Everything You Need to Know About the Armenian Genocide Flower Meaning

The Armenian Genocide flower, also known as the Forget Me Not flower, is a unique symbol that carries a lot of messages. The Forget Me Not flower is the symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The unique flower has three colors: purple, black, and yellow. The black color represents the horrors of the genocide memory, while purple symbolizes the condemnation of the genocide. On the other hand, yellow means hope and a bright future.

Armenian Genocide Flower

Do you want to find out more? In today’s article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Armenian Genocide flower’s meaning. Let’s dive in!

Meaning of Armenian Genocide Flower

The Armenian Genocide flower is the official symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. In particular, purple Forget Me Not flowers are synonymous with the Armenian Genocide.

The reason behind choosing the unique flower as a symbol for the historic event is its color and name.

After years of continuous Armenian Genocide denial by Turkey, Armenia decided to commemorate the event on April 24th, 1919. So, the Forget Me Not floret has an appropriate name, as Armenians will always remember the wrongdoing.

That said, the color of flowers is pretty significant in flower language. As for the Armenian Genocide flower, the black middle of the blossoms symbolizes all the lost lives and memories.

On the other hand, the bright yellow color implies a hopeful future, creation, and new beginnings. Lastly, the vibrant purple indicates the remembrance of the genocide.

Additionally, the violet flower has five petals, which represent the five continents that openly took in Armenian immigrants.

The Forget Me Not Flower in Armenia

Purple Forget Me Not flowers aren’t only popular during the national Memorial Day. In fact, this is the national flower of Armenia.

Naturally, you’ll find this stunning, meaningful symbol all over Armenia, from postcards to jewelry.

Not only are the purple blossoms a significant emblem of the Armenian Genocide, but Forget Me Not flowers are native to Armenia!

So, if you’re ever in the country, you’ll find white, pink, yellow, and of course, purple Forget Me Not in almost every garden.

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Other Meanings of Forget Me Not

Forget Me Nots, or Myosotis sylvatica, are one of the most unique flowers. The delicate flower is essential for any bouquet because of its beauty as well as its rich symbolism.

This blossom gets its name from 15th-century Germany. It was believed that if you gifted your lover this flower, they’d never forget you.

While Forget Me Not flowers signify the sorrowful Armenian Genocide, they’re also indicative of numerous beautiful meanings. These include the following:

True Love

Generally, flowers are an ideal way to show someone you love them. Forget Me Not flowers mean true, everlasting love.

As their name suggests, the Forget Me Not blossom implies that you always want to remember the love and memories shared with a person.

Furthermore, adding this flower to a bouquet means you find the receiver unforgettable.

Loyalty and Fidelity

Fidelity is one of the main aspects of true love. That’s why Forget Me Not represents loyalty and fidelity. This meaning is highly unique, as you’ll rarely find another flower representing faithfulness.

Everlasting Promises

If you want to symbolize your true, meaningful connection with someone, Forget Me Not is an excellent flower.

This gorgeous bloom represents special and memorable connections. So, giving someone Forget Me Nots is a promise of remembrance that’ll last even after the flowers are long gone.

Different Colors of Forget Me Nots

The Armenian Genocide flower is the purple Forget Me Nots. However, the flower comes in numerous colors, all with a bright yellow center.

Colors are pretty important when it comes to the meaning of flowers. So, each color of Forget Me Not has a different meaning. Here’s what each color signifies:


In flower language, the color purple means royalty and respect. Perhaps that’s what makes purple Forget Me Nots ideal as Armenian Genocide flowers. The purple blooms show great honor and respect to the Armenian victims.


Blue flowers are synonymous with love, desire, and inspiration. So, blue Forget Me Nots are the most romantic of the other colors.

blue flowers

Furthermore, blue blossoms are great at helping you feel calm and serene. This makes blue Forget Me Nots magnificent for casual, daily displays of affection.


Pink is the color of femininity and romance. Coupled with the love connotations of Forget Me Nots, the pink blooms would be superb to give to a female loved one.

Make sure to include pink Forget Me Nots in Mother’s Day bouquets! You might also get these pink petals as a symbol of happiness and joyful occasions.


White flowers are the best symbol of purity and innocence. Since Forget Me Nots are a sign of true, everlasting love, this makes them ideal flowers to include in wedding bouquets!

white flowers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What flowers represent the Armenian Genocide?

The official Armenian Genocide flower is the violet Forget Me Not. It’s even the official flower of Armenia.

However, some Armenians recognize the red Poppy as a symbol of the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day.

What does gifting Forget Me Not flowers mean?

If you receive a bouquet of these gorgeous florets, the sender probably has plenty of loving feelings toward you.

Forget Me Nots are ideal romantic flowers to give to your partner. Still, these blossoms are perfect to give to any unforgettable friend or family member.

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What’s the Armenian Genocide flower meaning?

Purple Forget Me Not flowers, or the Armenian Genocide flowers, have a rich history and meaning. The colors of the blossoms represent mourning over the victims of the memorable event, hope for a bright future, as well as honor and respect for Armenia.

Forget Me Not flowers are popular in other regions. They have a beautiful significance in true love, honor, and fidelity. Many people believe that if you give someone Forget Me Nots, you’ll always be on their mind!