Purple Water Lily Meaning and Symbolism

Water lilies are among the most interesting flowers out there, as they grow in water rather than on land. It also exists in many colors, including purple. If you want to find out more about purple water lily meaning and symbolism, this guide will have you covered!

Like other water lilies, the flower is a popular symbol of resurrection and rebirth. However, purple water lilies can also mean power, nobility, elegance, success, and respect.

In today’s guide, we’ll have a brief overview of all the different meanings of this beautiful flower. Let’s dive in!

About Purple Water Lily Flowers

Let’s start by having a quick look at the origin of purple water lilies and how they grow, which have a noticeable impact on the meanings and symbolism of the flower.


Water lilies belong to the family “Nymphaeaceae”, which is a large family that encompasses over 40 to 70 species of the flower. Some of these species are natural while others are hybrids and variants developed by humans.

In addition to purple, water lilies come in a wide variety of colors, such as white, red, blue, and pink.

There are plenty of purple water lily species that vary in terms of vibrancy. However, the most popular one is the Tropical Nymphaea, also known as “Purple Joy”.

As the name suggests, water lilies are aquatic plants that typically live in freshwater streams and ponds, especially those with muddy bottoms.

The flower floats over the water, resting on large leaves known as lily pads. Meanwhile, the plant’s stem is submerged in water and the roots dig into the ground looking for nutrition.

Different species of water lilies are native to different parts of the world. However, the plant is common in various tropical and temperate areas with a few exceptions that prefer cold weather.

Purple Water Lily Blooming in the sun


One thing you should know here is that lilies and water lilies aren’t from the same family. Instead, lilies belong to the Liliaceae family while water lilies belong to the Nymphaeaceae family.

The family name is derived from the water nymphs from Ancient Greek mythology. These nymphs used to live in streams and ponds and took the shape of pale young women.

Nymphs were responsible for protecting the streams and keeping them pure, and some people associated the presence of water lilies with them, which is why they’re called lilies. (The word “Lilia” in Latin translates to “pure and pale”).

Blooming Season

The ideal blooming season of water lilies may vary depending on their species. When it comes to purple water lilies, they typically bloom in July and August because they’re the warmest months.

However, depending on the climate where you live, you may witness purple water lily flowers as early as May.

keep in mind that each individual water lily will stay in bloom for a few weeks before it drowns to the bottom.

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What Do Purple Water Lilies Mean?

Now that you know more about purple water lilies and their origin, here’s a quick look at the different meanings that they represent, whether they’re associated with the color or the flower species as a whole.

1. Resurrection

Rebirth and resurrection is a major pillar of the Buddhist faith, which is why water lilies are commonly found in these temples.

According to Buddhism, water lilies are a symbol of renewal and resurrection because of the flower’s blooming cycle. As a sun-loving plant, the flowers will open with dawn and closes back again in dusk.

Also, it’s a perennial flower that will die at the end of the blooming season and come back again the following year.

2. Unity

If you want to convey the meanings of cooperation, integration, and unity, purple water lilies would be a great choice.

Unity and peace are among the oldest meanings of the water lily flower. This meaning is inspired by the unification of Ancient Egypt, which was split into two kingdoms at the time.

The north was represented by papyrus flowers while the south was represented by water lilies. Today, many workplaces use water lilies in their decorations to represent these meanings.

Purple Water Lily

3. Nobility

Purple water lilies are commonly used in Feng Shui decorations to turn bad luck into great fortune.

Not only that, but the color purple is also highly associated with wealth and high status since ancient times.

The reason behind this association is that purple dyes were quite rare and very expensive to make. That’s why purple colors were almost exclusively worn by the noble and royal classes.

As a result, purple flowers used to decorate their large estates were often a symbol of nobility and uniqueness.

4. Success and Power

As you now know, water lilies live in an unfamiliar environment. The triumphant plant manages to thrive underwater and produce beautiful flowers that float over the water’s surface to catch everyone’s attention.

That’s why purple water lilies are an excellent sign of resilience, success, and powering through tough struggles.

This also makes the purple water lily a symbol of respect and appreciation. This is why the flower is a popular gift at weddings and anniversaries.

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Should You Gift Purple Water Lilies?

Purple water lilies make excellent gifts because they’re incredibly beautiful and quite fragrant when compared to other species. They also carry a lot of great meanings, such as respect and success, and good fortune.

Purple Water Lily

Other Water Lily Colors and Their Meanings

Different shades of water lily may carry unique meanings depending on their color. For example, red water lilies are a sign of strong passion and true love while pink water lilies are a symbol of innocence, beauty, and femininity.

On the other hand, other shades like blue water lilies represent intelligence, faith, and spiritual awareness.

Wrap Up

The combination of the color purple and water lilies creates some of the most aesthetically pleasing flowers out there.

That’s why it’s no surprise that they have some special symbolism and meanings associated with them.

Purple water lilies represent resurrection, uniqueness, and power. They’re also a symbol of respect and well-deserved success.