16 Flowers That Mean Forgiveness

Flowers have been a part of how humans communicate for a long time, reflecting love, friendship, and even happiness. Still, few people know that there are flowers that mean forgiveness.

The daffodil’s subtle yellow petals work well as an apology. White flowers, like roses and orchids, can also reflect sincere regret. Hyacinths, carnations, hydrangeas, crocus, and peonies are also viable options to say sorry.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 16 flowers that symbolize forgiveness and what makes them unique. Let’s dig in!

1.   Daffodils

Daffodils have a few different meanings around the world. For example, some people associate the flower with new beginnings and rebirth. Still, it most commonly represents forgiveness.

This flower’s petals have quite an interesting shape. When in full bloom, the petals come together to form a star. That’s why many people correlate daffodils with positivity and good luck.

Moreover, the soft yellow shade of the petals gives the flower a warm presence. So, there’s no better way to say “I’m sorry” than giving away this little ray of sunshine.

Still, it’s considered bad luck to give someone a single daffodil. So, if you take this route, make sure to get a bouquet.

2.   Columbine

Blooming Blue Columbine Wildflower

If you feel bad after an interaction, columbines are an excellent way to apologize.

These blooms come in a couple of different colors, and each one of those colors can reflect a different meaning. For example, the bluish-purple represents calm after the storm, while yellow stands for joy.

Still, no matter which color you go with, they both have the same underlying message: foolishness and mishaps. This makes these flowers perfect for admitting that you made a mistake.

3.   Bluebells

These flowers have an upside-down trumpet shape and fragile petals in either purple or blue. The purple represents gratitude in most cultures, while blue symbolizes humility.

Unlike daffodils, you can give bluebells out individually or in a bouquet. A bouquet of both colors can show a person how sorry you are. Plus, it’ll show how thankful you are to have that person in your life.

This flower can also represent consistency, which is a great way to say you plan on doing better!

4.   Roses

Even though roses mostly have a romantic connotation, it’s not their only meaning. According to the context and color, these extraordinary flowers can signify many things.

Naturally, the red rose is to show someone you love them. Meanwhile, the color that most represents forgiveness is the white rose. Its silky white exterior calls out like a white flag and asks for a truce.

Roses are also an excellent way to make anyone feel special.

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5.   Anemones

Anemones have incredibly dainty petals with a bright yellow center. They bloom in spring and fall and come in both purple and white.

The purple traditionally symbolizes sincerity and transparency. White, however, is a sign of fragility and delicateness.

Together, they show that you understand where you went wrong. They also prove that people may be more fragile than you think.

In addition, the yellow center can mean new hope and happiness.

6.   Violets

Close up of Violets

As you can guess from the name, these flowers are a bluish-purple tone. Violets are one of the most interesting flowers on our list.

The deep color represents purity, gratitude, and transparency. This combination can go a long way to show someone how sorry you are.

Not only are the flowers pretty to look at, but they also have an intensely sweet aroma that can fill any space in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, once the petals begin to wilt, you can brew them into tea, which helps with congestion and cough. So, you’ll be sending an apology and a get-well-soon vibe all at once!

To cut the hassle, you can even get this tea ready-made.

7.   Peonies

Peonies are exquisite flowers with a subtle pink hue. Even though these flowers have a cheery appearance, they can send a solemn message.

In Victorian times, peonies signified embarrassment. This could be seen as a portrait of adorable shyness, like Charles Edward Perugini’s artwork.

However, it could also reflect outright shame.

Suppose you put your foot in your mouth in a gathering. In that case, you would send peonies as a sign of respect and remorse. Plus, it would also mean that you plan on doing better in the future.

To this day, people still send out peonies to apologize to their friends for mishaps.

8.   Spring Crocus

When spring crocuses bloom, some of their petals are a deep purple, while others are pale lilac. The petals grow upwards and kind of look like they’re protecting the innermost part.

For this reason, many people associate spring crocuses with a person’s heart and soul. The shy nature of the flower is reminiscent of how people hide away their true selves.

Giving someone a spring crocus bouquet shows that you’re willing to open up. This usually also means you’re ready to own up to your actions and apologize.

9.   Hyacinth

Since hyacinths are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, they have a positive connotation. Typically, these flowers mean new beginnings or the light after the darkness.

The deep shade of hyacinth purple can also represent sorrow.

All these meanings lend themselves well to apologies. They can both show that you recognize your error in judgment or are willing to move past the incident and turn a new leaf.

If you have green thumbs and live around USDA zones 4-8, you could even get it growing in your backyard!

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10. Carnations

Carnations are one of the wispiest flowers on our list. Some petals are a soft shade of baby pink and have frills all along the outside.

These petals are great if you want to show vulnerability. The delicate nature of the flower symbolizes regret and sorrow.

However, there are other colors of carnations.

Red petals flowers represent an aching heart—one that will only find rest once it finds forgiveness. Meanwhile, yellow petals stand for disappointment and grief.

11. Hydrangeas

These flowers can come with pink, purple, and bluish petals.

Hydrangeas are another flower with an ancient history. In Japanese folklore, the flower is associated with rekindling family ties.

Still, that’s not the only meaning behind hydrangeas. These flowers can also stand for unity, mercy, and understanding.

All of which are essential to any good apology. That’s why any of the colors are an excellent way to say you’re sorry.

12. White Orchids

White Orchids

There are a few different colors and varieties of orchids around the world. However, only one of them represents forgiveness, and it’s the subtle white orchid. Its pure white petals are a sign of clarity and purity of intentions.

It’s a straightforward way to admit to a mistake.

Therefore, white orchids make an excellent peace offering. They also show that you understand the damage and intend to do whatever it takes to fix it.

13. Snapdragons

Snapdragons are one of the most colorful flowers on our list. They come in many shades, including white, yellow, pink, and red.

In most of the world, snapdragons stand for graciousness. The brightly colored petals ask for forgiveness and a new start.

People believed that the flower could ward off evil in ancient Greece and Rome.

If you’re looking for a way to apologize while still keeping it light, snapdragons are the way to go. For example, if you’re saying sorry to an acquaintance or a co-worker.

14. Lily of the Valley

In the complex language of flowers, the lily of the valley can mean a few things. The most common interpretation is humility.

You can give away these flowers to show that you’re humbled by recent events. Lilies also represent that you plan on taking action to rectify your mistakes.

Another interpretation is tenderness and tears. This can show how touched you really are and how much pain you’re in.

On top of all that, these flowers are also incredibly fragrant. So, you can say sorry and smell nice at the same time!

15.  Sunflowers

Beautiful Sunflower in Field

Sunflowers can manage to put a smile on almost everyone’s face with a seemingly endless supply of positivity.

Asides from being economically valuable, sunflowers have a close correlation with friendship. Since they grow in the summer, they bring back memories of playing with your friends during summer break.

For these reasons, a bouquet of these flowers can help you express remorse. It shows the person that you admit to causing a dark patch in your relationship and want to revive the good old days.

16. Gardenias

If you want to send a powerful message of forgiveness, gardenias may be your best bet.

The stark white petals of this flower symbolize love and trust. Now, this doesn’t specifically mean romantic love. In fact, more often than not, they’re associated with familial love.

Trust is also another key part of any apology. You want the person in front of you to know that you appreciate their trust and will work on earning it back.

Wrapping Up

There’s a considerable number of flowers that mean forgiveness. One of the most common apology flowers is a daffodil. Still, it’s not the only one.

To show remorse, you can gift a bouquet of a few different flowers, including columbine, carnations, hyacinths, and snapdragons.