Pink Water Lily Meaning and Symbolism

Water Lily flowers come in a variety of beautiful colors, including several shades of pink. If you’re interested in learning more about pink Water Lily meaning and symbolism, you’ve come to the right place!

Like other Water Lilies, the pink ones are also a symbol of beauty, peace, and hope. However, pink Water Lilies are often associated with rebirth and the circle of life.

Keep on reading for more information about the red water lily’s origin and its symbolic interpretations!

About Pink Water Lily Flowers

The symbolism of water lilies, including the pink ones, is deeply influenced by their origins. So, let’s start by having a quick look at the origin and etymology of water lilies.


Water Lilies belong to the “Nymphaeaceae” family, which includes around 40 different species as well as hybrids and variants.

Although the leaves and flowers float over the water’s surface, the plant digs its roots deep into the ground under the water to absorb nutrition.

Water lilies are first documented in Egypt, but you can also find them in various temperate and tropical regions around the world.

Yet, some species only thrive in cold weather, which makes them almost exclusive to Alaska and Canada.

A lot of people confuse water lilies with lotus because both plants thrive over the surface of ponds and streams. However, they’re two different plant species where lotus belongs to the Nelumbo genus.

Water lilies were commonly used in traditional medicine to treat diarrhea and other skin conditions. However, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support these uses.

Etymology and Nomenclature

The word “Lily” is derived from “Lilium” in Latin. According to translations from the Old Testament, the original word was an adjective that meant “pale and pure”.

The name of the lily family is derived from the Nymphs of Greek mythology. In the Legend, Nymphs live in rivers and streams to guard them.

The similarity here is that water Lilies also thrive over the surface of freshwater bodies, such as ponds and rivers.

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What Does a Pink Water Lily Symbolize?

Now that you know more about water lilies’ origin, let’s have a closer look at some of the meanings and symbolic interpretations of the pink-colored ones.

1. Rebirth and Renewal

If you watch the water lilies throughout the day, you’ll notice that the flowers close up at night and then reopen the next morning.

This led many cultures to view these plants as a symbol of spiritual rebirth and resurrection, especially in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

Although this meaning applies to all colors of the water lily, the pink ones are the most commonly associated ones because it’s also the color of innocence, which ties back to the concept of rebirth and renewal.

2. Enlightenment

This meaning is also associated with Buddhism. The flower represents our spiritual journey toward enlightenment.

Although the water lily’s roots are buried deep under the mud, the plant extends its stem far up to display its true beauty under the sun.

Pink Water Lily

3. Beauty

Pink water lilies also represent beauty, whether it’s spiritual or materialistic. The reason here is that pink color, especially the common light hues in water lilies, is deeply associated with gentleness and femininity.

Some even believe that pink water lilies are a symbol of innocent love, although red water lilies are usually a better representative of these emotions.

4. Purity and Chastity

Although white color is more commonly associated with white flowers, pink water lilies are also a symbol of purity and chastity.

Like other aquatic plants, water lilies help in purifying the water by consuming toxic wastes as they accumulate in the water. (Keep in mind that water lilies can also cause drainage problems)

5. Peace

As you could notice, water lilies have been associated with religious and spiritual meanings across different cultures.

This is because the flower lies over lily pads that rest over calm water. This makes water lilies an excellent symbol of peace and tranquility

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What Do Other Colors of Water Lilies Mean?

Besides pink, water lilies exist in a variety of other colors. In addition to the general meanings associated with lilies, here are some meanings that are more specific for each individual color:

  • White: Represents peace, grief, innocence, and purity
  • Blue: Represents unity, spiritual awareness, intuition, and faith
  • Red: Represents true love, romance, passion, unity, devotion, and courage
  • Yellow: Represents joy, happiness, springtime, friendship. However, it can also mean caution and envy in some cultures.
  • Purple: Represents royalty, wealth, uniqueness, respect, elegance, and well-deserved success
  • Green: Represents personal growth and familiar connections.
  • Orange: Represents excitement/enthusiasm, power, and devotion.

What Are the Best Occasions to Gift Pink Water Lilies?

Pink water lilies can be a great gift for a wide variety of occasions. You can use it as a gift during birth to symbolize the start of a new life.

You can also use it as a congratulatory gift for weddings and anniversaries, especially fragrant ones.

Water lilies are also the birth flower of July, so it’s a great birthday gift for friends and family born in that month. Choosing pink ones is a great way to tell someone “you’re beautiful”.

Pink Water Lilies blooming

When Do Pink Water Lilies Bloom?

Pink is one of the most common water lily colors. In the majority of variants, you should expect it to bloom throughout the summer, especially in July (some species may bloom as early as May).

Water lilies will only bloom when conditions are suitable for them, so make sure that they’re not exposed to turbulence and provide them with plenty of full sun exposure and make sure that they’re planted where there’s clay-based environment at the bottom.

Wrap Up: Pink Water Lily Meaning and Symbolism

This marks the end of today’s guide that shows all the different meanings of pink water lilies and what they signify.

As you can see, pink water lilies are often associated with renewal and rebirth. They also share other meanings with other colors, such as purity, beauty, the search for enlightenment, and peace.