Propagating Monstera Without Node: Important Expert Tips

So you’ve heard about propagating monstera without node? Yes – me too! In reality, you cannot propagate Monstera plants with a cutting that lacks a node. The plant node contains the structures needed or the building blocks to create new growth on the cutting, so without the node, there will be no new growth, and the cutting will eventually die.

What would happen to the cutting if you tried to propagate it anyway, even though it does not have a node? How do you correctly propagate Monstera plants with a node? Let’s find out!

Can You Propagate Monstera Without A Node?

Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) plants are beautiful plants that have a lovely unique look with their split leaves and bright green colors. You also get a wide variety of Monstera plants, so you are sure to find one that suits your style.

Monstera plants are extremely low-maintenance plants, which is part of the reason why they are becoming popular. These plants require very little care from their owners and can happily be left alone, with only being watered once a week, depending on the environment they are kept in.

So, it is no wonder you want to propagate your Monstera or try to propagate a leaf or two you sneakily cut from a plant in a park.

However, you may only notice that you accidentally made the cut too high once you have already made the cut, and your cutting does not have a node. So, can you still propagate your Monstera cutting without a node?

Unfortunately, you cannot propagate Monstera plants with a cutting that lacks a healthy node. The reason for this is that the plant’s nodes contain the structure needed to create and build new growth for the plant.

In other words, without the node, the cutting will not have the “building blocks” it requires to create new stems and leaves, so the cutting will not grow, and it will have a shorter life span as it cannot replace or make the cells it requires to survive.

Water propagation

What Happens If You Propagate Monstera Without A Node?

So, what will happen if you try to propagate your Monstera cutting anyway, even if it does not have a node? If you try to propagate your node-less cutting, the Monstera cutting will not grow into a full-sized plant.

If your Monstera cutting was a leaf-cutting that still has the petiole, then your cutting can stay fresh and alive for a few months if you keep it in water.

The leaf-cutting may even begin to grow some roots, but do not let this get your hopes up, as this is merely the leaf’s way of surviving a little longer off the mother plant, but the cutting will begin to die after a few months.

So, you could still use your node-less cutting for decorative purposes, but it will not grow into a new Monster plant without a node. If you wish to propagate a Monstera correctly to grow another plant with new leaves and stems, you need to use a cutting with a healthy node on it.

Let’s have a look at how to propagate Monstera plants properly, so when you walk by that Monstera plant again and sneakily take a cutting or two with a healthy node, you know exactly what to do next!

This section will also go through the best method for you to use to propagate Monstera plants, as it has a higher success rate than a few other methods.

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How To Propagate A Monstera Correctly

There are three different methods that many gardeners and Monstera plant owners recommend you use to propagate your Monstera plant. These three methods are:

  • Stem cuttings rooted in soil
  • Stem cuttings rooted with water
  • Stem cuttings rooted in moss

These propagation methods require a node to be on the stem cutting; if your cutting does not have a node, then the plant will not grow.

We will go through the easiest one of these three propagation methods so you can see how to propagate your Monstera properly.

The first few steps in this method will also take you through how to cut a healthy stem cuttings from the plant without damaging the mother plant and increasing your chances of the cutting propagating successfully.

Pruning Monstera

Propagating Monstera Plants In Water

Propagating your Monstera plant through stem cuttings and water is the easiest propagation method and will not take a long time for you to complete. Let’s go through how to do this propagation method successfully.

Equipment Needed

You will need some equipment to successfully propagate your Monstera Plant using this stem cutting in water method; ensure you have all this equipment before you begin propagating your Monstera plant. Here is what you will need:

Method For Stem Cutting Propagation With Water

Propagating your Monstera plant through stem cuttings and water is one of the best ways you can propagate your plant.

Gardeners have suggested that you have a higher success rate when propagating through this method with the Monstera plant compared to the other two methods mentioned above. So, let’s go through how to cut a healthy stem cutting with a node to multiply your Monstera plant successfully.

Step 1 – the first thing you must do when using this method is sanitizing your scissors, knife, or shears using the saline solution or alcohol swab. This will make sure that any spores of fungus or disease that may be on the scissors, shears, or knife from any other plant are killed and not transferred to the Monstera plant or stem cutting.

Step 2 – before you cut your stem cutting, you need to prepare the glass jar by filling it with fresh, clean water; you will use it to root the stem cutting. Let the water air out until you are ready to place the cutting into the water, as this will ensure the water is at room temperature, which will help prevent the cutting from becoming stressed.

Step 3 – once your sharp cutter has been sanitized and is dried off and your water jar has been prepped, carefully cut a stem off of your Monstera plant from the base of a stem on the plant.

Ensure the stem you choose to cut is healthy and growing well and has at least one healthy node; otherwise, the plant will not show any new growth, meaning the propagation has failed.

So, examine the stem carefully to ensure your cutting will contain a healthy node with no markings or defects that could affect the growth of the new plant.

Make sure you cut the stem straight and go all the way through the stem; this will minimize unnecessary damage to the plant and the cutting.

Step 4 – once you have cut the stem off of the mother plant, you can leave the cutting to be calloused over in a warm room for about one hour before moving to the next step.

Step 5 – after the Monstera cutting has been calloused over, you can place the stem cutting into your jar of water that you prepared earlier. When using the glass jar with water to root your cutting, you should change the water every week or two and check for any signs of mold growing on the cutting. If mold is present in the jar, your cutting will not root

Step 6 – keep the Monstera stem cutting in a location where it will receive bright and indirect sunlight. If your stem cutting does not receive the right amount of sunlight daily, it will not root and will probably die, meaning your propagation has failed.

Step 7 – when your Monstera stem cutting begins to grow roots, do not take it out of your jar until the roots are one inch long. When your cutting has 1-inch-long roots, you can repot it into its new home for the next year or two. This rooting time can take about 4 to 6 weeks.

You need to remember that a cutting without a node will still grow roots; however, the plant will not experience any new growth, so no fresh leaves or stems will grow from the cutting. Without a node, the cutting will stay the same size and have a short life span.

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Conclusion: Propagating Monstera Without Node

To propagate a Monstera plant correctly, the cutting you take from the mother plant needs to contain a healthy node, or the plant will not grow. So, the idea of propagating monstera without node is merely wishful thinking on the part of new gardeners.

However, if your cutting does not contain a node, do not throw it away just yet, as you can keep it in water and use it for decorative purposes for a long time. When you go take your next cutting, always remember to look for a node and cut 1″ below it to ensure you can grow a new Monstera plant!

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