Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei is a magnificent tropical perennial that occasionally creeps up to its true epiphytic nature. It produces gorgeous green heart-shaped foliage with silvery-grey dust markings, earning its common name as the ‘Silver Cloud.’ The Philodendron Mamei’s distinctive foliage makes it a great addition to hobbyists’ exotic plant collection.

Philodendron Mamei is an epiphytic creeping plant with easy care requirements. It prefers bright, indirect light or dappled sunlight, a temperature of 65 to 80°F, and humidity levels 70 to 85%. Be sure to water the plant when the soil dries and fertilize the Philo monthly during its growing season.

The Silver Cloud plant is a beautiful ornamental grown indoors and outdoors with care requirements easy enough for novice owners or black thumbs to follow. So, if you’re a lucky owner of this exotic gem, you’ll need to know how to maintain its ruffled leaves and keep its green and silver variation glossy. So, continue reading for the exact to-do list on how to care for a Philodendron Mamei.

Characteristics Of Philodendron Mamei

Philodendron Mamei belongs to a genus of plants with over 500 species falling under the family Araceae. The Silver Cloud plant is native to the rainforests of Ecuador and typically grows as a groundcover but can occasionally creep up forest trees thanks to its epiphytic nature.

Philodendron Mamei is an evergreen with large green, heart-shaped leaves with silvery-grey dust markings on its foliage. The leaves are less leathery than most Philo plants, and they have deep veins, giving it a pleated look.

Philodendron Mamei

The silver markings are pretty unusual and look like smudges or streaks painted by hand.

Additionally, the heart-shaped leaves grow on long stems which reach up to 4 feet in height when planted outdoors in a suitable climate. However, a mature indoor leaf will typically only reach 5 to 8 inches large.

Although rare, the Philodendron Mamei plant blooms a typical, pale, whitish Ariod flower during the warmer days of the spring and summer.

A part of the NASA clean air study, Philodendrons make the list of effective air-purifying plants due to their ability to remove toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene.

Philodendron Mamie’s foliage contains high calcium oxalate crystals, making them toxic for animals and humans. In addition, ingestion may cause health concerns like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin allergies, or mouth and throat ulcerations.

How To Care For Philodendron Mamei

The plant’s Ecuadorean native origin primarily dictates the Philodendron Mamei plant’s care.

Fortunately, as one of the easiest Philo plants to grow, the Silver Cloud is pretty forgiving, making it perfect for outdoors or indoors.

Let’s look at the particular care requirements to ensure that this exotic, variegated Philo feels right at home.

Temperature Requirements For Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei originates from tropical rainforests and loves warm conditions; the Ecuadorian rainforest typically has year-round temperatures of 77°F.

Therefore, as a general rule, keep the Philodendron Mamei in temperatures ranging between 65 to 80°F.

Also note, the Philodendron Mamei is not tolerant to cold temperatures as it results in wilting, stunted growth, and even death. Therefore, ensure that you do not expose the Silver Cloud plant to temperatures below 55°F.

So, if you keep your Philodendron Mamei outdoors, be sure to promptly move the plant indoors before autumn or winter temperatures fall below 55°F.

Lastly, protect the Philodendron Mamei from stressful situations like cold drafts, radiators, or air conditioning units.

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Humidity Requirements For Philodendron Mamei

Due to the Philodendron Mamei native tropical habitat, the Silver Cloud plant is a humidity lover and prefers a climate with high moisture levels ranging between 70% to 85%.

However, the Philodendron Mamei is tolerant to normal household humidity levels due to its hardy nature, but it won’t produce optimal vigorous growth.

For best results, it’s advisable to increase your home’s moisture levels to encourage vigorous growth and richly textured foliage.

Philodendron Mamei

Consider following these three valuable recommendations to increase your home’s moisture levels:

  1. Mist the Silver Cloud: Mist the Philodendron Mamei every few days to maintain fresh foliage.
  2. Use a humidifier: placing the Philo in a room with a small humidifier will help maintain the desired moisture levels.
  3. Grouping: Another alternative would be to group the Philodendron Mamei with other plants to create a mini biome.

Light Requirements For Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei grows under a thick understory of forest trees that provide perfect dappled sunlight conditions. Additionally, the Silver Cloud plant occasionally occurs in full shade, growing along stream banks.

Medium to bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for the Philodendron Mamei. However, they also easily survive low-lit conditions, making it perfect for indoor windows with morning or late afternoon sun or under-lit corners. Outdoors, the plant will thrive under a large tree or in a pot under dappled sunlight.

Additionally, avoid spots receiving direct intense midday sun. Direct sunlight will damage the Philodendron Mamei plant’s foliage, turning them into a pale yellow color and brown burnt tips.

More so, if you plan to place the Philodendron Mamei outdoors, you’ll want to ensure that you put it in a spot with partial to dappled shade.

Interestingly enough, the foliage color will indicate if the plant receives enough sunlight; the green parts of the plant naturally absorb more light, encouraging photosynthesis. So, the less silver variegation in your plant, the more light the plant needs.

On the contrary, excessive silvery cloudy patterns indicate that you need to restrict the plant’s exposure to light.

Soil Requirements For Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei has similar soil requirements to most other Philo plants.

Typically plant the Silver Cloud plant in neutral to slightly acidic, rich soil with ample drainage.

Plant the Philodendron Mamei outdoors in sandy soil with mulch and garden compost to enrich the soil. Additionally, plant a potted plant in fast-draining all-purpose soil with extra coconut husk, perlite, and peat moss.

Watering Guide For Philodendron Mamei

Philodendron Mamei enjoys slightly moist soil during its growing seasons, but it cannot tolerate soggy soil. Waterlogged soil increases the chances of developing fungal diseases and root rot.

As such, water the Silver Cloud plant moderately during the spring and summer. The ‘soak and dry’ method works well for the Philodendron Mamei, providing a thorough watering and allowing the soil to dry before rewatering the plant.

The watering frequency varies depending on the plant’s temperature, sunlight, and humidity exposure. A rough estimate is between every seven to ten days during the spring and summer.

Then, note that it’s vital to start lessening the watering as soon as the colder months arrive as the Silver Cloud plant goes semi-dormant in the winter months.

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Fertilizer Requirements For Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei has large sizeable leaves that enjoy extra nutritional feeding.

Therefore, provide a mild dose of well-balanced liquid fertilizer every month during the spring and summertime. Then, reduce the plant’s feeding to every eight weeks during the fall and winter as it becomes slightly dormant during this time.

Note that over-fertilizing the plant is harmful. It creates salt crystals that tend to scorch, even kills the plant. So, experts recommend diluting the liquid fertilizer to half of the advised concentration.

Additionally, fertilize juvenile plants with a triple diluted solution until the roots are well established.

Pruning Guide For Philodendron Mamei

For the most part, the Philodendron Mamei does not require pruning.

Prune the Silver Cloud plant once you notice sickly yellow or brown, damaged, or dead leaves. Then, clip the leaves away using a sterile knife or pruning shear.

Additionally, prune the Philodendron Mamei to control its length or provide a sphagnum moss growing pole that will allow the Philo to climb, eliminating the need for overgrowth-pruning.

Potting And Repotting Philodendron Mamei

Planting a Philodendron Mamei into a new pot

To pot a Philodendron Mamei, ensure that you use a sizeable pot with draining holes. Juvenile plants look stunning in hanging baskets, but a container is advisable for mature plants.

Then, consider adding a sphagnum moss pole to allow the plant to trail up the stick.

The Philodendron Mamei is a relatively fast-growing plant that rapidly outgrows its pot. Additionally, the Silver Cloud plant does not like being root-bound, so it’ll need repotting once every year.

When repotting, choose a new container only slightly larger than the previous one; about 2 to 3 inches larger will suffice.

Lastly, the best time to repot the Philodendron Mamei is during early spring as soon as the growing season starts, allowing the Silver Cloud plant to recover from the stress of repotting.

How To Propagate Philodendron Mamei?

There are various effective ways to propagate the Philodendron Mamei, including root division, air layering, and tip or stem cuttings. We prefer the latter.

Here’s how to propagate Philodendron Mamei using stem cuttings:

  • First, ensure that you multiply the Philodendron Mamei during the spring or summer.
  • You’ll want to start by sterilizing the knife or pruning shear to prevent potentially spreading diseases.
  • Then cut a healthy stem with one to two aerial roots and at least three nodes.
  • Next, pinch off the leaves from the lower part of the stem, leaving one or two leaves on the upper end.
  • Then, place the stem cuttings into potting soil with excellent drainage, ensuring that at least one of the nodes is three inches deep in the potting mix.
  • Lastly, spray the plant with water and place it in medium, indirect sunlight.

Pests And Diseases In Philodendron Mamei

The Philodendron Mamei is a hardy and resilient plant that rarely suffers from a few issues.

The most common diseases the Silver Cloud plant suffers from include yellowing or wilting foliage resulting from overwatering or fungal infections. Additionally, leaf spot is a bacterial infection that produces irregular tan patches.

In addition, the Philodendron Mamei is generally resistant to pests, except for aphids, mealybugs, scales, and fungal gnats. Treat the plant by washing down the leaves with water or using a natural insecticidal soap or rubbing alcohol.


Despite the Philodendron Mamei’s distinctive foliage, the Silver Cloud plant’s real virtue lies in its easy-care requirements.

Be sure to handle the Silver Cloud with proper care and mimic its native climate as closely as possible.