9 Houseplants That Start With X

If you bet your friends you’d list nine houseplants that start with x, you’re in the right place. While it’s one of the less common letters in the alphabet, there are still plenty of houseplants that start with the letter x.

There are x Fatshedera lizei, Xanthisma texanum, Xanthosoma atrovirens, Xylobium, Xyris torta, and Xanthoceras sorbifolium, to name a few.

Your mind is probably a bit boggled with all these scientific names, so here’s a full list with some details about each plant.

1.   Xanthisma texanum

Xanthisma texanum

Xanthisma texanum is the scientific name of the Texas sleepy daisy, which is an ornamental flower known for its bright yellow color.

The flower belongs to the aster family, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It prefers partial shade, but it’s generally a hardy plant that handles tough conditions.

For one, it’s drought-tolerant, making it a convenient flower to plant in dry areas. On top of that, it can handle the cold weather, down to 0 degrees F.

2.   Xeranthemum annuum

Xeranthemum annuum is an everlasting plant, which means it retains its shape and color even when it’s dried. That’s why the flower is often used in bouquets and flower arrangements.

The flower mostly grows in purple color, but you can also get pink or white varieties. It needs direct, full sunlight to grow, and it’s drought-tolerant. In fact, the plant thrives in dry soil, so it’s the ultimate choice for dry areas with low humidity.

3.   Xanthoceras sorbifolium

The xanthoceras sorbifolium, or the yellowhorn, is an edible flower that starts off in a green color and evolves into a bright red sheen. The flower is native to China and is one of the hardiest plants you can grow indoors.

It’s drought tolerant, and it can handle the weather down to -30 degrees F. Not only that, but it also grows in an array of colors, including yellow, red, orange, tan, and even cream.

Yellowhorn is often grown outdoors because it’s a deciduous tree. However, it can be grown indoors if you manage to get the right pot and provide its growing conditions.

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4.   Xeranthemum lumina

You can never go wrong with everlasting flowers. They’re among the best species to grow indoors because of their bright colors and attractive appearances. The Xeranthemum lumina, in particular, is one of the prettiest variations of everlasting flowers.

The flower needs direct sunlight in the morning to thrive, but it can handle some partial shade in the afternoon.

It’s drought-tolerant, so you won’t need to water it as much as you do other plants. However, it can’t handle the cold weather because it’s a summer plant. Anything below 30 degrees F and its petals will start to wilt.

5.   Xylobium


No plant lover is a stranger to orchids, but the xylobium is one of the less common variants of the flower.

You may have to get a specialized potting mix and put some extra care into watering the plant with the precise amount, but you can still manage to grow the orchid indoors as a houseplant.

It prefers partial shade, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable place for it. Other than that, it prefers its soil to dry before the next watering, and it can’t survive the cold weather.

The flower mostly grows in a distinct cream color with some purple and dark blemishes on its petals. But it can also grow in a dark purple color.

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6.   Xanthosoma atrovirens

The Xanthosoma atrovirens is a variant of the elephant ear plant. It’s often mistaken for Mighty Mouse because the leaves’ variegation resembles Mickey Mouse’s colors from afar.

The plant thrives in partial shades, but it handles low temperatures well. However, it won’t survive in a temperature below 10 degrees F.

Additionally, the elephant ear needs moist soil because it’s not drought-tolerant.

If you’re lucky, the plant will grow a flower looking like an elephant’s ear, but it mostly grows without one.

7.   Xerochrysum bracteatum

The Xerochrysum bracteatum is another variant of everlasting flowers, commonly called the golden everlasting or the strawflower. It grows in a bright yellow color, and it’s often used to symbolize immortality because it keeps its shape for a long time.

The flower is drought-tolerant, which means it can handle dry conditions. It needs full sunlight to grow, but like most everlasting flowers, it’s okay with some partial shade.

Although the strawflower is commonly seen in a yellow color, the flower can grow in other colors as well, including orange, red, and pink.

8.   x Fatshedera lizei

You may have heard of bush ivy before, even if this is your first time seeing its scientific name.

The bush ivy is a hybrid plant of ivy and aralia flowers. It’s mostly grown outdoors because it’s ground-climbing, so it works well for landscapes.

However, you can still grow it indoors if you provide partial shade and enough humidity. The plant won’t grow as tall as you’d like if it stays in the shade all the time.

9.   Xyris torta

Xyris torta

The Xyris torta is a tiny flower that grows only one or two at a time, and it’s pretty short-lived. That’s why it’s not the first option you think of when trying to find a suitable houseplant.

Still, it’s pretty enough to grow it and enjoy how it looks indoors while it lasts.

The Xyris torta, or the slender yellow-eyed grass, needs full, direct sunlight to thrive. It also needs its soil moist at all times. Despite that, it can handle the cold weather just fine, sometimes surviving temperatures down to 15 degrees F or lower.

Keep in mind that the slender yellow-eyed grass is pretty tiny, so you’ll have to plant plenty of it if you want to create a beautiful display indoors.

Final Thoughts

See? There are plenty of houseplants that start with x, even if they’re a bit challenging to pronounce correctly. Some of these can serve as perfect tongue twisters on a group game night!

Whether you go for the slender yellow-eyed grass or the yellowhorn, you’ll have a unique collection of houseplants if you choose from the options above.