Flowers That Start With U (18 Outstanding Options)

Coming up with names of flowers that start with U can be hard. Indeed most of these flowers are rare and some come with pretty outstanding colors.

Here, I’ll provide you with a list of these flowers and their characteristics. Let’s dive in!

1.  Ursinia

Ursinia is an easy to plant and a drought-tolerant flower that blooms throughout the whole year. It’s native to South Africa and known for its vibrant color. The Ursinia name honors the German scholar Johannes Ursinus.

Its vivid orange petals circle a dark ring, creating a contrast that attracts the eye. Plus, it’s framed by a lush green background of strong leaves. You can plant it with Angelonia, Nasturtium, or Sedum.

Ursinia has 40 species and resembles daisies. Among these species is the Ursinia nana, which has yellow outspread petals surrounding a black center. Ursinia Speciosa produces beautiful, colorful yellow flowers that resemble daisies all year long with fragrant, thread-like leaves.

There’s also Ursinia Chrysanthemoides, also known as parachute daisy and coral Ursinia, and Ursinia Calenduliflora.

2.  Uinta Basin Hookless Cactus

Uinta is a rare flower, native to the Uinta Basin in Utah. It’s part of the cactus family and is known for its vibrant pinkish petals with colored spines.

Unfortunately, it’s considered endangered and no longer grows in its native habitat.

It has spiky, cylinder stalks covered with pins and doesn’t reach higher than 10 to 12 inches. The Uinta Basin blooms with cone-shaped blossoms that turn from pink to purple around the vivid yellow stamens.

This flower outlasts difficult environmental conditions and stands tall in the face of time. Owing to that, it’s a symbol of perseverance and motherly love as it grows in the darkest of times. It grows on rough soil, tolerates drought, and must be grown in an open area.

3.  Umbrella Plant

The Umbrella plant, named after its umbrella-like leaves, has pink or white blossoms. It’s believed to bring wealth and prosperity according to Chinese culture.

This umbrella-like plant originated in Oregon and the north of California. It thrives in shady and moist environments, making it a perfect houseplant. It also needs lots of space to grow in because of its tall leaves as its growth ranges between 3-6 feet.

You should water it consistently but make sure to remove the excess moisture to avoid rotten roots.

4.  Umbrella Sedge

Umbrella Sedge is native to eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It grows in warm temperatures and likes lots of moisture and sunlight.

It blooms in summer and fall, with little red to brown flowers surrounded by umbrella-shaped green leaves. It’s a perennial reed-like plant with rigid stalks, but it can grow up to 4.5 feet in height.

5.  Upright Clematis

Upright clematis is also known as the virgin’s bower. Plus, it originated in Canada and the eastern part of the US. It thrives in partial sunlight and needs moderate watering.

Picture of virgin's bower

With its attractive star-like, white, abundant flowers, it’ll turn your garden into a skyful of flowers. What’s more, it attracts bees and all other insects with its aromantic fragrance.

The Upright Clematis has a fast and aggressive growth rate, which is why it’s a symbol of passion and devotion.

6.  Urn Plant

The Urn plant, also known as the silver vase plant, is a Brazil native. Its pink head surrounded by purple-blue leaves gives it an exotic look. It thrives in bright sunlight and needs average moisture.

It blooms into a large flower after growing for two years, which lasts from mid-summer through early winter before withering. It’s a perfect houseplant that looks elegant and alluring. In fact, the Urn Plant has received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Urn Plant’s thick leaves spread away creating a vase. The vase produces a solo, fuchsia pink flower of small violet blossoms surrounded by vivid pink rosettes.

This plant, however, only blooms once and withers right after. However, it leaves pups at the base that can be repotted and replanted.

7.  Uva-Ursi

Uva Ursi, native to North America, is also known as bearberry. It got the name bearberry because hunters saw hibernating bears feast on its berries after waking.

Its slim branches carry lightbulb pink flowers at the tips followed by little, reddish, juicy berries, which attract bees, moths, and other insects. The berries have a tasty, sour taste.

It thrives in dry, poorly nourished soil, filled with acids, but needs bright, full sunshine. Its properties make it useful in fighting infections and inflammation, such as urinary tract infections.

8.  Unicorn Plant

The Martyniaceae family Unicorn plant is known for its elegant white-pink flowers that produce seed pods.

It’s also known as the devil’s claw because its seed pods are shaped like claws. These pods can be eaten while ripe or used to make a black dye. 

9.  Upright Prairie Coneflower

Upright Prairie Coneflower, also known as the Mexican Hat, is native to the Great Plains. It has no leaves on its tall stems, which hold 3-7 yellow flower heads and droopy petals around an extending brown-red center.

It’s named the Mexican hat because its flower heads with their vibrant, pretty colors resemble the traditional hats worn by Mexicans in fiestas. This flower thrives in gravelly, acidic soil, and needs full exposure to the sun.

10.  Urginea Maritima

Urginea Maritima is a rare flower that blooms in the late summer into purple flowers. It’s a Mediterranean native and belongs to the Liliaceae family.

Picture of Urginea Maritima used in article titled Flowers That Start With U

It thrives in dry soil with good drainage as it doesn’t tolerate the cold and moist atmosphere. This flower produces white bulbs in the spring that soon fall to be replaced by purple rosettes. 

11.   Utah Agave

Utah Agave is native to the southwestern United States and part of the Agave family. It can be a great addition along with other natural plantings.

With sharp, large, and thick leaves, the Utah Agave blooms when it matures to produce yellow vase-shaped flowers in late winter.

However, it takes lots of time to bloom and withers after flowering, leaving offsets behind to be replanted. It’s a dramatic plant that needs neglect to thrive.

12.  Uvularia Grandiflora

Uvularia Grandiflora is a perennial plant, native to eastern and central North America. It produces bell-like, pale yellow, long, droopy flowers when it matures with pale green leaves

13.   Utricularia Vulgaris

Utricularia Vulgaris is a perennial plant that has no roots. It feeds on small water creatures that it traps with the small bladders on its leaves. It floats on water and produces vivid yellow flowers that rise over the waterline by eight inches.

14. Ulex Europaeus

Ulex Europaeus, also called common gorse, is native to North Africa and Europe. It produces bright, sunny-yellow flowers that grow up to 6-9 feet tall and have one-inch green leaves. It grows into a pea structure, and its fragrance resembles that of a coconut.

It can be used for medical purposes and has insecticide characteristics. Moreover, its buds can be added to salads, or you can use the shoot tips to make tea. Its lifespan is about 30 years, which is why it stands for fertility and hope.

15. Ulex Gallii

Ulex Gallii is a flower that grows in Ireland and blooms all year. Member of the Ulex family, it’s characterized by its bright yellow flowers. It’s also known as Western gorse and can be used as a natural, herbal treatment.

Picture of Ulex Gallii

It also symbolizes fertility and hope like the Ulex-Europaeus. These flowers thrive in high mountains and hillside plantings, but you can also plant them in your home.

16. Umbrella Magnolia

Umbrella Magnolia, a southern U. S. native, gets its name from its spreading leaves that resemble a green, open umbrella.

The heavenly creamy-white flowers symbolize everything good while its shading leaves signify protection. It thrives in half to full shade, needs wet soil, and should be consistently watered.

17. Ugly Fruit Flower

The Ugly Fruit Flower can be found on the Jamaican Tangelo tree. The tree produces yellow and green fruits called the Ugly Fruit, which produce white blossoms.

These flowers have fragrant petals that smell wonderful. They thrive in the full hot sun and need organic, fertilizer- and humus-rich soil.

18. Urceolina Amazonica

Urceolina Amazonica is a tropical bulb with large leaves and white pretty flowers hanging on top of a tall stalk. It thrives in partial sunlight and needs moist soil with good drainage.

It’s best to place it in a container to help it bloom better. Just don’t replant it because it dislikes disturbance. It doesn’t tolerate frost and would be damaged in temperatures below 68°F.

Wrap up On Flowers That Start With U

While most of these flowers aren’t that famous, they make up an exotic, unique list if you’re looking to spice up your garden.

Most of them have attractive, vivid colors and can attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Even better, they work well with other plants.

After learning about all these flowers that start with U, we hope you found some interesting ones that can complement your garden. 

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