Blue Orchid Meaning & Symbolism: A Detailed Guide

Seeing a blue orchid isn’t an everyday event, but these eye-catching flowers are impossible to forget. What’s the story behind blue orchid meaning?

A blue orchid symbolizes uniqueness, rarity, hope, decadence, and strength as it’s not easy to find. This is why receiving it as a gift or seeing it in a dream sends a powerful message.

Because of its rarity, some people think that the blue orchid is a myth and doesn’t exist in real life. However, this beautiful flower does exist.

It has a lot of spiritual and inspirational meanings related to its beauty and uniqueness. So, keep reading to learn more about them.

What is the Meaning of the Blue Orchid?

Whether you’re buying flowers as a gift or simply love to watch and study them in your garden, you probably know that each flower has a particular interpretation. Learning about a flower’s specific meaning will guide you when you want to send a message to someone special or when you’re trying to interpret the messages the universe is sending you.

Seeing a blue orchid is a rare event that should be celebrated. This is why sending or giving someone a blue orchid is telling them that they’re precious, rare, and unique, and this is why they deserve this one-of-a-kind gift.

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Orchids symbolize love and purity, but the blue flower adds something extra because it’s not common. The blue orchid can represent different emotions and ideas, depending on the context, but all of them relate to its individuality, making it hard to forget.

It’s safe to say that the blue orchid is one of the rarest flowers on earth, and because of its beauty, some people try to create an imitation by injecting a dye into the stem or adding it to the water. The dye travels through the stem and eventually turns the orchid’s petals blue.

This is totally different from the real blue orchid that you can find in rare collections, prized by those lucky gardeners who own it. Here are the meanings of the blue orchid.

As a Gift

As a gift, the blue orchid symbolizes a lot of positive emotions because it’s rare and beautiful. It’s the perfect gift for someone you think is unique.

When you give someone a blue orchid, you’re telling them how special they are. You want to show them that they’re different from everyone else, and you celebrate their individuality with a flower that is always rare to find.

If you’re giving a blue orchid to your significant other or partner, you’ll be celebrating your love using a rare and unique gift that is very difficult to spot. This is why in the Victorian era, lovers used to exchange the blue orchid as a gift to symbolize the unique emotions they felt for each other. The flower says that you’ve never felt like this before, and it’s probably impossible to experience this love with someone else.

The blue orchid can also be a peace offering. You can send it to someone to tell them that you’re sorry and want peace, so you can both resume your relationship together.

Because of its rarity, you can send this flower to someone to show them that you appreciate their status. It was usually given to royalties to show off their wealth by gifting them something of incredibly high value.

As a Message from the Universe

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If you happen to see a blue orchid, consider this a strong message from the universe. The universe is telling you that you’re different, and that’s OK. As a matter of fact, your uniqueness is the reason why you’re receiving this special gift.

In some cases, we might feel overwhelmed with the world around us, struggling to fit in. The blue orchid tells you that you don’t have to.

You can still be yourself, and that would be great because you’re special the way you are. The universe is asking you to believe in yourself and keep doing things your way because you don’t have to please anyone else.

In a Dream

You might see a blue orchid in your dream when you start to question yourself. In many cases, we feel that we’ve to hide who we are and not speak our minds. But the blue orchid appears in your dreams to tell you otherwise.

The flower is telling you that you’re a unique person who stands out from the crowd, and that’s OK. But, you need to be true to yourself, as the rarity and uniqueness of your character are mirrored in this beautiful flower.

The blue orchid could also be a message from your subconscious to let go of stress and control. It has a calming effect, so seeing it should promote feelings of peace and relaxation.

What Does the Blue Orchid Symbolize?

Whether you’re choosing flowers for your landscape or a flower arrangement, each type and color symbolizes several traits. These traits might be present in your character or could be something you want to attract to your life.

The blue orchid is a unique flower because it’s not common and very hard to find. For this reason, it symbolizes a few traits related to its rarity and beauty.


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The blue orchid attracts attention because of its bright shade and beautiful shape. Adding it to a landscape design or a flower bouquet will leave everyone in awe, as some might have never seen this beauty before.


The blue orchid is a tropical flower that grows in hard-to-access locations. This is why it symbolized luxury and was linked to royalties in medieval times.

The flower is hard to get, so people would display it to show that they have the wealth and connections that would enable them to obtain this beauty. This is why it was a popular gift in Victorian times, as it would show someone that you mean so much to them. It would also show them that you’re a well-connected person.


The blue orchid is a flower that goes against the flow. It symbolizes inner and spiritual strength and believing in one’s self.

Think of fighting mediocrity with a flower that resembles no other, and the blue orchid will definitely be the right choice. It’s an independent flower with a special character that always attracts eyes wherever it is.


It’s true that blue is a strong and bright color, but it also symbolizes calmness, peace, and tranquility. This is why the blue orchid can be a token of peace.

Seeing the blue orchid is so mesmerizing and relaxing. It’s not too bright, but it still attracts your eyes with its peaceful and unique beauty. Spending time looking at this flower will generate feelings of serenity and comfort because it is calming.

This is why planting blue orchids where you sit or relax in the garden will greatly impact your mental health. If you struggle with meditation and relaxation, you can try your meditation technique surrounded by this beautiful flower and see how your mind reacts to its presence.


Finally, the blue orchid signifies hope and standing against all odds. It celebrates its uniqueness and sends the same message when you see it.

It tells you that you should always go after your dreams, no matter how different or difficult they seem. You don’t have to fit the norms; you’re as special as the blue orchid.

Wrap Up: Blue Orchid Meaning

The blue orchid is a rare flower, but it exists in nature. However, finding it can be highly challenging.

This is why it symbolizes uniqueness and individuality, and you should think of these traits when you send it as a gift, see it in a dream, or even encounter it in a garden.

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