Orange Calla Lily Meaning and Symbolism

Throughout history, people bestowed meaning upon flowers. Blooms carry symbols, from the romance associated with the red rose to the friendship of yellow tulips. The orange calla lily meaning originates from mythological and spiritual settings.

The bright-colored flower represents several traits, such as determination, courage, excitement, and joy. The rare orange calla lilies are ideal for gift-giving, occasions, and decoration.

Stick around to learn more about the meaning behind orange calla lilies and their uses and occasions.

History of Calla Lily Flowers

Calla lilies date back to the 1700s, particularly in South Africa and Malawi. Merchants fancied the trumpet-shaped blooms and brought them back to Europe. The flower grew in popularity throughout the continent.

During the Victorian era, people used flowers to send specialized messages. Historians believe the calla lily meant beauty and signified, “I am yours.”

Besides that, Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus, cataloged the flowers during the 18th century. He mistakenly named the flowers “lily” despite not correlating with the genus.

The flowers aren’t lilies but are members of the Aracea family. A German botanist corrected Linnaues’s error and categorized the flowers with the Zantedeschia family. Nevertheless, the name “calla lily” stuck as a misnomer.


Etymologically speaking, “Calla” derives from the Greek translation of beauty. Besides that, the flower’s scientific name, Zantedeschia, comes from the Italian botanist name, Giovanni Zantedeschi.

Orange Calla Lily Meaning

Orange calla lilies can take on multiple meanings. The most common are determination and beauty. The hardiness of the flower evokes its symbolism of overcoming challenges and remaining steadfast.

The deep-colored blooms are also reminiscent of faith and liveliness. They’re associated with rebirth and resurrection because they grow annually following a frosty winter.

What do Orange Calla Lilies Symbolize?

Orange Calla Lilies

Calla lilies represent beauty and grace in all their forms and colors. The vibrant flowers exude confidence and elegance as well.

Orange Calla Lilies in Mythology

The story of the calla lily is said to originate from a legend partaking Greek Gods. The story begins with the birthing of Hercules from his divine parent, Zeus, and mortal mother princess, Alcmene.

After Hercules was born, Zeus wanted his son to develop divine powers and status. Subsequently, he drugged Hera, the Goddess of women, childbirth, and marriage. Zeus sat baby Hercules on her lap to breastfeed from her.

As soon as Hera woke up, she flung Hercules, and the droplets of milk spilling are said to form the milky way. Legend has it that the splatters that found their way to earth are the ones that grew the calla lilies.

Aside from Greek mythology, calla lilies are also prominent in Roman myths. The tale began when the Goddess Venus emerged from the sea foam. As she rose, the goddess couldn’t help but notice the calla lilies blooming.

She felt envious of the flowers’ beauty. Consequently, Venus cursed the blooms with a pistil growing in the middle. In Ancient Egyptian and Roman culture, the pistil growing appeared phallic and connoted fertility and sexuality.

Orange Calla Lilies in Religion

Religion-wise, Christians observe the calla lilies as a sign of resurrection. In turn, the culture uses the flowers during Christian Easter celebrations.

Calla lilies symbolize ascension and purity. The flowers’ rebirth connotation stems from their spring bloom during Easter. The trumpet shape of the calla lilies represents the triumph of Jesus Christ over death.

Besides that, religious paintings portrayed the flower alongside other figures like the Virgin Mary and the Angel of Annunciation. The calla lilies are also religiously significant to Minoans and ancient Jews.

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Orange Calla Lilies in Art

Multiple works of art featured orange calla lilies. During the 20th century, the U.S. artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, painted a close-up of the bright-colored flower.

Diego Rivera was another famed artist who depicted calla lilies. His 1941 painting, The Flower Seller, displays a young lady kneeling with a large bouquet of calla lilies.

The girl is facing away from the painting as if hiding her burden from the audience. Alternatively, it may portray a young girl in 20th-century Mexico preparing the flowers to sell.

Orange Calla Lilies in Numerology

In numerology, calla lilies represent the number six. It symbolizes harmony, prosperity, domestic happiness, and stability. The number is reminiscent of a nurturing figure, Mother Goddess.

The flower’s number representation signifies the importance of selflessness and humility in one’s life.

Other Colors and Their Meaning

Since orange calla lilies are relatively difficult to retrieve, you can opt for other widely available colors like pink and white. That said, here’s what each color represents.

White Calla Lily

White calla lilies are the most prevalent among all other colors. Various myths and stories feature the light bloom due to its representation of purity and holiness.

The white flowers are ideal as a graceful wedding bouquet and church decoration during Easter celebrations.

White Calla Lilies

Yellow Calla Lily

Next in popularity are the yellow calla lilies. The flowers symbolize gratitude, friendship, and happiness. The cheery tones of the petals are bound to bring a smile to their receiver.

Aside from the positive meaning, some depictions of the yellow calla lilies portray them as a symbol of envy or jealousy.

Red Calla Lily

Red calla lilies often mean beauty, determination, and courage. The striking color represents romance, making the blooms an ideal gift for a significant other.

You can gift the red flowers on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

Black Calla Lily

Although they’re called black calla lilies, they’re not truly black. Instead, the flowers are a deep purple, evoking a sense of elegance and mystery.

Like the orange calla lilies, black blooms are relatively rare in the market. The flowers’ deep tones symbolize mourning, making them a well-suited option for funerals.

Purple Calla Lily

Purple calla lilies are a sight to behold. They come in several shades, each symbolizing their distinct meanings.

The purple flowers connote royalty, passion, wisdom, charm, and loyalty. We suggest gifting them to someone you admire. It could be a friend, colleague, or family member.

Pink Calla Lily

Pink calla lilies are a unique variety. The pink blooms produce a subtle floral fragrance. They signify a deep appreciation, love, and admiration.

They would make a perfect gift for your mother on a special occasion like Mother’s Day or her birthday.

Botanical Features of Orange Calla Lily

The orange calla lily or Zantedeschia aethiopica features a cone-like appearance with a yellow-centered protruding spadix. The flower’s edges gently ruffle and dip to one side. That said, the flower is a rhizomatous perennial originating from Africa.

The bloom’s orange enveloping petal is known as its spathe. Its leaves are relatively large and wrap around the plant’s central stem. They’re deep green and heart-shaped.

In terms of scent, calla lilies don’t emit much odor. Some varieties carry a subtly sweet and floral smell.

Color-wise, calla lilies aren’t entirely orange. The petals have yellow hues from the flower’s interior. Meanwhile, the exterior carries a darker reddish tint.

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Occasions to Send and Use Orange Calla Lilies

Flowers play a prime role on multiple occasions. Whether you’re purchasing them to adorn or to gift, they offer a symbol or a deeper meaning to where you place them. In terms of the orange calla lily, you can use them as a centerpiece for a fall-themed wedding.

They’ll offer a rustic and warm ambiance to your celebration. Additionally, the orange flowers work well as retirement, graduation, or baby shower gifts. The flowers represent determination and fearlessness, ideal for someone starting a new phase in their life.

Alternatively, you can gift calla lilies for birthdays. The flowers are synonymous with excitement and high energy.

The vivid and rare colors will showcase your deep appreciation for someone. Aside from occasions, you can use the flower to decorate your living space. It’ll offer a charming and contemporary addition.

How to Arrange an Orange Calla Lily Bouquet

Arranging a bouquet of orange calla lily flowers depends on the occasion. For instance, you can add white or orange roses to bring out the fiery hues when creating a centerpiece for your wedding.

Meanwhile, an orange calla lily flower bouquet as a gift will go well with dainty green additions and ornaments. Subsequently, we suggest incorporating hostas or ferns. Alternatively, add astilbes or dark impatiens for a touch of color.

Orange calla lilies will go well with similarly tinted hydrangeas and peonies for decorative purposes. Nevertheless, if you’re going for a modern chic look, we suggest keeping it simple and leaving the calla lilies alone.


The orange calla lily’s meaning comes from several sources, from Greek mythology to ancient legends and folklore. The Ancient Egyptians identified the flower’s unique appearance as connoting fertility.

Meanwhile, numerology traces the flower’s origins to the number six, which symbolizes domestic harmony. Apart from myths and ideologies, it’s essential to note the bloom’s orange color.

Psychologically, it represents optimism and energy. The color allows individuals to recall feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Subsequently, it makes the orange calla lilies exceptional gifts and home decorations.