Houseplants That Start With R

Are you a plant life enthusiast that’s looking to expand your collection of houseplants? If you are, you may be asking yourself about houseplants that start with R. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s no shortage of plants that start with the letter R. They range from succulents and perennials, to vines, ferns, and shrubs. The ones that are most commonly grown as houseplants include Rubber Plants, Rex Begonias, Rabbit Foot Ferns, Rosary Vines, and Rocheas.

Read on to learn more about each of these fascinating plants, you’ll also find great tips for taking care of them.

Common Houseplants That Start With R

Here are some of the most popular houseplants that start with the letter R:

  • Rubber Plant
  • Rex Begonia
  • Rabbit Foot Fern
  • Rosary Vine
  • Rochea
  • Rhoeo
  • Rivina

Let’s dive into the details of each one of these fascinating plants. The coming sections also include useful tips about how to properly take care of each plant.

1. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Plant Type: Shrub

Maximum Height: 10 Feet

Watering Frequency: Medium

Exposure to Sunlight: Medium, Indirect

With their large, deep green leaves, Rubber plants are a great way to add an exotic feel to your home. However, you should make sure that you have enough space to accommodate them since they can grow to a height of up to ten feet.

The origins of this plant’s name are quite fascinating. The name came as a result of the way the native cultures of North and Central America used it. They extracted the plant’s viscous sap and used it as a raw material to craft bouncy balls.

2. Rex Begonia

Plant Type: Perennial, Herbaceous

Maximum Height: 4 Feet

Watering Frequency: Moderate

Exposure to Sunlight: Moderate, Indirect

Having these plants in your home is definitely going to make it more beautiful than it already is.

The foliage of Rex begonias is truly a work of art. In fact, these plants are commonly referred to as Painted-Leaf Begonias. This is due to the splashes of purple on their light green leaves.

Despite their sophisticated look, Rex begonias are fairly easy to care for. They only need to be watered once a week and to be exposed to moderately bright, indirect sunlight to remain healthy.

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3. Rabbit Foot Fern

Plant Type: Fern

Maximum Height: 2 Feet

Watering Frequency: Moderate

Exposure to Sunlight: High, Indirect

The whimsical name of these plants is enough to pique anyone’s interest. It stems from the fact that these plants have furry brown rhizomes that hang from their pots. These rhizomes look very much like rabbit feet.

These plants’ voluminous foliage is of the hanging variety. In turn. You should make sure to have them at an elevation to leave them room to grow.

You should also water these plants once every two weeks and keep them in areas with bright, indirect sunlight.

4. Rosary Vine

Rosary Vine

Plant Type: Vine

Maximum Height: 2 Feet

Watering Frequency: Low

Exposure to Sunlight: High, Indirect

When it comes to hanging plants, only a few can beat the beauty of Rosary Nines. These plants are also referred to as the String of Hearts due to the small heart-shaped leaves they have along their stems.

These plants will definitely be an excellent addition to your home’s aesthetic, and you won’t even have to do much to keep them healthy. They only need to be watered twice a month in spring and summer, and just once a month in the winter.

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5. Rochea

Plant Type: Succulent

Maximum Height: 1 Foot

Watering Frequency: Low

Exposure to Sunlight: High, Direct

The Rochea plant is one of the most unique ones on this list in terms of how it looks. It’s characterized by its overlapping fleshy leaves and their light green hue.

During the summer, these plants bloom and produce stunning crimson flowers that elevate above the thick leafy base. Not only do these flowers look amazing, but they also smell like sweet cinnamon!

Since Rocheas are succulent plants, they store water in their leaves. In turn, you’ll only have to water them yourself once every three weeks. In addition to this, you’ll want to keep these plants in bright, direct sunlight.

6. Rhoeo

Plant Type: Perennial, Succulent

Maximum Height: 1.25 Feet

Watering Frequency: Low

Exposure to Sunlight: High, Indirect

If you’re looking to make your home more colorful, then getting a Rhoeo plant is a great way to do so. These plants boast some breathtaking foliage. Their vertically growing narrow leaves come in a mixture of shades, including light green, yellowish green, violet, and pink.

In a similar fashion to Rocheas, these succulent plants don’t require that much water. You’ll only need to water your Rhoeos once every two or three weeks. However, you should note that, unlike most succulents, Rhoeos grow better when exposed to indirect sunlight.

7. Rivina


Plant Type: Perennial, Shrub

Maximum Height: 5 Feet

Watering Frequency: High

Exposure to Sunlight: Moderate, Indirect

Characterized by the bright red cherry-like forms that grow amongst their emerald green foliage, Rivinas are absolutely beautiful. These crimson growths are the reason why these plants are often referred to as bloodberries.

However, you should keep in mind that all parts of the Rivina plant are poisonous—just in case you ever feel tempted to pop a bloodberry into your mouth. The purpose of this is to protect them from being eaten by the many animals in their native South American tropics.

You should also note that this plant requires watering on a daily basis in order to thrive.


There’s a wide variety of houseplants that start with R. These plants come in all shapes and sizes, as well as from a diverse range of types.

They include shrubs such as Rivinas and Rubber plants, as well as succulents like Rocheas and Rhoeos.

Other houseplants that start with the letter R are perennials, including the Rex Begonias, and ferns such as the Rabbit Foot Fern. Additionally, there’s the rosary vine with its hanging heart-shaped leaves.