Red Water Lily Meaning and Symbolism

If you like water lilies, you might be interested in knowing more about their different colors and what they symbolize. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the red water lily meaning.

Water lilies are a popular symbol of beauty and harmony. However, the red ones also symbolize passion, romance, devotion in love as well as power and anger.

In today’s guide, we’ll walk you through the origins of red water lilies as well as all the other meanings of the flower!

About Red Water Lily Flowers

The origin of red water lilies has a significant impact on some of their meanings and symbolism, so let’s start by having a quick look at what you need to know.

Origin and Habitat

Water lilies are a large family of flowering aquatic plants, known as “Nymphaeaceae”. The genus contains a wide variety of species in addition to man-developed hybrids and variants.

Although the original color of water lilies is white, the flower exists in a variety of other colors, especially red, pink, and light blue.

The flower usually rests on top of large circular leaves called a “lily pad”. This part sits over the water surface but is connected to the soil beneath the water through the stem.

The root system remains embedded deep into the ground to find nutrition for the plant. Water lilies are common in various locations around the world, but are more common in warm and temperate areas than cold ones.

Traditional medicine from various cultures used water lilies to treat several health problems like burns, boils, wounds, and diarrhea. Yet, there is insufficient scientific proof to back up these health benefits.

Red Water Lily

Nomenclature and Etymology

The word “Lily” is derived from the Latin word “Lilium” (plural Lilia). According to translations from the Old Testament, the original word was an adjective that meant “pale and pure”.

On the other hand, the family name (Nymphaeaceae) is based on water nymphs from Ancient Greek mythology.

Similar to water lilies, these creatures (also known as Naiads) used to live in rivers and freshwater streams.

These creatures took the shape of beautiful young women who are responsible for guarding and protecting these water bodies. However, they also attracted and drowned innocent people who wander these ponds at night.

This is somewhat similar to the water lily’s presence in the water. At first, they provide nutrition for fish and purify the water of toxins. However, since they multiply extremely quickly, they cause drainage problems.

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What Do Red Water Lilies Mean?

Red water lilies carry a lot of symbolism. Some of these meanings are associated with the flower while others are based on its color. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

1. Unity and Peace

Water lilies are popular symbols of unity, peace, and integration. This meaning dates back to Ancient Egypt times when the south (represented by the water lily flowers) joined the north (represented by the papyrus flower) establishing the new empire.

This makes red water lily a good choice for decorating professional workplaces, as it conveys the meanings of interconnection and cooperation between people.

2. Passion and True Love

Like many red flowers out there, red water lilies are a popular symbol of romance and passion between lovers.

The flower is a popular gift during anniversaries. They’re also commonly picked among wedding floral decorations to symbolize the true love between the newlyweds.

3. Beauty

Water lilies have a unique way of growing that makes them stand out and remain the focal point wherever they show up.

For that reason, they’re a popular sign of unique beauty. This meaning is also associated with warm colors like red, orange, and pink because of their contrast with the color of the water.

4. Devotion

Although they can grow in dirty water ponds, water lilies don’t get wet or muddy. Instead, they thrive and stay clean and brightly colored.

This makes the flower a popular Hindu symbol of devotion and resilience against the sufferings of the world, even when surrounded by it.

5. Courage

Red flowers often represent the fire of passion and courage. However, there aren’t many flowers that truly represent that like water lilies.

Despite being delicate flowers, water lilies grow in unfamiliar environments for flowers. Not only that, but it also manages to grow remarkably fast to the point it can cause drainage problems in ponds.

6. Rebirth

Water lilies have a unique growth cycle where they bloom from dawn to dusk. This makes the flower a common symbol of rebirth and resurrection, especially for Buddhists.

One thing you should know here is that this meaning isn’t exclusive to red water lilies. Instead, they’re common among all other colors.

Red Water Lilies

What Do Other Colors of Water Lilies Symbolize?

In addition to red, water lilies come in a variety of other shades and hues. Each one of these colors has its own meanings, which are separate from the general water lily symbolism. These colors include:

  • Blue: Represents unity, spiritual awareness, intuition, and faith
  • White: Represents peace, grief, innocence, and purity
  • Green: Represents personal growth and familiar connections.
  • Yellow: Represents joy, happiness, springtime, and friendship. However, it can also mean caution and jealousy in some cultures.
  • Orange: Represents excitement/enthusiasm, power, and devotion
  • Purple: Represents royalty, wealth, respect uniqueness, elegance, and well-deserved success
  • Pink: Represents beauty, femininity, and peace

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When Do Red Water Lilies Bloom?

Like other water lilies, the red ones typically bloom around summer. The most common species, including red water lilies, usually bloom around June and July.

Each plant will bloom for 2 to 3 weeks and then drown to the bottom of the river or pond, so you’ll need to plant multiple ones to increase your chances of witnessing the blooming flowers.

Final Thoughts: Red Water Lily Meaning and Symbolism

This wraps it up for today’s guide about red water lilies’ meaning and what they symbolize. Water lilies are a symbol of unity and rebirth while the red hue also represents passion, romantic love, and courage.