Honeysuckle Flower Meaning & Symbolism: 8 Important Interpretations

Honeysuckle flowers are resourceful plants that can be found all around the globe. Their earliest beginnings were in Asia and in the temperate areas of Europe. These boldly colored heavily scented flowers are quite inspiring, and they’re present in poetry books as much as in medical prescriptions.

What then is the honeysuckle flower meaning? The honeysuckle is a beautiful flower that’s easily associated with passion, affection, devotion, and nostalgia. Their invasiveness and tolerance inspire fortitude. And the way they attract birds, butterflies, and bees; easily expresses joy and good fortune.

In this article, we’ll explore all the different meanings of the honeysuckle flower. And if you were thinking about planting it in your garden, or giving it as a gift, here are some of the beautiful things it stands for.

What’s the Meaning of a Honeysuckle Flower?

The honeysuckle flowers, Lonicera spp., grow as evergreen shrubs and climbers that come from the Caprifoliaceae family, which is mostly ornamental plants. There are180 species of honeysuckles, which you can find all over the world.

They are tubular flowers with graded crimson on the outside that merges with a bold yellow on the inside. 

Honeysuckle flowers look so sweet and fragile, but in reality, they’re among the toughest plants! They’re exchanged as lovers’ gifts to signify undying passion, and at the same time, they symbolize old affairs.

These amazing flowers seem to hold contradictory meanings. However, they’re just reflecting the beauty and complexity of life. There’s so much charm in the nuanced meanings of honeysuckle.

Here are some of the messages you can convey, by sending someone a honeysuckle bouquet or potted plant.

White flowers Lonicera japonica Caprifolium perfoliate honeysuckle on blurred green background, close up, macro.

1. Affection

Honeysuckle is a gorgeous flower. It looks different from most flowers, and it has a sweet layered scent. Passing by a honeysuckle flower bed sends out a fruity fresh aroma, with hints of citrus blooms and rich honey.

The way these flowers look and the way they smell puts everyone in the mood for romance, sweet fantasies, and dreams of happiness.

Interestingly, honeysuckle has a coquettish way of wrapping itself around the nearest tree, pole, or column. It then grows lush greenery and blooms happily around that chosen support.

This spontaneous closeness and natural intimacy is something we all dream about. Gifting someone a honeysuckle flower can very well be a subtle signal that you care. The best part is that it’s not an overt gesture like the one red roses convey.

2. Nostalgia

Gardens usually have hundreds of mixed aromas. The more flowers, fruit trees, and herbs you have, the more intense the scent becomes. It’s quite similar to the way a perfume is made.

Honeysuckle is incredible in the way it has many layers of different aromas all delicately mixed together. It’s also abundant in most places around the globe. That’s why it can easily bring back memories of different times and meaningful events.

You might’ve lived in a lovely house with honeysuckle climbing on the porch, or maybe your very first tiny apartment had big potted honeysuckle plants at the entrance. Your favorite restaurant may use honeysuckle for ornamental reasons. Perchance, in your wedding, the bouquet was made primarily from these scented flowers.

There are so many occasions that are naturally associated with the presence of honeysuckle. And their smell unapologetically invokes a barrage of memories. It’s no wonder then, that over the years, these flowers have come to symbolize nostalgia. 

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beautiful pink azalea flowers in sunny botanical gardens

3. Healing

Japanese honeysuckle was mentioned in old Chinese medicine as an important healing plant. The tubular flowers were traditionally used to cure inflammation, respiratory problems, boils, and fevers.

Currently, more parts of the honeysuckle plant are used in treating various illnesses. The leaves, flowers, berries, and seeds are used in many pharmaceutical products. It contains highly beneficial essential oils, in addition to valuable antioxidants like quercetin.

Thus, this sweet flower was constantly involved with healing. Many people associate it with the comfort that comes with wellness and good health.

4. Strength 

Honeysuckle is a tough plant that manages to appear fragile and sweet! It was originally native to Eurasia, but once it inhabits any other land, it just spreads its roots and thrives. Currently, you can find about 180 variants of honeysuckle spread all around the world.

It can survive in full sun, and just as readily in full shade. Which is an attribute few plants have. Additionally, it can grow well in hardiness zones 5-9, which is a wide range of climatic variables.

Honeysuckle, particularly the Japanese variant, is also known to take over the whole flowerbed to itself. It grows on top of any plants or shrubs and eventually surrounds them entirely. With the lack of light and air, the smothered plant might wither away. This is a show of strength that goes a bit too far though!

Interestingly, these flowery shrubs rarely suffer from pests, except in extra hot and humid locations. This is a further demonstration of their strength and tolerance. If you bring a honeysuckle plant to your garden or home, you’d certainly find inspiration from its evident perseverance.

In cultural terms, there are Celtic artifacts that show the honeysuckle flower carved on stone. This symbol is believed to indicate perseverance in the face of hardships. Some jewelers still use this symbol in their products.

A closeup shot of a yellow honeysuckle flower with a blurred background

5. Happiness

The sweet scent of honeysuckle attracts hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies like a magnet! Thus, wherever there are honeysuckle flowers, the garden is guaranteed to be buzzing with life and chirruping. It would also be well pollinated with all the little flying visitors coming by.

This lively, vivacious, and lush garden is often a good reason to feel happy and serene. Sometimes, even a vase of spring flowers and honeysuckle can create that joyful sensation and brighten up a room.

6. Devotion

Honeysuckle is frequently used as a sign of undying love. In the lovely book written in the 1800s, “The Lover’s Language of Flowers“, the author describes how honeysuckle is a clear symbol of devoted affection. Contrary to that, wild honeysuckle expresses fleeting love.

The immortality of a relationship usually calls for proof. And that’s why many young lovers choose to tattoo honeysuckle flowers on their arms. Any variant of the 180 known to us will do, they’re all clear representatives of that devotion.

We do, however, prefer less invasive demonstrations of affection. A bouquet, or a potted plant, would be just as effective in sending a message of devotion. 

7. Gratitude

Pairing honeysuckle with other flowers often gives other meanings, besides the affection and devotion meanings.

Orchids go particularly well with honeysuckle. Their exotic colors, unique shapes, and deep scents are perfectly matched. When put together, a bouquet of honeysuckle and orchids signifies gratitude and appreciation.

It’s a special gift for the people you hold dear in your life. And once they receive it, we’re pretty sure it would make their hearts smile. Gratitude is among the sweetest sentiments one person can share with another. 

A closeup of pink japanese honeysuckle with raindrops on it in a garden

8. Prosperity

A beautiful flower that attracts all kinds of nice feelings, is naturally associated with good luck!

Many households plant honeysuckle in their gardens, out on the porch in a raised planter bed, or inside their homes in chic pots. That’s out of a firm belief that these flowers bring with them good fortune.

This also makes honeysuckle an amazing gift for your new neighbors and friends who have moved to a new house. It’s also a thoughtful gift for a special someone who was just promoted into a new office. 

Conclusion: Honeysuckle Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Honeysuckle is a unique flower that comes in a flurry of colors and sends out a beautiful scent. People absolutely love the nuances of its layered aroma, its presence in the nicest gardens, and the way it brings life wherever it’s planted.

This healing fower symbolizes a whole array of lofty meanings. It signifies passionate love, devotion, nostalgia, gratitude, and intimacy. But that’s not all that it stands for. Its strength and tolerance are inspiring. It’s also a joyful plant that brings happiness, prosperity, and good luck. 

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