Flowers That Mean “Thinking of You”

Shopping for flowers is fun and joyful, and you usually pick flowers according to your personal preferences or the preferences of the person you’re buying them for. But some flowers can also be your secret messenger. Sending flowers that mean “thinking of you” will significantly impact the person receiving them.

Carnations, roses, gladioli, dahlias, and tulips will send a message to someone you care about that you’re thinking of them. However, picking the right flower color will depend on the person you send them to. For example, red flowers are usually associated with romantic love, while white flowers will be more suitable if you want to show your support to someone struggling.

This article will explain the different meanings of flowers and how to pick the right bouquet to tell someone you’re thinking of them. So, keep reading.

Flowers That Mean “Thinking of You”

Of course, you can always send a card with your flowers to speak your mind. But combining the right flowers in a bouquet will send a special message to the person they’re meant for.

Understanding what flowers mean is crucial because you don’t want to send a romantic bouquet to a colleague or your boss, and you don’t want to send a bouquet of flowers that symbolize death and mourning to a sick person.

The following are flowers that mean that you think of someone and they’re always on your mind. Specific flowers and their colors will help you deliver this message.


Carnations are the flowers of love and joy. They can also tell someone that you’re thinking of them.

These beautiful flowers are usually affordable, so they’ll work for you if you’re on a budget and want to show someone that they matter to you.

White and pink carnations are the best because they symbolize love and affection. On the other hand, red carnations are linked to sacrifice, and yellow carnations can symbolize rejection. So, these aren’t the colors to include in a romantic bouquet.

You should also avoid two-toned carnations, although they look pretty, as they symbolize going in different ways.

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Roses have long been linked to love and romance and sending someone a bouquet of red roses means that you can’t get them off your mind.

You can send someone 12 or 24 red roses to show them that you’re thinking about them 24/7, every month of the year. As a bonus, your flowers will last for a long time to remind them of your genuine feelings.

Pick a deep shade of red to signify your passion and emotions. You can pick white roses if you want to tell someone you’re there for them. They’re perfect for someone mourning or grieving a loss, and sending them means you’re thinking about their loss.

Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus Flowers

These sword-like flowers were linked to Roman gladiators and had a lot of medicinal benefits. Today, they’re the symbol of remembrance, strength, and appreciation.

People usually use these flowers on special occasions, as they’re strongly associated with the 40th anniversary. They’re also associated with the eighth month of the year, August.

So, you can send these flowers to someone to celebrate their 40th birthday or 40th wedding anniversary. You can also send them to celebrate a special occasion in August.

Use red gladioli to celebrate a romantic memory like a wedding anniversary. If you’re honoring the memory of a loved one, you can send a bouquet of white flowers to tell the person who receives your flowers that you’re thinking of them and you support them.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, you can send your mother, stepmother, or mother-in-law a bouquet of pink flowers. You’re telling her that you’re always thinking of her.

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The ruffled shape of dahlias makes them a valuable addition to any bouquet. They’re elegant and joyful and will help tell someone you’re thinking about them.

Dahlias signify commitment, so you want to send them to someone you’re committed to. You want them to know you’re always thinking of them, even when you’re away.

Red dahlias represent strength, so you can send them to tell someone you believe in their power to overcome obstacles. These are good flowers to send to someone who is dealing with a challenging situation, and you want them to know that you support them.

Pink dahlias symbolize femininity, so you can send them to a special lady in your life to tell her that you’re thinking about her and appreciate her existence. Yellow dahlias are the flowers of joy, so send them to someone to celebrate a happy occasion and tell them that you’re thrilled for them.


Colorful Tulips

Tulips are a great way to express your emotions and will create an uplifting bouquet to help you express your feelings. They’re also cheaper than roses and can last for a week if you pick the closed ones. Once you put them in a vase, they’ll begin to open, adding beauty to any indoor space.

White tulips are the flowers of respect and remembrance. So, if someone is grieving or mourning, you can send them a bouquet of white tulips to show them that you’re thinking of them during this difficult time.

Yellow tulips are happy flowers, and people believe that they symbolize smiling. So sending a bouquet of yellow tulips tells someone you’re always thinking of their smile.

For a romantic message, you can’t go wrong with red tulips, which show someone how much you love and think about them.

Wrap Up: Flowers That Mean “Thinking of You”

All flowers are pretty but don’t rely on their beauty when picking a bouquet to send a specific message.

You can tell someone that you’re thinking about them using carnations, roses, gladioli, dahlias, and tulips.

Yet, picking the right color will send the right message, as some colors are associated with romantic relationships while others are more suitable for platonic ones. In most cases, red is the color of love, while white is a good choice to tell someone you’re thinking of their loss.