Baby Breath Flower Meaning & Important Interpretations

Baby Breath flowers are some of the most stunning flowers you can find. The flowers belong to the Gypsophila genus and family of Caryophyllaceae. There are over 150 species in this group.  Like most flowers, Baby Breath flowers have meanings. So, what are they?

The symbolism associated with Baby Breath flowers is abundant. These fetching flowers stand for purity, innocence, and unwavering love. They’re associated with the Holy Spirit and self-control, which is why they’re used in chapels. And depending on their color, lots of different meanings and interpretations can be derived.

This flower’s versatility is one of its many charms. In this article, I examine the numerous interpretations of Baby Breath flower meaning.

General Meanings

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Baby Breath flowers typically have a broad range of symbolic meanings based on their colors. However, they have three main general meanings that make the flowers special.

1.   Everlasting Love

One popular custom is to choose the flowers for a wedding bouquet depending on the meaning of the flora. The Baby Breath flower is a common bridal flower. They have been linked to eternal and unending love because of their ability to flourish in rough conditions.

The Baby Breath flower is also a symbol of fidelity. A crucial component of love is fidelity which reflects a person’s character and heart.

These flowers perfectly capture the romance with their light, fresh fragrance. What better way to tell someone you adore and cherish them than to present them with this flower?

2.   Purity and Innocence

This flower also connotes innocence and purity. Baby Breath flowers might be ideal for a loved one who just had a baby.

When a girl is born, the pink Baby Breath flower is a good choice as it’s a sign of adoration and tenderness.

When it comes to newborn boys, the color blue is great as it’s a sign of wisdom, confidence, and strength.

A florist can sometimes color the bouquet in different colors. This will give them a spectrum of colors and convey different moods and feelings.

3.   Holy Spirit and Self-Discipline

Baby Breath flowers have been connected to spirituality and the influence of the Holy Spirit in religion. They serve as a representation of the Holy Spirit in flower bouquets on the altars in churches.

Additionally, Baby Breath is a metaphor for one’s capacity to establish morals and self-control. It demonstrates the effectiveness of devotion and the importance of faith. It also shows people’s capacity to withstand giving in to bad desires.

Baby Breath Flower Meaning Based on Color

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Flowers keep on developing over time, bringing in new features and colors. Many pigments are responsible for that change.

For instance, the pigments known as anthocyanins are primarily responsible for red, pink, blue, and purple tones in flowers. The yellow, orange, and bright red colors, on the other hand, come from other pigments like carotenoids.

Although these flower colors may originate from different pigments, they carry several symbolic meanings.

Now that you know the general meanings associated with Baby Breath flowers, let’s take a look at the meanings associated with the different colors of the Baby Breath flower.

1.   White

White is the color of Baby Breath flowers that is most frequently preferred. It’s viewed as being desirable due to its simplicity and pure look.

This color portrays the general essence of Baby Breath. It has many symbols, like innocence, compassion, goodwill, and faith.

If you’d like to send these flowers to someone, there are events when it’s suitable. These white flowers are appropriate for funerals and bridal arrangements.

The mild, pleasant scent of these flowers might also go well with other flowers in a bouquet arrangement. These flowers pair especially well with roses and hydrangeas.

2.   Red

The most common color for Baby Breath is red, which makes it the ideal gift for your significant other. Red flowers more frequently link to passionate and sincere emotions.

Further, they can express courage, yearning, and respect. They work well for romantic gestures and showing your respect and care for a deceased loved one.

3.   Yellow

Due to it being the color of the sun, yellow can bring light to an occasion. Yellow Baby Breath flowers are usually connected with bringing joy and happiness. They can boost your positive energy because of their joyful disposition and vivid color.

These flowers can also signify friendships and platonic affection. Yellow flowers are an ideal option to give for a memorable birthday or to send congratulations.

4.   Pink

Image of potted pink Gypsophila

This color might signify two different meanings. The first representation conveys elegance and romance, which makes these flowers ideal for expressing romantic sentiments to a significant other.

Femininity and compassion are other representations. For this reason, Mother’s Day bouquets often feature the pink variation of these flowers.

Meaning and interpretations aside, who wouldn’t love some pink Baby Breath flowers blessing their backyard?

5.   Blue

Blue, the most uncommon color, is often associated with loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, and strength. It can also signify calmness and peace because it’s the color of the sea and sky.

Giving someone a blue Baby Breath bouquet might be a good idea if you want to tell them that they can rely on you.

6.   Purple

Purple Baby Breaths are very stunning. Their pale green stalks and delicate purple blossoms produce a breezy decorative aesthetic that works for any occasion.

These flowers symbolize success, nobility, and royalty. They convey adoration and gratitude to the recipient.

Sending these flowers to someone who achieves something, like earning a promotion, is ideal.

7.   Orange

Orange Baby Breath is a vivid, striking color, much like yellow. These blooms stand for warmth, joy, and spirited life. They can also be a sign of hope and perseverance.

The flowers are perfect for a lot of events as the color is quite versatile. You can give them to someone going through a troubling time. Moreover, you can send them to someone who has accomplished their ambitions.

Baby Breath Flower Meaning Throughout History

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During the Victorian era, gardeners adored the pure white floral displays. Therefore, they used to garden the white variation of the flowers all the time. Later on, Baby Breath made its way to the United States of America in 1828.

This flower’s delicate canopy charmed Americans and became in high demand. They regarded this flower with high respect due to its significance and many meanings.

They thought it symbolized forbidden love that develops under trying circumstances. After all, the flowers thrive in gypsum-rich soil, which is tough, dense soil.

The flowers also represented resilience. As a result, it was frequently used in baby showers. This was to bestow love and courage upon the newborn and the parents.

Eventually, Baby Breath became the official name of the flower instead of Gypsophila.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Baby Breath flower meaning can vary. The flower stands for innocence, purity, and everlasting love in general. It’s used in many chapels as they also represent the Holy Spirit and self-discipline.

The symbolism doesn’t stop there, though. Numerous possible interpretations can be derived based on the colors. For instance, while purple Baby Breath flowers might represent nobility, white Baby Breath flowers can represent innocence.

These flowers can be good for any occasion and can be a wonderful touch to many bouquets and flower arrangements. If you decide to get some Baby Breath flowers for whatever reason, rest assured that they’ll get the job done magnificently!

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