Solidago Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Solidago is a large genus of flowering plants that belong to the Daisy family (Asteraceae) and contains over 100 different species. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Solidago flower meaning, this guide will have you covered with everything you need to know.

The golden yellow color of the Solidago flower has a major impact on its meaning, as it represents joy and happiness. That’s why Solidago flowers are a symbol of positivity, good fortune, encouragement, and growth.

If you want to find out more about the symbolism of this interesting plant, keep on reading this guide!

Origin and Etymology of Solidago Flowers

Although Solidago is a large genus that includes hundreds of species, they’re quite similar to each other and share a lot of specific characteristics.

The main difference between species is in the size of the plant, which ranges from 12 to 72 inches.

The flower also goes by other common names, especially “Goldenrod”, which refers to the tall and thin stems with golden-yellow clusters of small flowers scattered all across.

The Solidago flower has a characteristic sweet scent that is reminiscent of licorice and is native to North America, although different species of the flower exist in Europe and Asia.

The plant grows freely in the wild and has prolific growth rates to the point that it’s considered an invasive species in some parts of North America.

The word “Solidago” is derived from the Latin word “Solido”, which means “to strengthen” or “to heal”. The name refers to the plant’s medicinal uses and healing properties.

Solidago Flowers in a feild

What Do Solidago Flowers Symbolize?

Now that you know more about the flower, let’s have a closer look at the meanings behind Solidago flowers.

1. Growth

As previously established, Solidago is a fast-growing plant. This all comes down to the plant’s incredible ability to adapt to different conditions, although it prefers plenty of sunlight to grow freely.

For that reason, a lot of people regarded solidago as a symbol of growth and succeeding against all odds.

2. Healing and Encouragement

Early American settlers quickly noticed the healing properties of the Solidago plant, which was used by Native Americans to relieve sore throats and toothaches.

The plant is also known as “woundwort”, due to its ability to treat wounds and protect them from infections while soothing some of the pain.

It’s also generally nutritious and safe to eat. However, some people are allergic to Solidago pollen.

Thanks to the plant’s medicinal abilities, it has been a popular symbol of healing and encouragement, especially for those who have recently received some bad news.

3. Good Fortune

Besides being a symbol of healing, Solidago has also been associated with a lot of stories about vast wealth and fortune.

For instance, some people believed that the plant’s golden yellow blooms point toward hidden treasures.

Solidago is also a sign of good fortune because it’s a highly versatile plant that was involved in many uses. Besides its medicinal uses, the flower was also used to make yellow dyes as well as rubber.

Additionally, since the plant grows freely in the wild, many people consider it a sign of fertile land. Gifting someone a Solidago flower is a nice way to wish them good luck in their life endeavors.

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4. Positivity

The ability to survive harsh and suboptimal conditions while still being a beautiful plant with plenty of uses made the Solidago a great symbol of positivity.

In fact, despite being a nuisance to some farmers, Goldenrods are still the official state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska while being the wild plant of South Carolina and Delaware.

5. Caution

Although Solidago is often associated with positive meanings, it can also represent caution in some situations.

This stems from the yellow color representing jealousy in some cultures. Additionally, it comes from the fact that Solidago is a fast-growing invasive species in some places.

Different Colors of Solidago and Their Symbolism

Most Solidago species come in yellow color, hence the name “goldenrod flower”. However, the flower also comes in a white color, which is known as “Solidago bicolor” or commonly as “Silverrod”.

Unlike goldenrods, Silverrods are inedible and poisonous, especially the plant’s berries and leaves.

Like other flowers from the Solidago genus, this one is a symbol of encouragement and growth. However, it’s also a sign of purity and grace due to its color.

Solidago Flowers

When Should You Use Solidago Flowers?

Solidago is a great flower for various occasions. However, there are some situations where these flowers make a perfect gift. A good example of these events would be:

  • If you’re gifting someone who’s starting a new academic or business venture (to wishing them good luck and fortune)
  • If you want to show support for someone who’s struggling with a certain issue (hoping for them to bounce back even stronger)

When Do Solidago Flowers Bloom?

Different species of Solidago bloom at different times. However, the majority of the species enjoy warm sunny days, so they start blooming around mid-August and up to early October.

Some species may bloom as early as July and as late as September, depending on the temperatures where you live.

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Essential Care Tips for a Vibrant Solidago Flower

Since Solidago is a hardy plant, it can thrive with very little effort. However, some essential care tips can help you extend its blooming season and make the flowers more vibrant and attractive. Let’s check them out:

  • Make sure that you plant Goldenrods in an area with plenty of full sun exposure
  • Avoid overwatering the plant, as it should get most of its water requirements from rainfall
  • Use well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH to improve the plant’s color

Wrap Up

Solidago is a highly versatile plant with beautiful and vibrant flowers. Although it’s considered invasive, it has plenty of good uses that keep it associated with good meanings, such as growth, support, good luck, and positivity.

This flower makes an amazing filler in decorations and will stand out in your garden while adding an aesthetic touch, all the while being safe around humans and pets!