Houseplants That Start With O

Every home will benefit from a couple of houseplants in each room. Aside from being a pleasant sight after a long day at work, houseplants improve the air quality in your home, making it fresher.

If you feel like your home needs something to brighten it up, houseplants are a popular way to add your own unique decorations. You can start off by checking out these houseplants that start with “O,” such as orchids, ornamental pepper plants, and oscularia.

So, what are you waiting for? Spruce up your home with the houseplants we’re about to show you! They’ll surely be able to boost your mood.

1. Orchid


There’s a wide variety of orchids, making it possible for you to choose the species that appeals to you. Generally, they have long, curving stems that are mostly covered with colorful flowers.

You may think orchids are difficult to grow, but there are care instructions that are straightforward enough for even beginners to follow. They’ll thrive in rooms with bright light, but make sure to avoid placing them in direct sunlight.

Perhaps the most tedious task involving orchid care is that you might need to repot it every two years. That’s if it stops blooming or if the roots have grown out of the original pot.

In order for your plant to last long, keep it in a warm and humid area. You can also look for soil and fertilizer that are specifically for orchids.

2. Ornamental Pepper Plant

Ornamental pepper plants are more commonly grown outdoors because they need the energy that direct sunlight provides. However, you can also grow them indoors in small containers. Do so, by placing them next to windows and giving them extra artificial light.

Ornamental pepper plants come in different colors such as red, orange, yellow, and purple; sometimes on the same plant! Theyhave different tastes depending on the type you grow too.

This plant can be used both for decoration and your dishes. Its leaves are toxic to humans and animals, though. So, make sure to remove the leaves first when you’re cooking with these peppers.

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3. Oleander

Oleander is a flowering houseplant that needs plenty of sunshine to grow. Its flowers are usually various shades of pink, but some types come in red, yellow, and white.

Its leaves are dark green with a long and narrow shape. If placed in the right environment, oleander plants can grow up to 12 feet tall.

However, it’s best not to grow this plant indoors if you have children or pets in your home. All of its parts are highly poisonous if ingested.

4. Orchid Cactus

The orchid cactus, or climbing cactus, is a succulent that comes in different shapes and sizes. They have long, flat stems and large, vibrant flowers.

You can place them in hanging baskets to showcase their trailing stems. When in bloom, the orchid cactus’ flowers are quite the eye-catcher.

Place them in rooms that have bright light in the morning and ample shade during midday. Because the orchid cactus’ natural habitat is found in forests and not deserts, it’ll require regular watering.

5. Ophiopogon


Ophiopogon, or mondo grass, is a type of ornamental grass native to China, Japan, and Korea. It’s evergreen and highly durable, which makes it a popular choice for decorating gardens and indoor ornamental containers.

It usually only grows less than five inches in height, so it doesn’t take up too much space. Keep ophiopogon plants in places with filtered sunlight for optimal growth.

This plant has long, thin leaves and in the summer, you may see some stalks of white or purple flowers. It’s a desirable addition to houses with a minimalist, modern, or East-Asian aesthetic.

6. Oscularia

Oscularia is a succulent with small, triangular, blue-green, or gray-green leaves. Native to South Africa, this plant is accustomed to growing on rocks and mountains.

Because it produces bright pink flowers, this plant is also called “Pink Ice Plant.” Oscularia plants grow best under plenty of sunlight for at least five to six hours a day.

Succulents can store a lot of water in their leaves, so keep oscularia plants in pots that have drainage holes to avoid waterlogging them. Only water them when the top three inches of soil is already dry.

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7. Oxalis

The oxalis, or purple shamrock, is a hardy plant that makes it a low-maintenance addition to your houseplants. Oxalis tringularis plants have dark purple leaves that are triangular in shape.

The leaves respond to light by staying open during the day, then folding up at night or when there’s low light. The plant also grows small flowers that come in white, light pink, or lavender.

Oxalis plants are simple to grow and they can last a long time. They’ll thrive in places where they can get around four hours of direct sunlight, then partial shade throughout the rest of the day.

8. Oplismenus


Oplismenus, also known as basket grass, is native to many countries and can be found on all continents except Antarctica. This plant’s stems can grow up to two feet long which makes it perfect for displaying in hanging baskets.

Its leaves are green with some white stripes. The plant grows quickly so you may want to trim it regularly to keep it bushy.

Oplismenus plants do well in bright, sunny rooms; away from direct sunlight. Aside from hanging baskets, you can also place them on top of a pedestal or tall table, letting the stems spill out over the container.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve read up on potential houseplants that start with o, keep this list in mind the next time you’re shopping for home decor!

Choose a houseplant that fits your style as well as your routine. If you’re usually busy, it’s best to stick to low-maintenance plants. If you’ve already decided to dedicate time to taking care of your plants, then you can explore a wider variety of options.

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a much more lively home with the sight of beautiful houseplants and flowers.