10 Flowers That Mean Peace

Being at odds with someone can have many negative effects. You may feel uncomfortable when you’re around them, and your stress levels may spike! What’s even more frustrating is when you want to fix matters but don’t know how. 

A ceasefire is never simple, but with flowers, it’s a bit easier. There are many flowers that mean peace, including popular ones like peace lilies and lavender. Still, there are many other flowers that may not be as popular, like violets, peonies, and Christmas roses.

On that account, this article highlights 10 peace-signifying flowers that can help you fix a tense relationship, so stick around. 

  1. Peace Lily

If peace is the message you’re trying to send, look no further than this lily. The biggest giveaway to these flowers’ meaning is their name. 

The name comes from the shape of their petals. They’re soft and resemble a white flag, one that’s waving in surrender. 

Peace lilies are beautiful, delicate flowers with strong connections to peace. However, that’s not all they stand for. These flowers can also represent healing, optimism, and prosperity.

Gifting these lilies can be more than just a call to a ceasefire. Giving someone peace lilies is a sign that you want to mend the bridge between you. You acknowledge that there’s damage, and you’re willing to work on it.

Additionally, it can mean that you’re feeling good about your future together. Peace lilies mean you want to build a new relationship, one that hopefully lasts a long time.

  1. Lavender

Lavenders are one of the most beautiful flowers on our list. They can bring a sense of refinement and calm to any space. They’re also a great way to call for a truce. 

These flowers come in a few different colors, and each one has a different significance. The most common color is purple, and it represents elegance. 

If you’re trying to call for peace with someone you have a lot of respect for, purple is the way to go. This color can show that you’re remorseful but with grace.

Another popular color is white, and it stands for purity. This one is perfect to relay that you had the best of intentions. It sends a message that you didn’t intend any harm and you’re willing to move forward.

Finally, blue signifies tranquility and relaxation. Gifting someone with a blue lavender bouquet means that you wish them peace of mind.

  1. Hyacinth
Large flower bed with colorful hyacinths, beautiful spring flowers

Hyacinths have an interesting but somber backstory. The story dates back to ancient Greece and the god Apollo. When the god lost his lover, grief overwhelmed him. To find solace, Apollo used his lover’s blood and created the beautiful flowers we know today.

This is the reason many people connect this flower to death. However, this isn’t what the flower means. Even with this tragic backstory, these flowers still represent peace, joy, and love. Hyacinths stand for moving on with your life and finding new happiness.

If you have a friend that’s been through a terrible loss, a bouquet of these flowers may be in order. They can be a wake-up call to break them out of their sadness.

Hyacinths are also an excellent way to say sorry. It can be a sign that you feel bad for their loss and wish them freedom from grief.

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  1. Violet

With their pretty blossoms and purple colors, Violets have more than one representation across a few cultures.

The first is expansion and growth. Violets symbolize a new boom in your life. Gifting someone these flowers shows that you want to extend a bridge between you. Hopefully, the bridge leads to a long and prosperous relationship.

The second representation is healing and serenity. Violets can be a sign that you want to move on from an unfortunate situation. You understand that there are a few cracks, but you want to calm the fire of the fight as well as mend and restore your bond.

Violets can also stand for peace in the afterlife. If you lose someone and want to send them off with tranquility, these flowers are ideal for the occasion.

  1. Peony

When you see peonies in bloom, you assume these dainty flowers are delicate. However, that’s not the case. Peonies are actually one of the hardiest flowers on our list. They can grow in some pretty harsh environments and thrive.

This is likely why these flowers represent prosperity and peace. They show that through adversity, beauty can still shine through. Moreover, they symbolize that no matter how harsh the situation is, you can both grow from it together.

Traditionally, people would gift these flowers to domestic partners. They can call for a truce after a fight while still maintaining a romantic edge.

Peonies also have strong connections to luck. If someone’s been through a series of misfortune, a bouquet of these flowers can help turn that around.

Usually, these flowers are pink, but you can still find them in white for a more platonic gift.

  1. Christmas Rose

Christmas roses are common flowers with quite an unusual back story. The story dates back to the birth of Christ. When the baby was born, all the people from around the land came together to celebrate the birth.

Everyone gathered and brought gifts to the child. It was a joyous occasion until a young girl realized she had nothing to offer. When she cried, the tears dropped to the ground and grew Christmas roses.

This is likely why these flowers represent hope and peace. Just because matters seem bleak at the moment doesn’t mean they can’t get better.

A bouquet of Christmas roses can bring a smile and a sense of calm to anyone that receives it. However, if the person you intend on sending the flowers to has pets, avoid these roses. They can be toxic to furry buddies if they ingest them.

  1. Apple Blossom
Flowers of the apple tree blossom on a spring day

An apple tree during spring is a magnificent sight to behold. Not only does the tree start bearing delicious fruit, but you get a beautiful display of blossoms blooming. The delicate flowers open up to reveal their sweet scent and soft petals.

Apple blossoms come with pink and white petals. Each color has a slightly different meaning. 

Pink represents tranquility and fertility. If someone you know is going through a hard time conceiving, these flowers are the way to go. They can bring calm, positive energy into any space. This can help bring a little peace of mind to someone going through a lot.

White apple blossoms represent happiness and peace. The white petals flap in the air like white flags, calling for peace after a fight. Moreover, the display shows a lot of whimsy and joy.

  1. Chamomile

Many of the battles we go through in life happen because of stress. When you’re overwhelmed by your surroundings, it can be difficult to control your actions. You say things you don’t mean, and you may even lash out. 

If that’s the case, chamomiles may be what you’re looking for. Not only do these flowers call for a truce, but they can also help settle down everyone’s nerves. 

Chamomiles add a pacifying presence that shows that the worst has passed and now you can move on. Moreover, since chamomiles bloom for a long time, they stand for prosperity. This symbolizes that, hopefully, the peace you reach will last as long as possible.

If you need a little extra help relaxing, you can even make tea with these flowers. The teas taste great and can soothe your nerves. You can even buy ready-made packets if you don’t want the extra hassle.

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  1. Basil Flowers

Most of us know this plant as a delicious herb. It can add a little spicy zest to any dish. However, few of us know that these plants grow stunning flowers. 

Many people overlook basil flowers because they’re small However, their symbolism still packs a huge punch.

Generally, basil flowers represent peace and good fortune. Depending on the color of the petals, their meaning changes slightly.

White basil flowers stand balance and serenity. It’s a metaphor for the calm after the storm. Once the battle has gone down, everyone can take a minute and reflect. Just because the battle was tough doesn’t mean you can’t recover.

Purple basil flowers represent prosperity. After the dust has settled, you want to rebuild. Finding common ground after a major blow-up can be tricky. Still, with these flowers, it’s much easier to find a peaceful way forward.

  1. Cosmos
Cosmos flower garden

The name cosmos has Greek origins. It roughly translates to balance or harmony, both of which are crucial for peace. 

When you’ve had a falling out with someone, finding new common ground may be tricky. You feel like achieving peace may not happen anytime soon.

Well, cosmos flowers can help fix this issue. Gifting someone a bouquet of these flowers can be the first step towards peace. You show that you want to restore order to your relationship.

These flowers work well as both romantic and platonic gifts.

Wrapping Up

Mending a rift between two people is never easy. However, flowers that mean peace can help you pave the way.

If you want to call for a truce, try gifting peace lilies, lavenders, or hyacinths. You can also go with violets, Christmas roses, and chamomile.