooms. You should saturate the soil every few weeks and allow the water to pass through the drainage holes.

Wrap Up: Houseplants That Start With Z

The seven plants on our list all start with a Z and will add a lot of beauty to your indoor space. Some of these plants are almost maintenance-free, so they’ll work for you, even if you’re a beginner.