10 Flowers That Mean Good Luck

Luck is a pretty fickle mistress. It never seems to be on your side when you need it most. For this reason, many people rely on trinkets and totems for a little extra edge. Some even resort to flowers that mean good luck.

There are many flowers that represent luck and good fortune, including peonies, azaleas, peach blossoms, and lilies. Anthuriums, hydrangeas, and narcissus are also associated with success and prosperity. 

In this article, we’ll discuss flowers that we often associate with good luck and why we make that connection.

  1. Peonies

If you’ve ever seen a peony, you know how beautiful the petals can be. These pretty flowers are most often connected to good luck, prosperity, and honor. 

Not only that, but they also have a soft, sweet scent. This is likely why it’s the national flower of China.

Peonies have many tiny little petals that bloom out. This bountiful display represents abundance and fortune.

On lucky peonies, the base of the petals is usually a subtle pink that fades out into a stark white. However, in rare cases, you can also get your hands on red peonies. Since the red flowers are more scarce, they’re considered luckier.

Gifting someone a peony bouquet is a way of wishing them good luck on their travels.

  1. Azaleas
Beautiful blooming azaleas and rhododendrons in the garden

If you want your lucky flowers to make a statement, azaleas may be the way to go. These flowers come in a few bold colors that ensure you notice them as soon as you walk by. The petals can be yellow, red, purple, and white.

Azaleas represent harmony and balance. This is an area where many people luck out. So, adding azaleas to your garden may be the perfect way to turn the tides.

It’s best to place your azaleas next to your doorway. That way, the flower can attract good luck and positivity into your house.

Azaleas will also make sure that everyone who visits your home can get a dose of balance. This will go a long way in keeping you and your space in perfect harmony.

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  1. Orchid

Orchids are one of the most expensive flowers in the world. Thus, it should come as no surprise that these flowers have a strong connection to wealth and luxury. 

The reason behind this is orchids are incredibly rare and hard to locate. On top of that, the petals are geometrical, which is rare in nature. For this reason, finding one means that luck is on your side.

These flowers can also represent vitality and abundance. This means the flower doesn’t only bring financial luck but also physical!

In some cultures, orchids even have connections to fertility. So, if you’re struggling to conceive, orchids may be the extra good luck you need.

The rarer the orchid is, the luckier people think it is. That’s why the luckiest flower out there is the coveted purple orchid.

  1. Water Lilies
Water Lilies
Water Lily in the Japanese Garden

Water lilies have long stalks, waxy leaves, and snowy white petals. These delicate flowers grow in water and exude a faint sweet aroma.

These plants may be fragile, but they’re resilient. Even though they need water, these lilies have adapted to only use very little. That’s how people can display them in small dishes or display cases.

This resilience is why people associate water lilies with good luck. When the times are rough and you’re barely holding on, you find a way to just keep going, same as water lilies. 

Moreover, water lilies are fast growers. They spread their roots fast and flourish in their space. This is why they represent optimism and rebirth. 

  1. Peace Lilies

These flowers get their name from their petals. Each flower has a single white petal that grows up into the air. This petal resembles a white flag waving in surrender. 

Peace lilies are an excellent addition to any closed space. The wispy petals remind us to relax and bring a sense of calm to the space. They can even help you sleep if you put them in your bedroom.

These flowers also represent positive energy and happiness. The combined effect of relaxation and positivity has a major effect on productivity. That’s why peace lilies have a strong correlation to luck.

Gifting peace lilies is a sign of goodwill. They show that you wish the other person no harm. It can also symbolize a new prosperous relationship.

  1. Peach Blossoms

If you’re lucky enough to see a peach blossom in early spring, you’ll see the beautiful display where each flower bursts open with a bright flash of color.

This amazing display is most likely why many people display this plant in showrooms. It’s also the reason people associate this plant with abundance and good fortune.

Standing under a peach tree while it blooms can be an incredibly romantic experience. The faint sun’s rays shining through the leaves can make your heart sing. For this reason, peach blossoms often symbolize love.

Gifting this flower to one of your single friends may turn their luck around completely. They may even find their perfect match!

Another reason people consider this flower lucky is because of its stealth. The flowers bloom before the leaves. Doing so keeps insects from swarming the plant.

  1. Anthuriums
colorful red anthurium close-up

Anthurium flowers are another lily that relates to prosperity and luck. Unlike most other lilies, these flowers have red petals. 

They’re also heart-shaped. This may lead you to believe that the symbolism behind them is romantic. However, that’s not the case.

Instead, we associate anthuriums with good fortune. This is because, instead of a deep red of a rose, these flowers are a bright red. Add to that the fact that the petals are glossy, and you have a show-stopping plant!

This bold display of color relates anthuriums to opulence and wealth. So, surrounding yourself with these flowers may attract the same good fortune to you.

On top of this, anthuriums are great at purifying the air. Placing these flowers in a closed space can remove all the negative energy and invite luck.

  1. Sweet Peas

Even though sweet peas look fairly dainty, they’re pretty tough flowers. These climbing plants can crawl their way up to 9 feet, in fact.

The flowers’ ability to branch out and thrive makes them incredibly lucky. They can also grow in almost any environment.

For this reason, people associate this flower with luck in making new connections. This can mean anything from connecting to your co-workers to finding the one. 

Regardless, sweet peas represent good fortune in relationships.

Gifting someone with a single sweet pea can mean you’re trying to reach out to them. Still, a bouquet symbolizes branching out to join your fortune. A fortune that can grow and preserve in the harshest of conditions.

Not only that, but these flowers also have an intoxicating scent. It’s faint but delightful and calming.

  1. Morning Glory

These flowers get their name because they’re early risers. Morning glories like to bloom before the sun hits its apex. They do this to avoid the petals drying out because of the direct sunlight.

We’ve all heard the phrase “the early bird catches the worm.” With a little good fortune from a morning glory, you can snatch the worm before anyone else gets there.

Morning glories are brightly colored flowers with a nice scent. However, what makes them special is how they make people feel.

Adding a couple of morning glories to a space can inject an enormous amount of positive energy. This can rejuvenate the entire space and renew your passion for life. The newfound zest in life may be the stroke of good luck you were looking for.

For a little extra fortune boost, some people like to collect morning glory seeds. They say sleeping with the seeds under your pillow can turn your luck around.

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  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are one of the most uniquely shaped flowers on our list. Their petals are long and narrow, unlike most other flowers. The petals look a little like spider legs, sticking out from the center.

In many Asian countries, spiders are a symbol of good luck. They represent longevity, prosperity, and perseverance. Some also see chrysanthemums as protectors, with the ability to ward off evil spirits.

To wish someone happiness, you can gift them with yellow chrysanthemums. These are a way to wish someone a long and fortunate life.

White chrysanthemums, however, mean peace and prosperity. Still, if it’s the luck you’re after, then a golden chrysanthemum bouquet is the way to go. If you can’t get your hands on golden flowers, purple is the next best thing.

Still, you may need to be careful about giving away chrysanthemums. A gift of one single flower can represent death or misfortune.

Wrapping Up

We associate luck with many things in our lives, including flowers. Still, only a few people know that there are flowers that mean good luck. 

These flowers include peonies, azaleas, orchids, and various lilies. Morning glories, sweet peas, and anthuriums may also be able to turn your fortune around.