Indoor Gardening Ideas I am Loving

By now in late January I typically have the winter blues.  Although winter is at times a wonderland of snow, it is often muddy, windy and you do more inside then out.  To remind yourself about how wonderful the soil feels under your fingers, I would suggest gardening indoors.  It definitely helps with the winter funk.  Bring in fresh flowers from your local florists as much as possible to brighten things up in your home.  Here are a few ideas that are fun and are sure to bring a smile to your face as well as your guests.

If you have a table and you don’t mind getting it dirty then by all means, put that thing in front of a sunny window.  If you don’t go to your local antique store and pick one up!  Grab some funky cool containers too!

Okay….. I love this photo and yes it is possible to get a trailing plant to grow like that on your wall as long as you have good light and you take good care of your house plants.  Plant suggestions for indoors that will do this; Algerian ivy, (pictured above) passion vine, jasmine vine or pothos.  Add fishing line or string to help it along!

I really love this idea, so different and original!  Will it last?  Not long with those bulbs!!  I would choose things like succulents, african violets or topiaries.  You will have to make sure you have a liner in the drawers, aluminum or plastic.  Such a cute idea!

A little modern and a little rustic!!  The topiaries are great indoor treasures but require more care.  Be sure to not over water, a very common mistake when caring for indoor plants.  Let them dry to the touch before watering and make sure your water is not getting trapped in the container and rotting from the bottom up.

Terrariums are  great because you can pretty much make them with any glass container you have, vases, bowls, pitchers, lanterns candy dishes, light bulbs, wine bottles … the list goes on!  They make a great craft project for your kids!  I would use plants like, babies tears, fern, african violet, kennel worth ivy or rainbow moss.  This picture makes me think this would be a great way to start tree seedlings, especially avocado!


Of course we all want this, but if you are not  blessed with your own solarium, work with what ya got… its worth it!

If you don’t have shelf space then hang it!

Bathrooms with the right light can be the absolute best place for indoors!  Look how fresh it looks!

I hope this inspires you to start gardening … spring is around the corner, in the mean time do it inside!

Peace ~ Petals & Planting

Morgan Walker