Flowers That Mean Friendship: 13 Great Options

Friends help make even the dullest day full of laughter, good times, and adventure. Unfortunately, we sometimes take our friends for granted between our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles.

Luckily, there are several ways we can reach out and show how much we care. One way is to send a bouquet of flowers that mean friendship. With so many flower choices, you’ll never run out of ways to tell them how much you appreciate having your friends in your life.

To help you get started, we rounded up a list of flowers typically associated with friendship.

Take a look.

13 Flowers That Mean Friendship

It’s generally recognized that the flower color that represents friendship is yellow. It’s bright, vibrant, and adds some much-needed cheer to any room.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you can give your friends a bouquet filled with bright, vivid colors. There are plenty of other colors to choose from that can help you communicate everything you want to say to your best friend without uttering a single word.

Below, you’ll find the top 13 most beautiful and vibrant flower choices to give your friend the next time you want to show them how much you care.

Beautiful wedding bouquet of red roses - used in article about Flowers That Mean Friendship


Let’s be clear about one thing: roses aren’t just for portraying deep passionate love. They can also show the care and adoration you have for your friend. Thanks to their rich fragrance and layered petals, roses are now the most sought-after flower for almost any occasion.

Yet, it’s the yellow and orange roses in particular that are typically associated with friendship and spiritual love. They make an ideal gift to show your friends how much you care about and value their friendship.


Native to parts of eastern Asia, Chrysanthemums always look so poised and graceful. This could be one reason why they’ve always been used as a symbol of care, love, and positive energy.

No matter the occasion or time of year, chrysanthemums make the perfect friendship gift. In fact, they’ve been used for gifting friends ever since the Victorian era.

These bright blooms also represent joy, good fortune, and prosperity. They’re also used to symbolize longevity, well wishes, and optimism.


Who wouldn’t love getting a bright, cheery sunflower from a friend? Just looking at them is sure to make your friend smile.

These lovely blooms are known for their long, bright yellow petals that represent that strong bond between life-long friends. They also symbolize trustworthiness and adoration.

The good news is that they’re available throughout the year. This way, you can send them to your friends anytime.


Also known as the ‘Peruvian Lily,’ Alstroemeria blooms are exotic flowers. They’re native to the mountainous regions of South America, where they’ve learned to adapt to the cold weather and harsh environment.

This could be why their vibrant blooms are usually used to convey messages of friendship, mutual support, and a strong connection between you and your friend. Alstroemerias make the perfect bouquet for birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between.

Alstroemerias are hardy perennials that bloom in the summer and fall. So, they also make terrific gifts, such as potted plants.

Picture of beautiful iris flowers in a field


Iris flowers, also known as ‘fleur-de-lis,’ are loved worldwide. They’re also one of the best plants to give your friends because they’re a well-known symbol of loyalty, care, and devotion.

They’re also often connected to honorable traits like trust, wisdom, and hope. Irises are also used to invoke dedication and strength.

So, by giving your friend a bouquet of irises, you’re basically saying, ‘Your friendship means the world to me.’


Freesias are pretty little blooms famous for their citrusy scent and bright colors. They also make great gifts because they have a long vase life.

Yet, what really makes them great friendship flowers is that they symbolize trustworthiness and care. They also convey meanings of thoughtfulness, good fortune, and appreciation.

They’re also known to represent innocence and purity. As a result, florists will often include them in large floral arrangements because of their ability to fill the room with an air of youthful energy.


Daffodils are native to many parts of the US and Northern Europe. These delicate blooms have been a symbol of goodwill, new beginnings, and happiness for centuries now. They’ve also been used to evoke sentiments of renewal, care, and prosperity.

Giving your friend a bouquet of daffodils, primarily white or yellow, lets them know you cherish their friendship. You can also give them to someone to wish your colleague luck on their upcoming promotion or give a bouquet to your new acquaintance.

Close up picture of tulips


Tulips are such an elegant species of flowers that you can’t help but fall in love with them. A lovely bouquet of tulips would make the best gift for your friend any day of the year.

The great thing is that they come in a wide array of colors so that you can fill the bouquet with all of your best friend’s favorite colors. Yet, the colors best known for representing friendship are pink, yellow, and white.

If you’re in doubt, just get them a bouquet with a bunch of different colored tulips. It’s the perfect way to express how much you appreciate and care for your friend.


Unlike sunflowers that are available 12 months out of the year, geraniums can be pretty hard to come by. Yet, it’s because they’re so rare that makes them all the more special.

They originally come from northern parts of Europe and need cold temperatures to grow and thrive. It could be why they’re associated with endurance, friendship, and good wishes.

Another reason why geraniums are the perfect friendship flower is that they give off such positive vibes. So, you can give them to a new neighbor or colleague to welcome them in.


Orchids are another rare flower species. They’re also highly respected and valued, just like your friendship.

These elegant blooms symbolize renewal, happiness, and friendship. They’re also used to depict virtue, honor, and purity.

No matter the occasion, your friends will love receiving a bouquet of vibrant orchids from you.

White and blue hydrangea flower field


Hydrangeas are like a ready-made bouquet of pure white flowers. These climbing plants can produce either a flat or a round head that contains many small florets.

Their pale color invokes feelings of calm and positive energy. They’re also used to symbolize deep emotions and gratitude.

They’re also used to create a sense of peace and to convey a message of affection and value. That’s why they make the perfect addition to a friendship bouquet or flower arrangement.


Zinnias are another type of exotic flower, similar to Alstroemeria. The difference is that these colorful blooms are native to regions of Central America and Mexico.

Perhaps the closest any flower can get to meaning friendship is this one. They come in a handful of lush, bright colors that add life and cheer to any room.

Moreover, zinnias are associated with solid bonds, resilience, and lasting affection. All these features combined make zinnias the perfect flowers to give your friends.


Daisies are so adorable and cheerful that your friends instantly fall in love. They also have a slightly robust fragrance that fills the room with a gentle aroma.

Pick daisies for your next friendship gift because they symbolize inner peace, calm, and caring for others. Moreover, they represent pride and give off a sense of positive energy.

Still, the essential meaning behind daisies is how they’re associated with happiness. What a great way to tell your friends that they make you happy by giving them a bouquet of bright white daisies?

Wrap Up On Flowers That Mean Friendship

Having friends who can make you smile when you’re down and encourage you to be the best you can be is a real blessing. So, make sure you always let them know how much you care for them by sending them flowers that mean friendship, respect, and devotion.

You can either wait until the next holiday rolls around or an upcoming friendship day. Or, you can just send them a colorful bouquet or a potted flowering plant on a regular old Tuesday.

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