Purple Aster Flower Meaning – Explained

Purple is the most common color of Aster flowers. They’re eye-catching and appropriate to give on multiple occasions. What is the purple Aster flower’s meaning, though?

Purple is a color that radiates a sense of royalty and importance. Combined with the origin of the flower, purple Asters mainly demonstrate nobility, wisdom, and faith.

Purple Aster Flowers

In this article, we’ll be talking about the purple Aster flower’s meaning, origin, and symbolism. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about this flower that might interest you. So, read on to learn more!

Purple Aster Flower Meaning

The purple Aster flower has lots of meanings that we’ll be discussing throughout the article. Those meanings mainly revolve around wisdom, faith, and nobility.

In Victorian society and culture, the purple Aster flower represents daintiness, endurance, and charm. So, if you spot one in a Victorian painting, now you know what it symbolizes.

It’s proclaimed that when this flower is burnt, it keeps serpents away. So, it can mean protection in some cases as well.

Purple Aster flowers, which have a deep-rooted significance in Greek culture, can also be found in many tattoos that represent love and royalty.

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Purple Aster Flower Origin and History

Greek soil is the native location of purple Asters. According to Greek mythology, the Aster flower was made from the tears of the goddess of stars and justice, Astraea.

She began weeping one day because she was distraught about not seeing stars in the empty, black sky. As she was crying, her tears dropped on the ground and transformed into star-shaped flowers known as Asters.

Another story has Virgo sprinkling stardust across the planet. As it dropped, Asters flourished and spread across the globe.

The name ‘Aster’ translates to ‘star-like’ because of the way the flower looks like a star.

When this flower was offered to the gods on altars in Greek mythology, it came to represent affection and faith.

Victorians also used purple Aster flowers to convey secret messages. In those days, Asters in a bouquet represented spontaneity, diversity, and daintiness.

The Aster Revolution is another name for the 1918 Hungarian Revolt. As a show of support for the nation’s freedom, the protesters put Asters on their headwear.


Additionally, Asters were formal decorations placed on the graves of French soldiers during World War II. This was to represent how they hoped the soldier’s situation had been better.

Purple Aster Flower Symbolism

With all the different meanings associated with purple Aster flowers, it could be tricky to guess what it symbolizes in different scenarios.

Yet, purple Aster flowers usually symbolize respect, royalty, and admiration. Just like they were given to gods and goddesses, they could be given to the person you admire as much as the Greeks admired their gods.

Lilac Aster flowers are also known to symbolize elegance alongside nobility and undying devotion.

When to Gift Purple Aster Flower and to Whom

Purple Aster flowers are the signature flowers for September-borns. So, you can give them around that time or give them to someone born in September.

They make a great gift for a person that you value and are affectionate toward. So, if you want to send a message of ‘I respect and admire you deeply,’ purple Aster flowers are what you should go for.

The purple Aster is also associated with Capricorns for the similarities the flower holds with them. For instance, when it comes to day-to-day life decisions, Capricorns choose to be noble and faithful.

Additionally, the Greek goddess Astraea stands for justice and accuracy, two things that Capricorns value highly.

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What Flowers Fit With Purple Aster?

Baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s lace, and lavender are a few blooms that go well with Asters because they all have a fragile feel to them. These flowers all communicate a common theme of affection, beauty, and grace.

If you want an Aster bouquet that stands out more, consider combining them with brighter flowers like roses or sunflowers.

Choose Asters in the colors purple, pink, and white to create a striking contrast if you want to make a lovely autumn bouquet.

Other Aster Flower Colors and Their Meaning

Aster flowers come in a lovely variety of hues and each has a different meaning and symbol.

Purple Asters
  • White Aster flowers represent youth and purity
  • Red Aster flowers represent deep adoration and love
  • Pink Aster flowers represent delicacy and innocence
  • Blue Aster flowers represent trust and faith

Uses of Aster Flower

Alongside their beautiful delicacy, civilizations from all around the world used Aster flowers for different reasons, such as for medicine and art.


The Aster is a common medicinal herb in Chinese culture that is used to cure everything from mild hangovers to epileptic seizures. Additionally, Asters can help with digestion when made into a beverage.

The Aster is also used as an alternative treatment for a variety of breathing problems, including asthma, lung deficits, and coughs.

It works well as a respiratory home remedy, particularly during the cold and flu season. This medicinal flower can also work as a relaxant by enhancing your blood circulation.


Asters have appeared in numerous works of art over the years, including novels, poems, and paintings.

Vincent van Gogh has used Chinese Aster flowers in several of his artwork. Additionally, Claude Monet painted a breathtaking bouquet of Asters in 1880.

In his well-known poem A Late Walk, Robert Frost depicted a lonely stroll through a gloomy environment. He concluded by describing the Aster flower as a symbol of optimism and hope.

Wrapping Up

Purple Aster flowers have deep significance and meaning, in addition to their attractiveness. They’re charming in a pot, bouquet, or even as a tattoo.

Knowing what the purple Asters symbolize and mean will help you get more creative with a present to your admired person.

They’re a perfect addition to most bouquets and are appropriate for most occasions. So, start customizing the perfect purple Aster bouquet, and thank me later!