One Yellow Rose Meaning

There’s so much joy and fun in understanding the meanings of different flowers, whether you’re buying them for your home or for a loved one. Understanding one yellow rose meaning will help you decide whether this is the flower you want to add to a bouquet.

The yellow color of roses symbolizes joy, happiness, and friendship. This is why picking a yellow rose is an excellent choice to celebrate a happy occasion with a friend. Some people believe that yellow roses symbolize good luck and spiritual growth. One flower can show someone how special they are to you, especially in a platonic context.

Read more to learn about the meaning of a single yellow rose, who to send it to, and who not to send it to.

One Yellow Rose Meaning

The roses’ colors and numbers have been linked to several meanings since ancient times. As a matter of fact, the meaning of yellow roses changed from time to time.

Today, we can interpret the meaning of roses based on their color and the number included in a bouquet.

Yellow Roses Meaning

In ancient times, yellow roses were a symbol of illness and jealousy. So, these weren’t the flowers to send to a lover because they meant that you have negative feelings towards them.

However, this changed, and yellow roses can be linked to several positive meanings today.

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Yellow roses are the roses of friendship and platonic love. Giving someone yellow roses means that you care about them.

People can use yellow flowers to show someone they’re not romantically interested in them. This is a subtle way to tell someone that you love them platonically, so they won’t misunderstand your affection.


These roses are linked to the sun’s happiness, joy, and optimism. So they’re cheerful flowers and can show you wish someone good luck in whatever they do.

Although these aren’t romantic flowers, you can use them to celebrate someone else’s romance. So, send them to your friend on their wedding day to tell them you’re happy for them.

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Yellow roses are common in professional settings because they’re not as romantic as red roses. You can send someone a yellow rose after they’ve got an interview or a promotion to tell them that you’re happy for them.

Spiritual Encouragement

Linked to the sun and the power of God, yellow roses can be a sign of spiritual encouragement. So, you can send them to someone to encourage them to embark on their journey or to show them that you’re supporting them. They’re the perfect gift for someone who’s experiencing a life-changing situation or a spiritual awakening.


Again due to their link to the sun, people usually use yellow flowers to symbolize strength and courage. They represent the ability to overcome obstacles, so you can send them to someone to show support.

Negative Feelings

Roses can be used to send subtle messages, even negative ones. In ancient times, yellow roses often signify ill wishes and evil. Sending them to someone means that you don’t wish them well. However, this meaning is less common today, although some people would still completely avoid them.

Yellow roses symbolize jealousy in some Asian cultures, so sending someone a bouquet of yellow roses means that you’re jealous. You might be trying to attract their attention to something they do that triggers such negative feelings.

Some people also believe that these flowers are linked to betrayal and infidelity. Since the red flowers symbolize passion and love, the yellow flowers represent the opposite. As a result, you should avoid giving these flowers to your lover because they can convey a negative meaning.

Finally, in Central and South America, yellow flowers are the flowers of mourning and death. People usually use them during funerals, as legend has it that this color will help the deceased find their graves.

One Yellow Rose Meaning

In addition to the color, you should consider the number of flowers you send someone. Each number has its significance, and understanding these meanings will help you create an excellent bouquet.

One yellow rose will intensify the message you’re trying to send. So, whether it’s a message of love, joy, friendship, or encouragement, you can send one yellow rose to ensure your message is delivered.

A lot of people will choose to combine yellow roses with others. For example, you can make an uplifting wedding bouquet of yellow and orange flowers to celebrate this happy occasion and express your joy.

To express love and happiness, you can add yellow and red roses to a single bouquet. White and yellow roses can also create an attractive bouquet symbolizing spiritual growth and expansion.

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Who Should You Send One Yellow Rose To?

Now that you understand the meaning behind a single yellow rose, you should ask yourself if you’re sending it to the right person. Here are some people you can send one yellow rose to.

  • Send one yellow rose to a friend to tell them that you’re happy about your friendship. You can also send it to your best friend.
  • Give one yellow rose to someone to show them that you’re interested in nothing but friendship and a platonic relationship, not a romantic one.
  • A yellow rose will be an excellent gift to someone who is experiencing a breakthrough or promotion. It’s a good way to congratulate them or wish them well on their new journey.
  • Yellow roses will work to celebrate a joyous or happy occasion, including the wedding of someone you care about.
  • You can give someone a yellow rose to encourage them if they struggle.
  • This is a good choice for someone who is growing spiritually or grieving a loss.

At the same time, you should avoid giving yellow roses to a romantic partner, especially if things aren’t going well with them.

Yellow roses

Wrap Up: One Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow roses aren’t romantic flowers, but they can be excellent flowers for a friend or a colleague. Giving someone yellow flowers is a celebration of joy, promotion, or encouragement, especially if they’re experiencing spiritual growth. You can also send someone yellow flowers as a sign of grief.

A single yellow rose will intensify your message. So, sending it to a friend shows how much you appreciate your friendship.

In some contexts, yellow roses can be associated with jealousy and infidelity. This is why you might consider giving your lover other flowers if you think they will misinterpret your message.