Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry (9 Excellent Options & The Best Colors)

In the words of Sir Elton John, sometimes “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” But with flowers that mean I’m sorry, you can make it that much easier. When apologizing to loved ones, accompanying the words ‘I’m sorry’ with a bouquet can go a long way.

The best apology flowers include hyacinths, carnations, roses, white orchids, white tulips, and the lily of the valley. If you want to apologize for a major mistake, the Star of Bethlehem is the right choice.

Read on to find out more about each flower and how it can be used to make amends.

Flowers That Say I’m Sorry

Here are nine flowers that you can use to signify your regret and remorse for your actions when apologizing to a loved one.

Beautiful bouquet of muscari - hyacinth in vase on wall background

1. Blue Hyacinths

If you were to pick a flower that expresses apology off the top of your mind, you probably wouldn’t think of hyacinths.

However, this is, in fact, part of their appeal as apology flowers. They show that you put a lot of thought and consideration into your choice instead of simply going with the first flower that comes to mind.

Different hyacinth colors symbolize slightly different things. For example, blue hyacinths symbolize making amends and rectifying the wrongs between two people.

They’re a perfect way of reaching out to someone you’ve recently had a big falling out with. They send the message that you want to make things right.

2. Purple Hyacinths

Purple hyacinths represent feelings of regret. When sending someone a bouquet to express your apology, including purple hyacinths in it indicates that you feel bad that there’s a conflict between the two of you.

Purple hyacinths also symbolize forgiveness, and that goes both ways since conflicts usually include wrongdoing from both sides. These flowers mean that you’re asking for forgiveness.

Picture of beautiful flowers isolated on white

3. Pink Carnations

If you’ve forgotten something and it hurt someone you deeply care about, pink carnations are the flowers to go with when apologizing.

Whether you forgot your best friend’s birthday or it slipped your mind that it was your anniversary, pink carnations will help you make things right.

Pink carnations tell their recipient that they’re always on your mind and that you’ll never forget them. By gifting someone with pink carnations, you’re telling them that what happened was a slip of the mind that’ll never happen again.

Of course, this is not guaranteed. We’re human, after all, and we make mistakes. However, sending your loved one a bouquet of pink carnations will help rectify your error.

4. Roses

Roses have been synonymous with love and passion since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. These cultures viewed roses as the manifestation of the goddesses of love on earth.

When you’ve done something that’s got you in the doghouse with your significant other, gifting them roses is a great way to try and make things right.

There’s a particular color of roses that’s well-suited to this situation, and that color is pink.

Pink roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude; giving them to your significant other lets them know that you appreciate them and know how blessed you are to have them in your life.

Therefore, pink roses are a great way to appease your lover if they feel you’re taking them for granted and have expressed their dismay at the situation. A bouquet of pink roses lets them know that you do, in fact, understand how lucky you are to have them.

Close up picture of of Lily of the valley

5. Lily of The Valley

This flower’s symbolism is just as beautiful as its aesthetic. The lily of the valley symbolizes rebirth, akin to a phoenix rising from the ashes.

This sentiment makes it the perfect flower to gift a loved one with whom you’ve just had a significant falling out.

By giving a bouquet of this flower to that person, you’re sending the message that you want to let bygones be bygones and to close that chapter of the relationship and start a new one on a clean slate.

They show the recipient that you have the humility to not hold grudges and the ability to let things go. This makes your loved one more likely to forgive your past misdeeds towards them.

6. White Orchids

One of the main aspects of a good apology is sincerity. You have to really mean your apology, and the person you’re saying sorry to has to pick up on that. They need to feel that you truly regret your actions.

White orchids can help you do just that. They are widely seen as a beacon of purity, peace, and genuineness. In addition to this, the white orchid is a sight to behold. A view that can ease the anger and sadness of the person you’re seeking forgiveness from.

If you find yourself apologizing a lot, this flower is a great way to let your loved ones know that you genuinely mean it this time around.

Picture of sunflowers isolated on black background

7. Sunflowers

Apologies are more often than not somber affairs, especially if the actions you’re apologizing for were ones that deeply hurt the person you’re apologizing to. However, sometimes this is not the case.

The sunflower is a suitable apology flower when you’re apologizing for your part in a minor disagreement that might have gone a bit too far. Giving someone sunflowers is a great way to apologize to them and fill the room with cheer and whimsy at the same time.

However, you should be careful not to misjudge the seriousness of the situation. If the thing you’re apologizing for was a significant error on your part, attempting to apologize using sunflowers could significantly backfire.

8. White Tulips

At first glance, using white tulips for apologizing may seem counterintuitive. After all, these flowers are a symbol that you’re willing to forgive, but in this situation, it’s you that’s seeking forgiveness.

The secondary meaning of white tulips is what makes them suitable flowers to give when saying you’re sorry. White tulips represent rejuvenation and hope that the best is yet to come.

They convey the message that you’re willing to put in the effort to be better and mend the broken fences in your relationship.

Crafting a beautiful bouquet of white tulips is a great way of saying you’re sorry. You can also add some pink tulips that symbolize the fact that you care very deeply for that person.

Picture of ornithogalum isolated on black background

9. Star of Bethlehem

This flower is best reserved for significant apologies. You should use the star of Bethlehem to say you’re sorry when the thing you’re apologizing for could potentially break your relationship with the other person beyond repair.

In a similar fashion to the white tulip and the lily of the valley, this flower signifies the rebirth of a relationship and optimism for a better future.

Best Flower Colors For Saying I’m Sorry

The language of flowers is a complex one. Not only does its symbology depend on the type of flower, but it also varies with its color. Here are the best flower colors for saying you’re sorry.


White is the color of peace; it represents mending fences and making amends. White roses, tulips, and lilies are all great apology flowers.


Pink flowers signify appreciation and gratitude. They’re best used when apologizing to someone who feels like you’re taking them for granted.


Yellow flowers are best used to apologize to a friend after a little fight. Suitable yellow apology flowers include sunflowers, roses, sunflowers, and orchids.


Blue flowers are great as apology flowers for the same reason as white flowers. They’re a signal of peace, which is the grand objective of an apology.

Conclusion On Choosing Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry

Apologies can be hard, especially if you’re apologizing for actions you’re ashamed of and that caused someone you care about to be deeply hurt.

Using flowers makes apologies easier and more sincere. If you have an apology to make, you’re bound to find one of the flowers listed in this guide suitable for your situation.

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