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Greetings flower friends ~

The arrangement pictured has to be one of my favorite things to design, a compote. Its basic design starts with a low footed container known as a compote. The addition of floral and plant material creates a low, flowing, elegant piece. Our compote design featured below includes florals chosen from my own garden and nursery.  I picked colors and textured foliage that speak to the cooler nights of early summer, soft, elegant with a bold stroke.  This design is a perfect addition to your summer buffet.

This past February I joined the Chapel Designers, ( led by  Holly  Chapple ) on a trip to New York City, we shared stories, attended conferences with amazing designers and took classes at the Flower School of New York. I am honored to be a part of this group of designers. One of the techniques we studied was the compote design a class led by Ariella Chezar. This class made a major impression on me. I love the Compote!! One of the designers from our  group  Isha Foss of Isha Foss Events decided weeks ago we should all make a compote and share it on our individual blogs. Posting our designs on the very same day. I hope you enjoy the post “The Compote”

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Peace, Petals and Planting ~