Houseplants That Start With M: 8 Great Options

Whether you’re searching for a specific plant or you’re curious about houseplants, today, we’ll walk you through a brief guide to houseplants that start with M.

The most popular houseplants with the letter M are Money Tree, Monstera, Moth Orchid, and Ming Alaria.

However, there are also plenty of beautiful and exotic houseplants that share the same first letter.  Let’s have a quick look at some of them!

1. Moth Orchid

Moth orchid

There are anywhere around 28,000 species of orchids that have been documented and identified today.

While there are tons of orchid species that start with the letter M, the most popular one out there would be the Moth Orchid, as it’s also a popular houseplant that is known for how easy it is to care for the plant!

The scientific name of the Moth Orchid is “Phalaenopsis Orchid”, and there are over 60 unique cultivars and varieties that are sold as houseplants.

The plant is originally native to the various Tropical and Subtropical regions around Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Australia

The plant blooms once a year, which is usually in late summer or early fall, and stays blooming for about a month. The orchid’s flower comes in many colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, and various patterns and combinations in the form of blotches or speckles.

The Moth orchid is also quite flexible when it comes to light requirements, as you can grow it in relatively dark corners and rooms!

2. Ming Aralia

Ming Aralia is a popular tropical houseplant that is originally native to India and Polynesia. The evergreen shrub is usually a tricky houseplant that is a little tricky to care for but quite rewarding.

This is because you’ll need to repot the Ming Aralia plant every year to prevent it from growing too big, as it can reach up to 6 ft tall!

The most popular feature of the plant is its soft leaves and slim branches that grow straight up, which makes it resemble a small tree!

The plant can tolerate shade but it’s usually best to keep it in a spot where it can get some bright indirect sunlight.

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3. Monstera

The Monstera is one of the most popular houseplants out there. In addition to this name, the plant also goes by several other common names, including the “Swiss Cheese plant” as well as “split-leaf philodendron”.

Both of these names are inspired by the shape of the plant’s leaves, as they’re usually large with a noticeable hole punched in them.

Some of the holes will also go all the way to the edges of the leaves, splitting the leaf into finger-like edges.

Like the Moth Orchid, the Monstera also thrives in low light conditions, and they’re great at improving the air quality in a room.

4. Money Tree

Money tree

The Money Tree is botanically known as “Pachira aquatica”, but they also go by the lesser popular nickname “Guiana chestnut”.

Despite its size, this one is classified as a tree that is originally native to Latin America, especially around regions with plenty of swamps.

The Money tree is quite popular among Feng Shui practitioners, as it’s believed to bring good fortune and positive “chi”.

Indoors, the plant usually reaches a maximum of 6 to 8 ft, despite being able to grow as large as 60 ft in the wild.

5. Maidenhair Fern

The Maidenhair Fern is one of the most popular houseplants out there thanks to their stunning looks as well as reliability and tolerance to unfavorable conditions.

The plant’s botanical name is “Adiantum mariesii”, and it belongs to the Pteridaceae family. The Maidenhair fern is a perennial plant genus that includes up to 250 species and varieties.

The leaves of this fern are arranged into small fan-shaped segments, but their exact shape will vary depending on the variety.

Since they grow slowly, you can easily grow them in relatively shaded spots around the house, provided that they have good drainage.

6. Maranta

The Maranta leuconeura is the botanical name that is used to describe the Prayer Plant, which is named after the Italian botanist Bartolomeo Maranta.

The Prayer plant is a perennial plant that is originally native to the tropical regions of South America, which is identified by its purplish to grayish green leaves along with white/silver variegation.

The reason why Maranata is commonly known as the Prayer Plant is Its leaves tend to fold up together at night, which resembles a pair of praying hands.

The Maranata is also one of the few plants that you can grow without needing direct sunlight, as the plants grow well in full or partial shade.

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7. Medusa’s Head Plant

The Medusa’s Head Plant is a succulent that is scientifically known as “Euphorbia caput medusae”.

The reason why the plant is called by this name comes from the look of its cylindrical and long branches that look like the head of the Medusa from Greek mythology, which had living snakes in place of hair.

Despite being a succulent, the Medusa’s Head plant is not an easy one to take care of, as it doesn’t handle drought well like other succulents and also requires over 6 overs of direct sunlight every day to stay healthy.

8. Moses in the Cradle

Moses in the cradle

Moses in the Cradle is the common name given to the “Tradescantia spathacea”, which is also known as the “Oyster Plant” or “Boatlily”.

This one is originally classified as a herb and is often potted and grown indoors as a houseplant, thanks to its lance-shaped leaves with purple undersides.

The plant is originally native to Central America, particularly Southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, but it’s commonly cultivated in the Southern U.S. as an ornamental plant.

Final Thoughts

This wraps it up for this guide that walks you through all the different houseplants that start with M.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety that fits the list, but you should keep in mind that most plants have several names depending on the region.