Purple Stargazer Lily Meaning

Stargazer Lily is an incredibly unique flower with an amazing fragrance to complete the already-beautiful package! But do you know that the purple stargazer lily meaning is equally beautiful?

Purple stargazer lilies are generally associated with positive vibes. While it can represent many lovely meanings, it commonly represents rebirth, beauty, purity, and royalty. The meanings are derived from the unique color and characteristics of the flower.

If you want to find out more about the symbolism behind this beautiful flower and when to use it, this guide will have you covered with everything you need to know!

Origin and Etymology of Purple Stargazer Lily Flowers

Stargazer Lilies are a part of the attractive and widely popular lily family, also known as the “ Liliaceae family”.

These are Old World flowers that were present throughout most of Europe and spread deep into Asia and some of Polynesia.

The name “lily” comes from the Latin word “Lilium,” which is an old Greek word that means “true.”

The two most popular species of Lilies are Oriental lilies (Lilium orientalis) and Asiatic lilies (Lilium auratum).

Plenty of botanists tried to combine the beauty and lovely scent of Asiatic lilies with the hardiness of Oriental lilies.

One of the most successful attempts to produce a hybrid was in 1978 when Leslie Woodruff created the Stargazer Lily through cross-pollination of the flower, after several failed attempts.

Woodruff called it “Stargazer Lily” because it always blooms to face the sky. The flower was originally pink. However, new variations of the flower produced other colors, such as blue, red, and purple.

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What Do Purple Stargazer Lilies Symbolize?

Now that you know more about the origin of Purple Stargazer Lilies, here’s a brief overview of some of the popular meanings of this unique and beautiful flower.

1. Rebirth

The association of flowers and rebirth has existed since ancient times. Since lilies are perennial plants that will keep blossoming every year, the cycle of fading and blooming is a major inspiration behind this meaning.

Although this meaning isn’t exclusive to lilies alone, the Purple Stargazer Lily is often associated with rebirth and starting a new chapter in life.

2. Royalty and Wealth

A lot of civilizations, especially Asian ones, believed lily flowers to be harbingers of good luck and fortune to their carrier.

For that reason, Stargazer lilies can also mean wealth and high status, especially when they’re purple.

The color purple always had an elite status among the noble and royal classes because the fabric dyes needed to produce them were very expensive and rare.

For that reason, purple flowers, including lilies, were used to decorate their estates and palaces, establishing a deep connection because of their color and uniqueness.

3. Innocence and Purity

Many of the Purple Stargazer Lily will also contain white in them. The combination of white and purple in a flower has always been a symbol of chastity, innocence, and purity.

Although white lilies are a symbol of purity since the Victorian Era, almost all Lily flowers share this lovely meaning.

Purple Stargazer Lily

4. Sympathy

Another meaning that is also associated with Purple Stargazer Lilies is sympathy, condolence, and tender remembrance of memories that will never fade.

Purple, especially the lighter hues present in Stargazer Lilies, is generally a color of faithfulness and peace, which also match its energy as a flower of sympathy and loyalty.

5. Success

Since Purple Stargazer Lilies are known for their characteristic behavior of blooming facing the open sky, they’ve always been associated with success and determination.

In fact, When Leslie Woodruff attempted to create the Stargazer Lilies, things didn’t work out perfectly on the first try.

Since the flower development took a lot of persistence and determination to work, the flower itself is a story of success!

This is why decorating your house with Purple Stargazer flowers will spread a vibe of positivity and symbolizes hope and optimism.

6. Awareness and Intuition

Lastly, the purple color has a deep connection with awareness on a spiritual level. This is because both the 6th and 7th chakras have purple hues (indigo and violet).

The 6th chakra, known as “Ajna” controls your third eye or your intuition. On the other hand, the 7th chakra, known as “Sahasrara”, is the crown chakra that rules your consciousness.

Since the Purple Stargazer color is a mix of the two, the flower is a symbol of maintaining a spiritual balance between the heart and mind.

When Should You Use Purple Stargazer Lilies?

Since Purple Stargazer Lilies are always associated with lovely vibes, you can use them in just about any situation to convey positive meanings.

You can also use purple stargazer flowers either alone or incorporated with other flowers for a more complex symbolism.

As a symbol of wealth and success, Purple Stargazer Lilies can be a perfect gift for someone starting a new business or venturing into a new adventure in life.

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When Do Purple Stargazer Lilies Bloom?

Purple Stargazer Lilies are perennial flowers that bloom every year when temperatures are warm.

The plant may tolerate partial shade but you should keep it under full sun to extend its blooming time, which is usually during mid to late summer.

Quick Care Tips for a Healthier Purple Stargazer Lilies

Here are some valuable tips to help you keep the Purple Stargazer Lilies vibrant and longer-lasting:

  • Use heavy clay soil to stay damp for a long time, but avoid drenching it with water
  • Plant the bulbs in early spring so that they bloom as quickly as possible as the temperature warms up
  • Remove any faded blossoms to encourage new growth
Purple Lily

Final Thoughts

This wraps it up for today’s guide which walks you through all the different meanings of the purple Stargazer Lily and what the flower symbolizes.

As you can see, Purple Stargazer Lilies can represent a wide range of meanings, especially rebirth, innocence, royalty, and sympathy.

The flower works well as a hose decoration and also doubles as an excellent gift, so there’s no limitation to what you can use it for.