White Anemone Flower Meaning

Anemones, or windflowers, are perennial plants with long stems and tiny petals. They’re incredibly popular all over the world and they come in many colors. Because of that, it can be a bit tricky to understand the symbolism behind the flowers. So, if you want to figure out white anemone flower meanings, you’ve come to the right place.

Depending on the region, white anemones can represent different traits. For example, in Europe, they believe these flowers can ward off evil spirits. In other places in the world, anemones stand for bad fortune, forsaken love, and mourning. 

a white anemone

Today, we’ll walk you through the most interesting connotations of white anemone. We’ll also take a look at what the plants mean across multiple cultures.

White Anemone Flower Meaning

White anemones are plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. These flowers are native to subtropical regions all around the world.

However, there are some areas where the florae don’t grow, like Australia and New Zealand.

Because of that, these plants have a long history in a few different cultures. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most interesting symbolism behind white anemones.

1.   Sincerity

The first meaning on our list is sincerity. This is probably due to the appearance of the flowers.

White anemones are incredibly beautiful, delicate plants. When the flowers are in bloom, the petals open up and bend back ever so slightly.

This display resembles an open book, with nothing to hide. Even though the petals may overlap, you can still see every stunning detail of the anemones.

On top of that, these flowers are usually white. As we all know, the shade represents purity and truthfulness.

That’s why these plants have strong links to honesty.

Gifting someone a white anemone bouquet can show them you’re sincere. This can apply to both romantic and platonic relationships.

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2.   Rebirth

Anemones are perennial plants that enjoy warm weather. That means, every winter, the flowers will lose their petals and fade away.

White Anemone Flower

Yet, by the time May comes back around, the florae can sprout new blossoms without fail. As soon as the plants feel the first spring breeze, the flowers will begin to grow.

This cycle of death and resurrection is the reason behind the rebirth symbolism. While the plants may look dead for a few months, they’re still bustling with life.

For that reason, giving someone a white anemone can be a way to give them a fresh start. It can be a sign to let go of the past and focus on a brighter future.

3.   Innocence

Another fascinating meaning behind white anemones is innocence. There are a few interpretations of this symbolism.

The first has to do with the lack of experience or wisdom. This is because of the pure, snowy petals. They resemble a blank canvas that’s ready for a fresh journey.

That’s why it’s customary to gift someone a white anemone when they start a new job.

Other than that, anemones can mean a lack of guilt. When couples fight, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint who began the battle.

Luckily, with white anemones, you don’t have to figure it out. Gifting them is a way to say sorry, without taking full responsibility for the incident.

4.   Protection From Evil

There are a few European cultures that believe anemones can ward off evil.

That’s likely due to the color of the flowers. On the outside, the petals are pure white, which people believe can keep away harmful spirits.

Other than that, the center of the florae is a deep, dark purple. This shade can stand for hope and luxury.

So, a white anemone bouquet can help you wish someone safe travels. You can also use the flowers to show them that you mean them no ill will.

Finally, some people like to keep dried white anemones in their jacket pockets. That way, they’ll have an extra sprinkle of good luck wherever they go.

5.   Forsaken Love

Not all the symbolism behind white anemones is positive. Some of the stories have a tragic history. For example, in ancient Greece, people associated these flowers with forsaken love.

To understand the origins of this meaning, we have to take a look at the story of Aphrodite and Adonis.

The goddess of love fell for a mortal and the two began a passionate affair. However, when Adonis left for a hunting trip, a wild boar was able to overpower him and take his life.

Struck by grief, Aphrodite began crying, and when the tears landed on earth, anemones grew.

Since then, the flowers stand for lost love. That’s why we can use them as parting gifts. Before you say goodbye to a significant other, give them an anemone.

This will display your continued affection for them, even if you’ll no longer be together.

6.   Mourning

Everyone grieves differently. That’s why finding the perfect mourning gift can be tricky. Thankfully, white anemones are an amazing option.

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, the world looks incredibly gray. So, to help them move on, you should remind them of all the beauty still around.

You can do that by gifting them a bouquet of anemones. The bright petals will gently show them that the world around them is still bursting with life.

This may help them break through the sadness and focus on happier thoughts. While the flowers won’t bring back their love, they can give them hope for the future.

7.   Anticipation

White is the color of purity and virtue. That’s probably why many brides prefer to wear this shade on their wedding days.

a garden full of White Anemone Flowers

Because of that, white anemones have a special meaning for couples. Gifting a significant other these flowers is a subtle hint to the nuptial ceremony.

It’s an amazing way of showing them that you’re excited about the big day. This is a cute, flirty way to display your feelings, without seeming too forward.

That way, you get to share the love, without letting the people around you know. So, the flowers can represent anticipation for a happily ever after.

8.   Platonic Love

Most of us think that flowers are exclusively for romantic couples, but that’s not the case. You can use anemones to express platonic love.

Since the petals are white, with a purple center, the flowers don’t scream fiery passion. Because of that, we can use them to show someone that we love them like a friend.

That makes anemones the perfect gift for coworkers. You can both enjoy the beautiful flowers, without making a commitment to each other.

9.   Spirituality

Some cultures believed that white anemones have strong ties to the mystical realms. This is due to what happens to the flowers when they mature.

As anemones start sprouting, they’re firmly attached to the stems. Then, the petals will slowly bloom and create a weight imbalance.

That causes the flowers to break off at the first sign of a strong breeze. Although, because they’re incredibly lightweight, the petals don’t fall to the ground.

Instead, they float in the air and drift away.

For that reason, we consider white anemones a sign of spirituality. In fact, some even believe you can send messages to lost loved ones on the back of the petals.

10. Bad Fortune

While Europeans see white anemones as a good luck charm, not everyone agrees. To some, the flowers are the ultimate sign of bad luck.

The origins of this story date all the way back to the birth of Christianity.

Golgotha was the name of an area outside Jerusalem. There, white anemones naturally grew and filled the space with their subtle scent.

Unfortunately, the town was also the location of Jesus’ crucifixion. As Christ bled from his wounds, the flowers turned a crimson red.

Some thought it was the blood that painted the petals, while others believed it was the Virgin Mary’s sorrow.

Since then, many people associate anemones with misfortune.

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11. Death

Even though anemones appear harmless at first glance, they can be quite deadly.

The plants contain a chemical known as protoanemonin. This is a toxic substance that can be harmful to humans and animals alike.

Because of that, there are cultures that link anemones to death. As you can imagine, that means gifting someone these flowers can spell trouble.

Although, you’ll only feel the effects of the toxin if you ingest it. So, for the most part, you should have no issues handling the plant.

For these reasons, some cultures reserve the plants for the gravestone of a loved one. It’s a way of leaving them with something alive and vibrant as you say goodbye.

Wrapping Up

Figuring out white anemone flower meanings isn’t a walk in the park. That’s because the symbolism changes depending on where you get the flowers.

For example, some cultures associate anemones with rebirth, sincerity, and innocence. These are all positive representations that can help bring people together.

On the other hand, the flowers can also stand for forsaken love, mourning, and death.

So, before you pick up a white anemone bouquet, be sure you understand the message you’re sending.