Is Lavender Plant Good For Bedroom? 6 Important Benefits & More Tips

So, is lavender plant good for bedroom? Well, if you have never considered the powerful abilities that plants have on us humans, then I suggest you read this article very closely. The lavender plant has a wonderful aroma and appearance to wake up to. But that’s not all by any means.

Lavender plants are safe to grow indoors and are a great addition to your bedroom. Just ensure that you reserve a sunny and bright area for a lavender pot plant! Studies recommend using lavender in your home to lower stress levels, alleviate headaches, and provide many therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Incorporating plants in your bedroom not only complements the d├ęcor, but it can provide a ton of benefits as well. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing effects and can even be used as an insect repellent. Scan through this article to learn the many rewarding effects of keeping lavender in your bedroom.

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Is Lavender Plant Good For Bedroom?

Studies of lavender have proven that this plant is worth much more than its beauty. Scientists and doctors have confirmed that lavender flowers and oils effectively treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression, reduce nausea, headaches, and heal minor burn wounds.

Lavender can deter insects and pests, thus making it a perfect plant for your bedroom and other areas in the house.

After a strenuous day at work, a whiff of lavender is necessary to relax your mind and body and help you fall into a deep sleep.

The healing and relaxing properties of lavender can take on many forms, such as:

  • Lavender plant
  • Capsules
  • Tea and infusions
  • Essential oil
  • Dried flowers
  • Topical oil
  • Salve
  • Incense

The scent alone can induce the few benefits listed above, so keeping lavender in your bedroom is safe and practical. These plants can live for years if you grow them indoors, but you must take proper care of them; otherwise, they will lose their magic!

If you are a newbie, then here is how you need to take care of the lavender plant in your bedroom:

  1. Position it at a windowsill or any area that provides it with direct sunlight. The lavender plant must get at least six hours of sunlight a day.
  • Place it in suitable soil and a proper plant pot. Ensure that the soil allows well-drainage and the plant pot is large enough.
  • Do not overwater the plant. Only water lavender when the soil dries out. Fertilize it twice per year.

Lavender plants are low maintenance, and you will hardly find yourself stressing about their health if you stand by these three rules. This makes it easier to store in your bedroom without frequently tending to it.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Keeping Lavender In Bedroom

Lavender essential oil

The lavender derives its name from the Latin verb “lavare.” Lavare means “to wash/clean.” This phrase is a great indicator of how effective lavender can be for our mental and physical health. Let’s see how lavender can cleanse our moods:

  • Reduces anxiety. The effects of lavender can help reduce anxiety by regulating breathing, decreasing heart rate, and lowering adrenaline levels. Doctors and scientists recommend using lavender to reduce anxiety, especially in people who suffer from anxiety disorders.
  • Lavender calms children. Lavender oils are among the safest kind for children over five. Many kids enjoy the lovely scent, and for some parents, it works well to reduce pain, discomfort, and nausea.
  • Lavender aromatherapy decreases blood pressure. Inhalation of lavender can lower blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate. A study of 40 patients who underwent open-heart surgery showed that lavender stabilized vital signs.
  • The scent of lavender enhances mental stability. It is clear by now that lavender can assist us with many issues we face. Lavender can clear our minds and help us relieve tension while helping to keep us focussed and calm.
  • Reduce depressive symptoms. Although studies cannot truly confirm that lavender helps alleviate symptoms of depression, there is proof that it might. Like with anxiety, lavender can reduce depressive states in healthy individuals.
  • Improves sleep. Lavender oil is a natural remedy for sleeplessness, including in individuals who suffer from insomnia.

Linalool and linalyl acetate are two key components found in lavender. The two ingredients have a soothing and tranquilizing effect on the nervous system. 

Obviously, lavender is not a cure for depressive or anxiety disorders, but it can alleviate symptoms associated with these disorders. Some insomniacs might not respond to lavender at all.

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Medicinal Benefits Of Lavender

Lavender is quite an impressive plant that has been used for years to treat illness (both mentally and physically). Studies found that this plant helps with:

  • Insect bites and minor burns. With its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, lavender oil can heal and relieve burn wounds and insect bites.
  • Gastrointestinal problems. Lavender can be consumed as a tea to relieve nausea and abominable swelling and cease vomiting, intestinal gas, and dyspepsia.
  • Lavender relieves headaches, toothaches, sores, and sprains. It can also prevent hair loss.
  • Lavender can help fight off fungal infections. Essential oils extracted from the lavender plant successfully destroyed fungal cell membranes, thus effectively destroying antifungal-resistant conditions.

How Can You Use Lavender To Deter Insects In The Bedroom?

Insect repelling

Lavender is also a bug repellent that, unlike manufactured insect spray, is safe to inhale and avoid insect bites. Before I give you a few suggestions on deterring insects using lavender, let me give you some background information.

Here are three interesting facts about using lavender as a bug repellent:

  • Research shows that indoor lavender diffusers successfully repelled 93% of mosquitos.
  • One study indicates that lavender oil can repel ticks, almost as well as DEET (the active ingredient found in repellent products).
  • Lavender can repel mosquitos for approximately eight hours.

The studies show that lavender can repel bugs potently and successfully, largely due to a compound known as linalool. Linalool can be found in various flowers and herbs such as oregano, mint, thyme, etc. as well, which are natural bug repellents.

This ingredient plays a part in the plant’s aroma, and the high amount of linalool in lavender makes it the best plant to scare the insects away.

Now that we have some important background information, we need to look at methods you can try that will deter bugs from your bedroom.

  • Place lavender pouches in your bedroom. Do not throw way dried lavender! Instead, try making a lavender pouch by filling a sachet with dried lavender. Place the sachet in your bedroom, under your pillow, or between your clothes to repel insects.
  • Grow a lavender plant in your bedroom. You can easily start growing your own lavender plant in your bedroom. Not only will it deter bugs, but the lovely scent and beautiful color provide many therapeutic benefits. Make sure you place the lavender pot in a sunny area in the bedroom.
  • Drop small amounts of lavender oil in your bedroom. Although this method does not make use of a lavender plant, I still believe it is worth mentioning. Use a small container that contains about 30 to 40 drops of lavender essential oil. You can place numerous containers in your bedroom or around the house to scare off any incoming insects or in places where you notice a lot of bug activity.

In case you did not know, lavender plant and oil deters flies, fleas, mosquitos, ticks, moths, and believe it or not, mice! So, you can rest calmly when you have a lavender plant in your bedroom.

Conclusion: Is Lavender Plant Good For Bedroom?

It is nearly impossible to believe that a plant can induce such reactions from people and insects. Summertime can be a pain, especially if you keep your windows open. So, this plant receives bonus points for its ability to repel insects and pests.

I strongly believe in the positive effects of nature and plants. It is even better when you get to keep them close to you. Lavender is a great plant for the bedroom, and you might find yourself sleeping better, focussing more, and feeling relaxed.