9 Flowers that Bring Good Luck

Flowers brighten up the mood with their vibrant colors and attractive shapes. They also provide a tasty food source for pollinators like bees and butterflies, attracting them to your garden and contributing to the balance in the ecosystem. But did you know that some flowers can also increase the good vibes in your living space? So, can you plant flowers that bring good luck?

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For centuries, flowers have been associated with positive feelings like love and happiness, and planting some flowers can boost your chances of enjoying a healthy relationship or making more money. Understanding the effect of several blooms will help you choose the perfect plants for your garden or indoor containers to bring good luck and increase prosperity.

This article will tell you about 9 flowers that bring good luck, fortune, and happiness. So, keep reading to learn about them.

9 Flowers that Bring Good Luck

Different flowers have their special status in ancient and modern cultures, and some of them are believed to invite good luck and improve your mood.

1.   Peony

Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, peonies are attractive flowers that grow from wood shrubs or herbaceous perennials. The plant is planted in fall, and the blooms start appearing from late spring to late summer, depending on the variety.

Peonies are associated with peace and charm, and the red ones are usually considered a symbol of good luck. They have thick root systems that absorb nutrients from the soil, and you should be careful handling these sensitive root systems while dividing or propagating your peonies. Once established, it’s best to leave these beautiful flowers undisturbed, as they can last for decades as long as their needs are met.

The flowers come in various shades of coral, rose, red, pink, purple, and white. Support staking can help this plant as the heavyweight blooms can make the stems flop. The blooms are perfect for cut flower arrangements.

2.   Hydrangea

The hydrangea is a fast-growing shrub with beautiful blooms that are believed to bring good luck and wealth. The shrubs are usually planted in the fall and don’t exceed a maximum height of 10 feet, although they’re usually 5 feet tall.

In the summer, the plant grows attractive flowers that grow in masses. As a result, this plant can be an excellent addition to your hedge or can be planted as a border plant.

The hydrangea plant thrives in USDA zones 3 to 8 and prefers full sun exposure, although protection from the afternoon sun is necessary to protect the plant from scorching. It’s tolerant of poor soil conditions but is toxic to pets and humans. Using a high-phosphorus fertilizer will help improve blooming.

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3.   Garden Mum

Garden mums are beautiful herbaceous perennials that belong to the daisy family. This plant is cold-hardy and will start blooming in the fall when all the other attractive flowers are fading. This is probably why garden mums are believed to bring good luck as they show that there’s always something better coming along even when you think that all is lost.

The color of the blooms depends on the variety, but these flowers usually come in shades of pink, purple, orange, yellow, red, green, maroon, bronze, green, and white. The blooms will start appearing from early September to mid or late October, depending on the climate. The less hardy varieties will grow beautifully in your indoor garden, filling your home with positive vibes and attractive colors.

The garden mum plant thrives in USDA zones 5 to 9 and is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses, so you should plant it where your pets won’t be able to access it. In spring, you need to shear back the plant to delay flowering. When the blooms fade in late fall, you should cover the roots with mulch to protect them during winter.

4.   Lavender

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Lavenders grow as a short shrub in USDA zones 8a to 9b. There are several varieties, but most of them grow blooms with upright petals, giving them a rabbit-like appearance.

Lavender plants usually have gray-green leaves, and the blooms come in shades of white, pink, or purple, depending on the cultivar. Some varieties, like Spanish lavender, are more tolerant of heat.

Once established, lavender is easy to care for, so it’s a good addition to your garden if you’re a novice gardener. It even grows well in containers but needs full sun to grow and produce attractive blooms.

Lavender flowers are believed to bring luck in money and love and will also encourage prophetic dreams. The subtle fragrance evokes feelings of inner peace and harmony, but the plant is toxic to pets.

5.   Orchid

Orchids have been considered a symbol of wealth in ancient Japan and are still associated with good luck and prosperity. This plant is easily noticed thanks to its large blooms that come in solid colors or can be speckled.

The flowers have ruffled or notched edges, and the leaves are covered in a waxy film that prevents excessive water loss. This perennial herb grows to reach a maximum height of 16 inches, and the flowers bloom at different times depending on the variety.

Orchids thrive as house plants, ideally when the soil is slightly acidic. However, most gift orchids won’t survive long if the pot doesn’t provide the optimum growing conditions.

It’s best to provide your orchids with strong light, as long as you provide some protection from the strong afternoon sun. You need to create or buy a balanced orchid medium as they don’t survive well in soil or potting mixes.

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6.   Marigold

Marigolds belong to a big family of fast-growing plants that grow as annuals in USDA zones 2 to 11. There are several varieties that grow flowers in summer, and the blooms come in different shades of orange, yellow, gold, red, and white. Some marigolds are bicolored blooms.

Several varieties grow small single petal flowers, while others grow double petal flowers that can be as wide as 4 inches. Once established, marigolds are considered low-maintenance. Blooming can decrease a little in the hot summer, but continuous deadheading of the spent flowers will encourage more blooming, especially once the temperature starts to drop.

The marigold flower is believed to have protective qualities, driving evil and bad energies away and bringing in good luck. The marigold plant needs to grow in full sun, as the shade can make the plant too leggy and affect blooming. No fertilizing is needed unless the soil is extremely poor.

7.   Azalea

Azaleas represent wealth, home, elegance, and luck, so they’re grown in home gardens and indoor pots to strengthen the connections between family members. The plant is an evergreen or deciduous shrub that thrives in USDA zones 6b to 8a, depending on the variety. There are dwarf varieties that can be three feet tall, while some varieties can reach a height of 20 feet.

Most azaleas bloom in early or mid-April, although some varieties might bloom earlier or later. They’re slow growers, and the blooms come in shades of pink, red, orange, peach, and white.

As long as you’re growing your azaleas in loose soil with good draining, this plant will be problem-free. However, it prefers to grow in slightly acidic soil. The azalea plant can survive in partial shade, but it can benefit from more shade in hotter climates and more sun in colder climates.

8.   Japanese Cherry Blossom

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Japanese cherry blossom trees are usually planted in fall, growing one or two feet per year and reaching a maximum height of 25 feet. Several cultivars are available, and the smaller ones are more suitable for home landscape designs. Some compact varieties can even be grown in pots or as bonsai plants.

During the spring months, the Japanese cherry blossom tree will grow a large number of white, pinkish, or reddish flowers. They’re highly praised in the Japanese culture as they represent rebirth after the long winter, and their blooms are said to bring good luck and prosperity after difficult times.

This tree isn’t drought-tolerant, so the soil needs to be moist. The Japanese cherry blossom isn’t easy to care for and requires consistent attention, as the tree is susceptible to a large number of pests and diseases.

9.   Lotus

Lotus is a beautiful aquatic plant that can be grown in your pond or water garden. It’s slow to start and can be planted in the spring, with the blooms appearing in summer.

This plant comes in various varieties, growing flowers that come in shades of yellow, pink, and white. The American lotus usually has yellow flowers and grows naturally in lakes, ponds, and other still water bodies. It’s considered an auspicious flower, has medicinal benefits, and is said to bring in good luck and harmony.

To grow the lotus plant in your water garden, you need to use special baskets that are designed for aquatic plants. These baskets are lined with special landscape fabric or newspaper sheets, so the soil doesn’t fall through the cracks. Some types of lotus won’t flower unless they receive at least six hours of sunlight.

Wrap Up: 9 Flowers that Bring Good Luck

If you’re looking for beautiful flowers that add a pop of color to your garden and bring good luck, you’d be happy to know that there are several varieties that meet these criteria. All you have to do is take a look at our list and choose a plant that grows well in your climate, and you’ll soon enjoy peacefulness, prosperity, and calmness.