Red Roses with One White Rose Meaning

The flower language is one of the best ways to express your feelings without uttering a single word. In fact, different flowers and combinations can carry a lot of symbolism. So, here’s the red roses with one white rose meaning.

In most cases, the combination of red roses with white roses implies good meanings like unity, togetherness, and strong bonds. That’s why these combinations are common in weddings as well as business meetings.

If you want to find out more about the combination of red and white roses, this guide will have you covered with everything you need to know!

What Do Red and White Roses Mean?

Before diving into the details of red and white rose combinations, let’s start by having a quick look at the general meaning of both red and white roses individually.

Red Roses Meaning

Red Roses 1

Red Roses are known universally as a symbol of passion, love, and romance. Today, this meaning is widely understood and accepted in almost all cultures and all over the world.

The deep red color of roses, combined with the unique pattern represents the connection and desire between lovers.

White Roses Meaning

Unlike red roses, white ones have plenty of meanings and may vary from one culture to another. Of course, the white color represents innocence and purity.

This makes white roses a symbol of young love, new beginnings, and eternal affection. Some cultures also regard white roses as a symbol of friendship and family.

What Do Red Roses with One White Rose Mean?

The combination of red roses with one white rose has an impactful meaning that stems from the meaning of both flowers.

A lot of people believe that red roses with one white rose are a powerful symbol of unity and togetherness.

In that case, the red roses represent a large group of people with strong bonds of love and connection between them. On the other hand, the white rose represents all the mutual aspects that they agree on.

The unity here isn’t exclusive to loved ones, family, or friends. In fact, it can also mean colleagues and co-workers as well.

The combination is usually arranged in the form of 11 red roses with the white rose placed in the middle.

This ratio is usually excellent because it keeps the white rose exactly in the middle but still surrounded by plenty of red flowers.

The number 11 is also commonly used to signify the recipient as a treasured and deer person to you.

Additionally, it helps you avoid any negative associations of red/white combinations (more about that in the following sections)

What Do White Roses with One Red Rose Mean?

Red & White Roses

A combination of white roses with a single red rose can also symbolize unity. However, this combination has a more romantic background than the previous one.

Some people interpret the white roses as a symbol of purity and virtue while the red rose represents love and passion.

When you gift someone white roses with a single red rose, it’s a speechless message that describes your love towards them.

It also implies that this person is the only one in your heart. Since white roses are a symbol of longevity, it also represents eternal love.

Does the Shade of Red and White Affect the Meaning?

Red roses exist in various shades. On the other hand, some white roses are more “yellowish” than others.

Ideally, the meanings of unity, togetherness, and eternal love don’t change much if you’re using proper shades of red and white, so you don’t have to worry about that!

With that being said, you still need to make sure that the shade is within an acceptable range. If you use faded roses, it might be interpreted as diminishing love.

Some people associate the depth of love with the shade of red where darker and deeper red implies stronger love, so you should try to pick the deepest red roses while preparing the bouquet for a lover.

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What Does a Combination of Red and White Roses Mean?

Although red and white roses both have very positive meanings when used alone, the combination of an equal number of red and white roses isn’t always received well.

In some countries, especially in Western Europe and Australia, the combination of red and white roses represents blood and tears or wounds and bandages.

For that reason, red and white roses are considered bad luck or a bad omen when presented to a sick person.

With that being said, the negative connotations of red and white roses are only applicable when they’re around the same number and aren’t accompanied by any other colors.

Better Alternatives

If you’re planning on gifting red and white roses to a sick person or while visiting someone in the hospital, you might want to consider other flowers and color combinations.

For example, you should go for alternatives like yellow, pink, or orange shades, which represent happiness and wish for good health, friendship, and eternal youth. This includes sunflowers, calendulas, orange tulips, or yellow roses.

What Are the Best Occasions to Use Red Roses with One White Rose?

Since this combination usually implies togetherness, love, and eternity, it’s usually an excellent choice for wedding ceremonies and can be used for both bouquets and decorations.

However, since it also means unity, this unique pattern is fairly common in home and business meetings.

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Wrap Up

This marks the end of today’s guide about the combination of red and white roses. As you can see, the number of flowers and arrangement of the bouquet can have a major impact on its meaning.

Using a single white rose with plenty of red roses mainly symbolizes unity and togetherness. It’s a common decoration in both personal and business celebrations.

This also applies to white roses with one red rose, which also implies love and unity, making it a popular wedding decoration.

Keep in mind that some people consider the combination of red and white roses bad luck because it symbolizes blood and bandages/tears, so you shouldn’t have an equal number of both.