9 Houseplants That Start With Y

Stuck in a Categories game of houseplants that start with Y? It’s challenging; we’ll give you that, but it’s not impossible. Luckily for you, whether you’re playing a game or an enthusiast for houseplants, you landed on the right page.

There are plenty of houseplants that start with the letter y, including but not limited to yellow mariposa lily, yarrows, yucca, yellow watercress, yerba mate, and yellow bells.

But if these names aren’t enough to impress your friends, here’s a full list with some info about each plant.

1.   Yellow Watercress

Yellow Watercress

Yellow watercress is a herb that’s often used in cooking for its peppery, tangy flavor. It also has a distinct spicy fragrance that works well for many recipes. It’s often harvested for cooking in the winter because that’s when it tastes good.

But aside from its culinary uses, yellow watercress is ideal as a houseplant because it’s okay with both sunny conditions and partial shade. On top of that, it grows well in containers as long as the soil is wet all year round.

2.   Yaupon Holly

Yaupon holly is a unique plant that grows red and orange berries in the fall. The berries may stay until the winter, and they may fall off before that. In both cases, they attract birds looking for food.

Although they’re mainly garden plants, you can still grow yaupon hollies indoors. However, you’ll have to do frequent pruning to keep them from overgrowing because these plants spread rapidly.

Yaupon hollies need plenty of sunlight to bloom the tiny red berries. They need their soil to be moist, and they don’t need any fertilizers during their growing phase.

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3.   Yarrow

Yarrow is a perennial plant, which means it can live for a couple of years without having to regrow it. The flower grows in clumps of tiny petals, making it a pretty addition to your collection of houseplants.

Its shape isn’t the only good thing about it. This flower is also pretty low-maintenance, making it suitable for busy homeowners to grow without fearing for its life.

The flower prefers medium soil and can survive in dry conditions. It emits a fragrance that pulls pollinators in, including butterflies and some birds.

You’ll need to provide full sunlight for yarrow to grow,

4.   Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells

Yellow bells are perfect for house gardens because they’re shrubs, but they can also be grown indoors in containers.

These ornamental yellow flowers need well-draining soil to survive because waterlogging can cause their roots to rot. They also need full sunlight to thrive and bloom into flowers.

Yellow bells are perennials, which means you can propagate them and keep growing them without replanting them every season.

They may need a slow-release fertilizer to grow into the distinct flowers that often attract butterflies.

5.   Yellow Chamomile

An evergreen perennial, yellow chamomile is a perfect plant for your house because it’s easy to take care of. It’s one of the hardiest houseplants you can get your hands on.

It needs plenty of direct sunlight daily to survive, but that can be easily achieved through a south-facing window.

Yellow chamomile needs moist soil all year round, but it can survive in dry soil due to its hardiness. It’s also better to leave the soil to dry between waterings.

The plant emits a sweet fragrance that adds a tad of warmth during the winter.

6.   Yucca

Yucca is the ultimate houseplant, with its large green leaves and tall, thick stem that’ll match the interior design of any room in your house.

Aside from its attractive shape, yucca is easy to care for, which is why it’s often a popular choice for indoor pots. It needs water sparingly during the summer, preferring its soil to go dry between waterings.

Additionally, yucca needs indirect sunlight, which can be easily achieved through a south-facing window. If you leave it in the shade for too long, the plant will grow slowly, and it’s already a slow grower.

Like most houseplants, this one needs well-draining soil to prevent root rot.

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7.   Yellow Pitcher Plant

The yellow pitcher plant is a popular houseplant known for its insect-eating abilities. The tube-like narrow leaves look like pitchers, which explains the name. These tubes swallow insects that make it close enough to the top, and the liquid at the bottom is responsible for digestion.

These pitchers grow tall in a bright yellow color, making them best for summer gardens. However, you can also grow them in containers and keep them indoors.

To grow yellow pitchers, you’ll need to provide damp, acidic soil and access to full, direct sunlight.

8.   Yellow Mariposa Lily

The yellow mariposa lily is a perennial, like most plants on this list. It grows mostly in the winter and shows its flowers in the spring. Then, it goes dormant during the hot months until winter returns.

These flowers need well-draining soil to thrive; other than that, it’s a low-maintenance plant. As long as you can provide a window that receives direct sunlight to put the flower close to, it’ll grow fine.

9.   Yellow Ginger Lily

Yellow Ginger Lily

Though not true lilies, yellow ginger lilies are no less beautiful. They’re perennials, which means they’ll survive in your house or garden for a long time.

You can grow yellow ginger lilies outdoors or indoors, but their preferred growing conditions indicate that indoors are the better option. You’ll have to bring them inside for the winter either way, so it’s better to plant them in a container from the start.

These yellow flowers need light shade to thrive, and they can’t tolerate more than four hours of sunlight per day. They also need well-draining soil, as most flowers do.

Final Thoughts

From yellow bells to yellow ginger lily to yellow chamomile, there are plenty of houseplants that start with y. We can thank the yellow color for that, but let’s not forget yaupon hollies, yucca, yarrows, and all the other plants that don’t have colors in their names.

Do you have other names in mind? If so, share them below!