9 Best Plants for Office With No Windows

Learning about the best plants for office with no windows can significantly impact your productivity and mood. But, since most plants need continuous access to light, finding plants that can tolerate this environment can be a little tricky.

Several plants can grow in the shade and low light conditions. Nevertheless, they’ll stay beautiful and even improve the quality of air in your office. Adding artificial lights like LED and fluorescent light will help these plants grow because they provide the needed blue wavelength, similar to what plants get from natural sunlight.

In this article, you’ll find several suggestions that you can try. So keep reading to learn about the right plants to elevate the mood in your office.

9 Best Plants for Office With No Windows

In order to thrive, most plants need access to fertile soil, adequate sunlight exposure, and regular watering. Yet, this is not the case with every single plant.

Some species are more forgiving than others, so they can grow in less fertile soil. As a matter of fact, they might prefer low-nutrient soil, so you won’t even have to worry about fertilizing your plant.

Several plants can go weeks without being watered, while others can survive in the absence of sunlight. These are the types that this article will focus on.

Most modern offices don’t have windows because these offices are usually located in tall buildings. The wind speed can be too fast, so having no windows is actually a safety feature. Moreover, the absence of sunlight can reduce glare on computer screens.

Unfortunately, the lack of windows can affect employees’ moods, and adding some plants will definitely improve it. So, here are 9 plants that can survive in the shade.

Spider Plant

Spider plant

Spider plant is tolerant of low light conditions and grows pretty fast to add the needed greenery to your office space. As the plant grows, aerial roots emerge and can be used to grow new spider plants. Mature plants also grow star-shaped flowers.

People love the spider plant because it thrives in less-than-perfect conditions that other plants won’t tolerate. You can water it every week or two when the first inch of the soil feels dry.

The spider plant grows in hanging pots and doesn’t require much care. However, fertilizing the plant once a month during spring and summer will promote its growth.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant grows fast in indoor environments with upward shoots that can be four feet tall. It has deep green waxy and shiny leaves, and sometimes people mistake it for an artificial plant.

This plant originally comes from Africa, so it can survive without regular watering. It’s also one of the best plants for an office with no windows with little or no light.

It doesn’t need regular fertilizing, but it’s a slow-grower. It can be an excellent desk plant, and you’ll only need to repot it every two years or so.

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Snake Plant

There are several varieties of snake plants, and most of them will make excellent plants for an office without windows, as they can tolerate different light conditions, including partial and complete shade.

Snake plant is an excellent choice for beginners and busy environments. It’s easy to grow and is almost indestructible. However, the lack of natural light slows down its growth.

This plant doesn’t need much care, so it can tolerate being neglected, and it would still look great. Moreover, it won’t need regular repotting, so it can last for up to six years in the same pot.


Potted Pothos

With only some fluorescent light, all-green varieties of pothos can survive and grow fast. Then, all you have to do is to water the plant when it’s dry. You should also fertilize it regularly during the growing season.

The variegated verities need continuous access to sunlight to maintain the look of the leaves. So, if you grow them in the office, the leaves are likely to turn green.

You can grow pothos on a shelf or in a hanging pot where the leaves cascade downwards. It helps absorb the toxins from the office environment, improving the air quality.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest plants to grow in an office because it can grow in the shade and even without soil. This plant is associated with good feng shui, or harmonizing energy, and there are different symbols regarding the position of the stalks you keep.

You can grow this plant in a pot with a well-draining, rich potting mix or in a vase filled with pebbles and an inch of standing water. You must water it regularly to keep the soil moist but not soaked.

If you grow the lucky bamboo plant in a vase, change the water every week or two to protect this plant from diseases.

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Parlor Palm

Parlor palm is an attractive pot plant that grows clumps of green foliage. Moreover, the cut fronds are popular in flower arrangements and decorations because they can survive up to 40 days after being cut.

This beautiful plant can survive in low-light conditions as well as indirect sunlight. But, with the complete absence of sunlight in an office with no windows, this plant will need fluorescent light to stay in good shape.

Since the parlor palm can reach a height of 6 feet tall, it’s an excellent corner plant to make your office pop with life. It can survive in dry environments, but it prefers humidity.

Dumb Cane

The dumb cane plant is called so because ingesting the plant inhibits the ability to speak. It’s highly toxic to humans and pets.

This plant thrives in indoor environments, reaching a height of about five feet tall. However, when grown in sunlight, this plant can be ten feet tall with leaves that measure about 20 inches.

It’s a fast-growing plant that grows about two feet per year, so it’s an excellent addition to any office. The large leaves create a tropical vibe in your space and remove toxins such as xylene from the air.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plant

The prayer plant belongs to the Maranta family that grows in Brazil. It gets its name from the leaves that stay flat during the day and fold like praying hands at night. The leaves also fold when the temperature decreases or the plant needs watering.

This plant is a slow grower, reaching a height of one foot tall, so it works as a desk plant. Exposing the prayer plant to too much sun can scorch the leaves, so it’s an excellent choice for a windowless office.

It thrives in well-draining soil and needs regular watering. Regular fertilizing during the growing season will keep this plant in perfect health.

Dragon Tree

The dragon tree is an evergreen succulent that hates direct sunlight. When grown outdoors, it can reach a maximum height of 50 feet tall, but it also thrives as an indoor plant in low-light conditions.

This plant is a very slow grower, so you won’t have to worry about repotting it often when you’re growing it in the office. It prefers well-draining soil and doesn’t need regular water, as it’s tolerant of drought.

Adding a fertilizer twice a year will support the dragon tree’s growth. The healthy and well-fed leaves will have reddish margins that add to this plant’s beauty.

Wrap Up: Plants For Office With No Windows

Just because your office has no windows doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the serenity and beauty of plants. We’ve suggested nine different species to add to your office space, and they’ll definitely brighten the mood. Just make sure that you follow their care instructions to keep them healthy and vibrant.