Zz Plant Drooping

ZZ plants are usually low-maintenance and easy to care for, but that does not mean that problems will not arise at some point in the plant’s life. There are some problems that may cause the plant to droop. Let’s go through them, so you can get your plant to full health again!

There are several reasons why your Zz plant may begin to droop; some of these problems include overwatering or underwatering your plant, letting the temperature in the plant’s room fall too low, keeping your Zz plant in improper lighting conditions, and many more.

ZZ (Zamiculcas zamiifolia) plants are native to East Africa and therefore require the environmental conditions from this region. So, problems with this plant can easily arise; let us go through them in more detail.

Why Zz Plants May Start Drooping

It is always disheartening when your beloved plant begins to look a little worse for wear and starts to droop. The problem is that there are several reasons what could cause your Zz plant to start drooping, so it can be challenging to figure out what exactly is going on with your plant.

Here are the reasons your Zz plant may be drooping:

  • Improper watering
  • Improper lighting
  • Keeping the plant in low temperatures
  • Nutrient issues in the soil
  • Physical damage

Most of these problems can lead to the death of your Zz plant if they are not fixed as soon as you notice them. So, let’s go through these issues in more detail and see how you can fix them and possibly avoid some of them in the future.

Improper Watering Practices

If you are not watering your Zz plant correctly, then this will negatively affect your plant. The Zz plant is a semi-succulent plant that is extremely sensitive to being overwatered, and it does require some time to dry out between waterings.

If you overwater your Zz plant, this will cause your plant to droop and fall over, and overwatering can also cause your plant to start rotting. Likewise, if you underwater your Zz plant, this can dehydrate the plant and cause it to droop and fall over.

If you leave your Zz plant in either of these conditions for an extended time, your plant could develop serious health problems that can affect it for the rest of its life, or your plant could die.

How To Fix This Problem

Repotting drooping zz plant

If you have overwatered your plant and it is beginning to droop, you will need to repot your Zz plant as the soil is too saturated with water. While you repot your plant, examine the roots to ensure root rot has not developed.

If you see any form of root rot on some roots, you need to carefully trim them off the plant, so the rot does not spread. Then once your Zz plant is in its new pot and soil, place it in the sun for an hour or two to help dry it out a bit.

If underwatering your plant was the cause of its drooping, you need to start watering the plant more. Increase your amount of water slowly, so you do not shock your plant. While your plant is recovering, you can water it a bit more frequently.

How To Avoid Improper Watering In The Future

Water your Zz plant until the water begins to drip through the drainage holes of the plant pot, then stop. This will ensure your plant receives enough water every time you water it.

Then to check if your plant is ready to be watered again, you need to test the soil’s moisture by sticking one of your fingers in the soil. If the first two inches of the soil is dry, you can water your Zz plant again.

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Improper Lighting Conditions

Zz plants are pretty hardy plants, but you need to always provide them with the best lighting conditions to keep them healthy and happy. If you do not provide them with the proper lighting conditions, they will begin to droop or completely fall over.

Both too little sunlight and excessive sunlight can cause this drooping issue with your Zz plant. Too little sunlight is unlikely to cause permanent damage to your plant, but if your plant sits in extreme sunlight conditions, this can burn your plant, which can be permanent.

How To Fix This Problem

If your Zz plant is drooping and you suspect it could be due to improper lighting conditions, but you are not sure if it’s too little or too much sunlight, then start by examining your plant in the location you keep it.

If you notice your Zz plant’s stalks are trying to move away from the sunlight, this is an indication that your plant is receiving too much sun, and you should move it out of the sun and into a place where it receives indirect sunlight.

If you notice that your Zz plant’s stalks are trying to move towards sunlight, then your plant needs to be relocated to a sunnier location.

How To Avoid Improper Lighting In The Future

If you are struggling to keep your Zz plant in the correct lighting conditions, there are two ways you can ensure your plant gets the light it needs to thrive in your care. One option is to buy a grow light to keep your Zz plant under.

Another option is to keep your Zz plant next to a window where you can dampen the sunlight with a sheer curtain. These two options will ensure that your plant receives the perfect amount of sun daily.

The Zz Plant Being Kept In Low Temperatures

zz plant in snow

As Zz plants are semi-succulent plants that live and thrive in drier, hotter climates, it does not tolerate cold temperatures very well. If your Zz plant is exposed to temperature below 65°F, this will begin to affect your plant, and it may droop.

If the temperature drops lower than 45°F, this will damage your Zz plant as the leaves will wilt and turn brown. If this is not fixed, then the leaves of your plant will begin to fall off.

How To Fix This Problem

If you notice your Zz plant drooping and you think it’s due to cold weather, you should move your plant into a warmer room of your house. You can trim away any stalks that may have been damaged with a sharp pair of scissors or garden shears.

You can buy a grow light to help keep the plant warm through the colder months, which also has the added benefit of supplying the plant with great lighting conditions. You should keep your Zz plant away from any draft that could cause the temperature to drop.

Nutrient Issues In The Zz Plant’s Soil

If your Zz plant is drooping, this could be due to a lack of nutrients in the plant’s soil. As Zz plants are semi-succulent plants and they grow slowly, most people forget that they do still, in fact, grow and use the nutrients in the soil.

As the Zz plant grows, it absorbs nutrients from the soil to complete all of its cellular functions. Over time, this growth can deplete the soil of specific nutrients that the plant needs to sustain its life. Once these nutrients are depleted, and the plant has used its reserves, the Zz plant will begin to droop.

How To Fix This Problem

If you think your plant is drooping due to a lack of nutrients in the soil, you can add a good-quality fertilizer to the plant’s soil. You should use a well-balanced, water-soluble fertilizer for your Zz plant.

Even though most gardeners suggest that you do not need to fertilize your Zz plant at all, it is good practice to fertilize it at least once every six months to ensure that your Zz plant thrives.

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Physical Damage Done To The Plant

If your Zz plant begins to droop and fall over, this can also be caused by physical damage to the plant. If you own animals or have small children that like to pull at the plant or play with the plant, with can lead to the Zz plant being damaged.

Alternatively, if you are rough with your plant or have moved house recently and used a moving service, this could also have damaged your Zz plant’s stalks, which will cause the plant to fall over or droop.

The physical damage may not always be obvious on the outside of the stalks, as the delicate structure inside the stalks can be damaged without any exterior signs.

How To Fix This Problem

If your Zz plant was damaged and this is the cause of your plant drooping and falling over, then there is no fix for this, and the only way to get rid of the problem is to trim off the stalks that have suffered physical damage.

Ensure you use sharp shears or scissors for the job and disinfect them. This will help you avoid any disease or pests from possibly spreading to your plant from other plants you own.

Sharp Pruning shears

How To Avoid Physical Damage In The Future

If you have small children or pets, you need to keep your Zz plant away from them to avoid damaging your plant. You should also be gentle with your plant if you need to move it for cleaning purposes or moving house.


There are several factors that could bring about your Zz plant drooping problem, and determining which one is the problem can be a difficult task, but if you go through everything on this list, you should be capable of finding the cause. Good luck with your Zz plant!