Flowers That Mean I Miss You

Flowers that mean I Miss You come in handy at those times when we’re away from our loved ones for whatever reason. Several flowers foot the bill – but the flowers that are most commonly used to express longing are stargazer lilies, carnations, white orchids, and roses.

Flowers are a language in and of themselves, allowing you to express yourself without saying a single word. Continue reading to learn more about each flower that can be used to convey this message, what each symbolizes, and whether it’s appropriate as an ‘I miss you’ gift for a friend/family member or your significant other.

6 Great Flowers That Mean I Miss You

Here are six flowers that you can send to your loved ones to show that you miss them. Whether you’re missing your parents, siblings, friends, or lover, you’re bound to find a suitable “I miss you” flower in the ones listed below.

Picture of a pink lily on white background

1. Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies are a variation of lilies known for their vibrant hue and their strong, sweet smell. They’re actually not naturally occurring. They’re hybrid flowers that were initially bred in California in the late 70s.

The ‘stargazer’ moniker stems from the fact that this flower is characterized by upward-facing petals. This flower’s romantic overtone is a result of its enthralling red, pink, and white-colored petals.

Stargazer lilies are most suitable for saying I miss you to a romantic partner. They’re a great way to convey to the recipient how much you miss them and crave their company. Giving someone stargazer lilies is a symbol of the sincerity and intensity of your feelings toward them.

By gifting someone this flower, you’re telling them just how much you truly long for them.

Picture of a red pinks flowers white background

2. Carnations

Carnations are often used as a way to communicate to someone that you’re missing their presence and company. The message being sent is slightly different depending on which color of carnations you use.

Still, whichever color you choose, carnations have undeniably beautiful scents.

Sending someone pink carnations is a symbol of how unforgettable that person is to you, and that they constantly occupy your thoughts.

On the other hand, gifting someone red carnations not only tells them that you miss them, but also conveys your admiration of that person.

You can also send someone a mixture of pink and red carnations to communicate all of these feelings to them together. Sending a vase of 12 carnations is a great, heartfelt way to say, “I really miss you and wish you were here.”

Picture of a white orchids against a white background

3. White Orchids

White orchids are dazzling flowers that have a diverse set of meanings. Their symbolic associations include elegance and purity.

More importantly, white orchids are also a totem of loneliness and nostalgia. As a result, they’re synonymous with having a sense of deep longing for another.

These flowers are also very low maintenance and won’t burden the recipient with having to take care of them. They can put the orchids in a vase and remember you every time they pass by it, knowing that you’re thinking of them.

Picture of a red roses flower bouquet on white stone table.

4. Roses

The rose is arguably the most notoriously known flower used to communicate emotions without the use of words. This flower has been used as a symbol of love and romance for many centuries.

In a similar fashion to carnations, the message a rose sends to its recipient is dependent on its color.

White roses, for example, are a totem of honesty and sincerity, making them the ideal flower to convey to someone just how much you truly and deeply miss them.

Coral and red-colored roses, on the other hand, symbolize desire and love respectively. Their silky-smooth petals are an indication of deep connection and intimacy.

Sending a person one of these two red-colored roses tells them that you love them deeply and wish you were in their company right now.

In ancient times, roses were seen as the embodiment of Aphrodite and Venus (the goddesses of love in ancient Greek and ancient Roman culture respectively). That’s because the scent of roses is utterly hypnotizing, with a sweet attraction and a hint of seduction.

The symbolism of roses isn’t only confined to their appearance and color. It’s also variable depending on the number of roses you send to someone. Gifting someone with a dozen roses has a different meaning than gifting them a single rose or nine roses.

Sending someone a dozen roses is a symbol of completeness; you’re effectively telling them “you complete me.” This stems from the significance of the number twelve, as there are 12 months in a year, 12 hours in a day, and 12 zodiac signs.

On the other hand, sending your loved one nine roses conveys the message that you want to be with them.

Picture of a three pink zinnias isolated on a white background.

5. Zinnias

This dazzling flower is commonly used to express affection for another in general. Zinnias are far from modest in appearance. Their vibrant aesthetic is well-suited for expressing the intensity of your longing feelings toward a loved one.

Not only can you use these beautiful flowers to express this message to your significant other, but they can also be used to tell your kin or best friend just how much you miss them.

The zinnia flower can also be used to express your yearning for the company of the departed. They act as a vessel to connect you with loved ones that have passed away, to honor them as well as tell them how much you love and miss them.

Placing zinnia flowers on the grave of a loved one or their coffin at a funeral is a way of paying tribute and honoring them. It’s a symbol of how dearly you miss them and wish they were still with us, and that they’ll always be with you in spirit.

6. Petunias

Petunias are another great way to communicate to someone how much you’re craving their company.

By gifting someone a bouquet of petunias, you’re telling them that you wish to be with them more frequently. It’s a symbol of how much you miss the soothing and peaceful effect their company has on you.

Petunias are suitable ‘I miss you’ gifts for people in platonic and non-platonic relationships alike. However, you need to know which color of this flower to use in each of these situations.

White petunias are seen to represent purity, genuineness, and trust. Therefore, they’re most suited as an ‘I miss you gift’ to a friend that’s dear to your heart.

On the other hand, red petunias are a totem of deep, passionate love. Sending a bouquet of red petunias to your significant other tells them how much you’re yearning for them and need them right here with you.

You can also send a romantic lover a blend of red and white petunias. This shows them how sincere and deep your feelings of passionate love and longing for them are.

Wrap-Up On Flowers That Mean I Miss You

Flowers have a unique way of allowing us to express our emotions in ways that are beyond words.

This is especially true when circumstances have put a physical distance between you and your loved ones. The feelings conveyed by phone or text simply don’t compare to those expressed by flowers.

Gifting flowers to your loved ones who are miles away is a great way to show them how much you miss them. The flowers that are most often used to convey this message are stargazer lilies, roses, carnations, and white orchids.

So, what are you waiting for? Send that bouquet and let your loved ones know how you feel. Remember to also use this guide to pick the flower that’s most suitable for your relationship with the person in question.

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