Flowers That Mean Perseverance (6 Excellent Options)

Flowers, in general, symbolize love, happiness, and hope. However, some flowers have even more meaningful symbolism. These special flowers represent perseverance and persistence, even when life becomes challenging.

Among the flowers that mean perseverance are Magnolias, Kalmias, Dandelions, Marigolds, Gladiolus, and the Lotus flower. There are many rules and tips on what type of flowers to choose as well as what colors are most symbolic of perseverance and strength. Bold colors are always the nicest choice.

Today, I’ll share with you what type of flowers symbolize perseverance as well as what colors are the best. To start, let’s look at the flowers!

Magnolia flowers in spring season.

1. Magnolias

Magnolias are known for their attractive, flamboyant, and fragrant flowers. The flowers grow on shrubs or trees with glossy evergreen leaves. They’re amongst the loveliest flowers you’ll ever see.

One of the many intriguing reasons why Magnolias are seen as a symbol of perseverance is because of how old they are. There are fossils of them that date back to almost 20 million years ago!

The flower existed even before bees, and it’s said that it continued to exist because beetles used to carry the pollen instead. This helped in the spread of the Magnolia flower around the world.

The other reason why Magnolias are a beautiful symbol of perseverance is owed to the fact that Magnolias have adapted to the changing climate over the centuries. Despite the slow change in climate over time, the Magnolias still thrive.

Because Magnolias are associated with perseverance and durability, you’ll see them used a lot at weddings. The goal is to subtly hint at the promise of joy and a forever-happy marriage bond.

Magnolias come in many colors, such as white, purple, and pink. Each color represents a unique meaning.

With clear white petals, the Magnolia is the symbol of purity, innocence, and perfection. The white Magnolia is commonly seen in bridal bouquets in southern states of the United States. It represents the bride’s purity and ageless beauty.

Purple Magnolias have been known to carry various symbols. They represent nobility and pride, but they’re also associated with good luck and health.

Magnolias’ scents are sublime. Their fragrance can affect a person greatly and help ease their sorrows and anxieties. That’s what makes them perfect for wishing someone good luck with a challenge or a speedy recovery.

Mountain Laurel Flowers and Buds Minuet Blooming with new green leaves in Spring Closeup Macro

2. Kalmia (Spoonwood)

These evergreen shrubs bear attractive bowl-shaped flowers and tough leaves. It’s widely known that Kalmias make beautiful ornamentals and are popular as garden plants.

The Kalmia flower got its name from the Swedish botanist Pehr Kalm. Kalmias usually grow in tough places such as rocky mountains and high-elevation areas.

Due to this fact, Kalmia flowers are mostly seen in the modern world as a symbol of perseverance and durability. These flowers symbolize your pride in your loved one’s achievements despite all the difficulties he or she has experienced.

Another name for Kalmia is Laurel Hell. The first part comes from the resemblance to bay laurels, and the second part denotes the trickery of climbing and pushing through the difficult shrubs of these flowers. This adds to their symbolism of strength and durability.

Because the Kalmia flower wasn’t popular in the New World, it didn’t hold a symbolic status in the old eras, such as in the Victorian era. Nevertheless, it has become a symbol of perseverance in modern times.

The Kalmia is the state flower of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. It grows annually in the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania. Kalmias convey a clear message of persistence as well as strength against hardships.

Picture of dandelions in the spring meadow

3. Dandelions (Taraxacum)

Dandelion, also known as Taraxacum, is widely known around the world as a flower that can literally grow anywhere where there is soil. It comes in warm yellow shades that bloom almost all season long.

Dandelions are impressive in how they can thrive almost anywhere, giving the spaces they inhabit a welcoming appearance. The name, nature, and old myths that surround the dandelion plant hide its true meaning.

The name Taraxacum comes from the Greek “taraxos,” meaning disorder, and “akos,” which means “remedy.” Moreover, the more popular name Dandelion is actually French for dent-de-lion, meaning lion’s tooth. This refers to the flower’s jagged leaves.

Back in ancient Greece, people believed that Dandelions provided power and strength. According to an old myth, Theseus ate Dandelions for thirty days before his battle with the Minotaur to get stronger.

As a result, he was able to find his way through the maze with higher energy.

Despite being seen as a weed, Dandelions have occupied great minds. For instance, the poet Wordsworth wrote a poem about how the sight of Dandelions brought him great joy.

The same goes for Charles Burchfield, who painted Dandelions and elevated them to almost spiritual significance.

Dandelions have established their place in our history as a sign of perseverance as well as durability. Sending someone yellow Dandelions is a beautiful way to say how you see their struggles and wish them luck with their endeavors.

Picture of marigold flower in a garden

4. Marigolds

Marigolds exude cheer with bright, colorful petals that range in color from red to yellow to orange. Some even have two-tone petals! Their attractive leaves have a dark green color and an aromatic scent, making them popular cut flowers in small bouquets.

People often refer to Marigolds as “Mary’s gold” or “Mary’s flower.” The name is derived from a belief held by early Christians that during religious festivals, the flowers were used in place of coins as offerings to Mary.

Marigolds have a rich history as symbols of power, strength, and light. Hindu and Aztec cultures considered them to be like the sun because of their brightness.

In general, Marigolds are often considered to be a symbol of light and hope that lives inside a person. However, sometimes the Marigold can be seen as a sign of rejection in love. So, be careful if you’re sending it to your significant other!

Picture of colorful gladioli flowers against the backdrop of clear blue sky

5. Gladiolus

The splendid Gladiolus is a spectacular flower that rises high in the summer to show off all its colors. The Gladiolus has a tall stem with sword-shaped blooms at both ends. The sword shape of the bloom gave it the name Gladiolus, which is Latin for “sword.”

In summer, Gladioluses fill the fields and gardens with their lovely vivid colors. Florists love using them in their bouquets because of their ability to enhance the arrangement with a splash of color!

The Gladiolus is thought to have been linked with gladiators in ancient Rome. Some say that when the gladiator won his fight in the colosseum, the audience would shower him with the Gladiolus flower.

On the other hand, others claim that the gladiators themselves wore the flower around their necks to help them win their battles. As a result of this association, the flowers have come to symbolize strength and perseverance.

6. Lotus

The Lotus is a beautiful and unique flower. Its petals are soft and give off a calming fragrance, but the flower itself differs from most flowers in the way it blooms.

A Lotus flower actually grows its roots in the mud under water. Every night, the flower goes underwater and then re-merges the next morning with no mud stains on its petals. This is one of the main reasons why, in many cultures, the Lotus is seen as a symbol of purity and perseverance.

The Lotus flower is a symbol of the challenges we face in life, as well as the rewards we gain if we persevere. The flower grows through the mud and eventually blossoms into something beautiful.

Wrap Up on Flowers That Mean Perseverance

Now, you must be familiar with many different flowers that mean perseverance, persistence, and strength. If you or your loved one are going through a hard time, remember that these lovely flowers can make a positive difference in your life.

While we can’t prevent all heartache and struggle, we may be able to help by being there with a gift of beautiful flowers for the people we care about. What’s common with these flowers is the meaning of holding on no matter what problems arise.

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