10 Flowers That Mean Rebirth

After a major life-altering event, it can be difficult to feel normal for a while. If this sounds familiar to you, you may be in need of flowers that mean rebirth. These flowers can help you shed away the dead of the past and embrace the future. 

When it comes to rebirth, two flowers fit the bill, namely daisies and calla lilies. However, they’re not the only options. Lotuses, daffodils, and anemones can also represent new life. 

In this post, we shed light on 10 gorgeous flowers that signify rebirth and perseverance, so stick around!

  1. Daisy

Daisies are incredibly bright, cheerful flowers with a somber twist. They have beautifully stark white petals and a bold yellow center. These colors evoke a sense of happiness and calm.

Because of this emotional response, people use these flowers to say goodbye to loved ones by placing them next to their headstones. This is where the phrase “pushing daisies” gets its origin.

Still, daisies can say goodbye to more than just loved ones. You can use them to bid adieu to an old life and embrace a new one. 

More importantly, daisies can kick off the new journey with a smile and a sense of calm. 

Daisies also represent innocence and purity. This is a stand-in for wiping the slate clean, which is what rebirth is all about.

Gifting daisies is a lovely way of wishing someone good luck with their new life.

  1. Calla Lily

If there are wedding bells in the near future, calla lilies are never too far. 

Calla comes from the Greek word for beauty, so the name roughly translates to beautiful lilies. That’s likely why these flowers represent elegance and purity. For these reasons, they perfectly suit any nuptial ceremony. 

When it comes to a wedding, many people like to embellish their halls with calla lilies. They add a flair of grace and dignity.

Calla lilies bring a sense of calm and refinement to any space they’re in. The silky white petals gently fold over themselves and create a trumpet shape. This can represent a warm hug sending you off on a new path.

To celebrate someone getting a new start in life, send them a bouquet of calla lilies. Not only can it put a smile on their face, but it may also give them a little relaxation boost.

  1. Fairy Lily
Macro shot of a two rain lilies

If you’re searching for whimsical flowers that mean rebirth, fairy lilies may be the way to go. These flowers are exquisite and can add a magical flair to your life.

Fairy lilies get their name because of their disappearing act. One minute they’re there and the next they’re gone. Every morning, these flowers bloom and then close up again at night. This display makes it look like a tiny person breathing, which is where the fairy comes into play.

This doesn’t take anything away from the fact that these flowers represent rebirth. Every morning these flowers bloom like it’s their first time. Therefore, every day is a rebirth.

We also call these flowers rain lilies because they start blooming after rainfall. This is another metaphor for rebirth. After the strong winds and the cloudy skies, the sun comes out and you can start anew.

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  1. Daffodil

Daffodils are delicate star-shaped flowers that are usually yellow or white. Both colors ‌relay the same meanings; happiness, friendship, and, of course, rebirth.

These flowers bring jolly and serenity anywhere they go. They represent a fresh start in life, and we all know how rare those are.

Because of the shape and color of these flowers, people associate them with joy. This is why it’s customary to give someone a daffodil bouquet on New Year’s eve. It’s a symbol that hopefully next year will be better than this one.

If you’re superstitious, don’t gift someone a single daffodil, it’s considered bad luck. Instead, go all out and buy a big bouquet. Avoiding misfortune is crucial to a successful rebirth. Moreover, seeing the smile on your loved one’s face will be completely worth it.

  1. Lotus

The ancient Egyptians considered the lotus a sacred flower. One of the reasons behind this is lotuses bloom in the morning and fold back up at night. This made the plant seem magical.

They thought the flowers had many mystical abilities. These range from healing wounds to raising the dead. This gave lotuses their meaning.

Lotuses can mean rebirth in a few different ways, depending on their color. White lotuses stand for the purity of the soul and mind. This can be an ideal way to start a new life. You can shed the impurities of your previous life and embrace the new.

Blue lotuses represent spirituality, more specifically, cleansing the spirit. Doing so may be the missing link in someone’s journey to rebirth.

Finally, purple lotuses symbolize the mysterious. They have a connection with death and resurrection, which is another form of rebirth.

  1. Xerophyllum

Few flowers represent rebirth as well as Xerophyllum. Xero is the Greek word for dry, and phyllon means leaf. Therefore, the name roughly translates to dry flower.

You may think that this makes Xerophyllum dull flowers, but that’s not the case. In fact, these flowers have incredibly strange growing conditions. 

Xerophyllum flowers are the first plants to grow after a major fire. The plant thrives on the rich soil left behind. This puts these flowers in an especially unique position to represent rebirth.

After the catastrophe of a fire, these delicate, soft flowers can bloom. This shows us that it’s ok to shed your old skin and start something new. Even if the old journey ended up in flames.

  1. Anemone
Top view of Anemone flowers

Anemone is the Greek word for the daughter of the wind. This correlation to air gives these flowers a couple of different associations.

The first relates to the carefree nature of the wind. Air moves in the path of least resistance and dodges any obstacles. 

When it comes to rebirth, you want the process to be as simple as possible. It’s less about the future and more about letting go of baggage.

Nothing exemplifies this trait more than air. Moreover, the wind won’t let anything stop it from reaching its destination.

As for the second association, it relates to the ever-changing ways of the wind. Air is in constant motion. It never stops, only finds a different path to travel. We can say the same about humans. Every time we start a new journey, we’re going through a rebirth.

  1. Lilac

Lilacs are dainty spring flowers that can represent a new beginning. Depending on the color of this plant, its symbolism slightly changes.

The first and most common color is a soft pastel purple. This shade represents spirituality. If someone you know is going through a spiritual rebirth, lilacs may be the way to go.

White lilacs may be a little rarer, but they’re just as meaningful. These flowers stand for purity and innocence. Both of which are characteristics of any birth.

Not only are these plants visually stunning, but they also give off an incredibly sweet scent. The aroma is faint but distinctive, which captures the freshness of spring. It wafts off the flowers and can fill up any space in a matter of minutes.

  1. Roses

Rebirths can be different for everyone. It usually points to a significant moment in time when your life completely changed. 

One of the most prominent rebirths we go to as humans is when we fall in love. The whole world stops for a second, and when it starts again, nothing is the same. 

There’s no better way to celebrate this love and rebirth than with a rose, specifically a red one. Gifting someone with roses doesn’t only show that you have feelings for someone. They show that your world has changed altogether.

You can also use white roses to represent rebirth. However, in this case, it’s much less romantic.

  1. Hypericum
Hypericum flowers

Most hypericum flowers come with yellow petals. The color has a playful nature to it, and it can spark happiness and inspiration for anyone that sees it.

Many people think bringing a baby into this world is a beautiful and natural process. However, they neglect to tell you how painful it can be. We can say the same thing about rebirths.

For the most part, rebirths aren’t this magical experience that happens after an epiphany. Usually, it’s a difficult process that you have to go through. Still, you don’t have to do it alone.

This is where hypericum flowers come into play. These flowers represent joy and rebirth. Sometimes when you’re going through a difficult phase, all you need is a good laugh and pretty flowers.

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Wrapping Up

Rebirth can mean many things to different people. Still, no matter what it signifies, you can celebrate it with flowers that mean rebirth.

A few examples of this are daisies, calla lilies, and daffodils. However, there are a few more exotic flowers that can signify rebirth. These include lotuses, Xerophyllum, and hypericum.